Struggling To Know My Worth May 04, 16 08:12 AM All four of my older sisters and my one younger brother lost our mom April 17, 2010. Someone cut you off during rush hour and almost gave you a heart attack, you've spent the morning arguing with your insurance company and the landlord just called you to raise the rent.
Women's anger is more likely to be unjustified, while men's anger usually has a good justification.
Women are more likely to become angry with those around them, while men are more likely to become angry at the world at large and inanimate objects. Anger in women is more likely triggered by their close relationships, such as when they feel let down by family members and friends. What part of the brain controls reasoning and tempers the amygdala's response to an anger trigger?
The frontal lobe, or the part of the brain that's over the left eye, controls reasoning and keeps an angry person from throwing a vase across the room.
He suffered a brain injury that demonstrated the importance of the frontal lobe in controlling rage. Phineas Gage was a mild-mannered railroad worker until he suffered an accident in which a rod went through his skull, right above the left eye. Acetylcholine tempers the more severe effects of adrenaline, essentially turning off the anger.

Acetylcholine transmits messages between the amygdala and the frontal lobe about the anger trigger.
In a study of almost 13,000 subjects, individuals with the highest levels of anger had a higher risk of heart attack compared to those with the lowest levels of anger. The study found that individuals with the highest level of anger had three times the risk of heart attack, as well as twice the risk of coronary heart disease, as individuals with the lowest levels of anger. Those in anger management classes learn how to defuse anger triggers and express anger in a healthy way. Anger requires a mental component that many scientists think that animals aren't capable of. That's right, both anger management tests have an outcome of "Healthy." You will even learn some things while you take the tests, just by reading through the different possible answers and choosing the one that fits you best. That is, some people are slow to anger, and others have a hair trigger, and the anger management assessment helps you figure out your own patterns.
Then, when you get the results, they will include some recommendations about what you can do to heal your anger and gain anger control. Each question has a "healthy anger" response, and when you read that response each time, it will educate you on what the healthiest response would be, whether it applies to you or not. A stable pattern for example, would not go very high up on the anger scale, and it wouldn't go very fast.

And they will help you most if you follow the recommendations you get when you complete them.
Nobody ever decides they're going to develop an anger management problem, but it happens all of the time. You're so angry that you can't get any more work done at all today, so you've come to HowStuffWorks to spend the rest of the afternoon doing quizzes. Men are more likely to be angered by strangers, objects that aren't working correctly and larger societal issues.
This method of anger expression is overwhelmingly observed in women, who may feel that society frowns on angry women.
Animals are likely expressing fear, a primary emotion, rather than anger, a secondary emotion which requires attributing blame. Those recommendations will include practicing anger management techniques, getting anger management counseling, or signing up for an anger management class.

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