2) Que personagem importante da obra foi interpretado por dois atores diferentes nos filmes? 4) Qual a principal diferença entre a aparência de Harry no livro e nos filmes? Artigos Relacionados a Quiz Harry Potter Perguntas e Respostas sobre os Livros, Filmes Online!
Gnomes are constantly popping up in the Weasley garden, and pulling them is a regular chore. What mythically beautiful creatures are a lot less pretty when Harry first encounters them in the "Goblet of Fire"? In Harry's world, mermaids and mermen are not beautiful sirens but creatures with bad skin and terrible teeth.

The winged, skeletal horses are invisible to most of the children at Hogwarts, who have not yet seen death. While avoiding death may seem like a terrific deal, the life you lead will be marked with darkness.
Just to make his snake even scarier, Voldemort made it a Horcrux so it had a piece of his soul. Other Parselmouths couldn't control her; only Slytherin's One True Heir could lay claim on her actions. Found in the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament, blast-ended skrewts moved about with a bang from their backsides.
A correct answer to the sphinx's riddle gets Harry closer to the cup in the Triwizard Tournament.

This Ultimate Harry Potter quiz will test your knowledge of this popular children's series.
Grab your gnome by the ankles and test your knowledge of animals, beasts and beings in the wizarding world.

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