A vocabulary quiz template is a readymade vocabulary quiz which can be used as it is with just a few changes made to the original document. You can Download the Free Vocabulary Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print.
The following is a set of vocabulary questions which have to be answered by picking up a right choice out of the given options. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Multiple choice quiz templates are the especially designed quiz consisting of more than one answer options in which only one answer is correct. You can Download the Free Multiple Choice Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. A quiz sheet will contain list of questions with open space to write answers or multiple choices to select the right answer from them. A good Test Case is one which is more realistic, validates requirements and intends to find maximum defects.
A set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement. If Test Cases are documented then it will be very briefly documented, like one line description on what do and what to expect as outcome. Test cases are applicable for applications that are quite common and simple to test like a “Calculator” application.
When there is no formal documentation available and the person testing the software has very good knowledge of how the software is expected to function. Test Cases are documented using a Test Management Software like Quality Center (QC) or Clear Quest IBM Clear Quest or any of the Standardized test case templates like excel or word. Test Cases design techniques like BVA (Boundary Value Analysis) , Equivalence Partitioning (EP) , Decision Tables , Error Guessing and Cause Effect Graph techniques.
Test Execution is planned, tracked and Test Execution results are logged for each step of the Test Case. Test Cases have to be created systematically; otherwise one will end up creating redundant test cases or test steps and cannot ensure 100% requirement coverage. Template is a stencil or a predefined layout that is used to ensure all the similar deliverables are formatted alike and capture same data irrespective of who creates the deliverable, its not longer person dependent instead its process dependent.
Even Test Management software provides Test Case Template and Defect Templates to define the data points to be captured or displayed on the forms.
MS Excel or Word Test Case templates are usual used when Test Management software is not available. Irrespective of which template is being used, Test Template or Test management software would capture below attributes related to Test Case.
Please download sample Test Case templates with examples ( Test Case for Login ) created in word an Excel.
Test Case Objective: One of the key fields of Test Case template that explains the objective of the Test Case and what is being tested. Test Case Pre-execution Steps: Describes of any actions to be performed before executing the test case.
Post Execution Clean-up Steps: Describes of any clean-up actions to be performed after execution of test case. Test Case Complexity: Complexity of the test case will help in Test Case assignment during Test Planning phase. Planned Test Phase: This field indicates Test Phase on which Test Case is executed to be planned. Actual Test Phase: This field in update at time of Test Case execution and indicates Test Phase during which Test Case was executed.
Planned Test Execution End Date: Date on which Test Case is execution planned to be completed. Test Result: Result of Test Case, will be “No Run” before execution, “In progress” during execution, “Blocked” incase test case cannot be executed due to an existing defect, “Pass” incase all the Test Steps of the Test Case have passed and “Fail” incase one or more Test Steps of the Test Case has Failed.

Test Step Result: Indicates results of the Test Step, will be “Not Run” if Test Step is not run, “Blocked” if the test step was not executed due to an existing defect, “Fail” if output did not match with Expected result, “Pass” if output matched Expected result. Comments: Any additional notes or observations tester wants to document during Test Execution. Test Case Change Log: Contains list of fields like “Change Summary”, “Reason for Change”, “Changed on Date”, “Changes reviewed by”, “Change review date” and “Comments”. You are an excellent writer, this is one of the best articles I have read till on any blog, thanks for sharing Test Case Template, it is really good, contains formulas that calculate number of passed and failed test steps. Instead of starting from scratch and adding in questions, answer options, and formatting, simply download a multiple choice test template and customize it as necessary.
Such templates are framed keeping in mind all the requirements that any organisation has with vocabulary quizzes. Sampletemplates.org is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. Such a quiz template is widely used in the medium to huge business organizations and by the advertising companies for recording the accurate feedback of the audience. According to your skin type, which of the following products you apply the most on your skin? As per you experience, which of the following can possibly be the side effect of the long term use of any of the above mentioned products? A quiz sheet may be prepared for written test for a job or admission in some school or college.
Informal test Cases are also applicable for some of the software testing types like Sanity Testing, Usability Testing etc. Refer to below Test Case creation diagram; and you will come to know what I am referring to. Test Case Design Techniques listed below tries to derive optimal test conditions and uncover unique class of errors, however there will be few common Test conditions derived when multiple Test Case design technique are used. Decision Tables : Decision tables help in deriving test conditions where multiple decision variables like (if-else-if… conditions) are involved. Error Guessing : Error guessing technique helps to device Test conditions based on the domain knowledge, prior experience in testing of similar software or application(s) built on similar technology or prior experience in Software Testing. Cause Effect Graph techniques : Cause (C) and Effect (E) diagram is analogous to Test Case “Action” and “Expected Result”, hence this technique is an effective tool to visualize and derive probable combinations of different test conditions and expected result. Incase Test Case Naming convention is not already defined for your project then take initiative and get it defined. Defining priority also helps in building effective Smoke Test or regression test suites or helps in identifying test cases for Risk based Testing. Write test cases presuming even others will execute them and hence test cases have to be detailed.
Incase there are changes in Login or Logout steps; you don’t have to change across many test cases.
Software Test Management Software helps in maintaining traceability Matrix, its easier to map requirements to Test Cases to Defects and Viz.
Test Case template created in Excel is usually preferred as it’s more readable, also it allows usage of formals and cell auto formatting to highlight Test step and Test Case result.
Clean up activity can be any action that has to be performed on Test Environment, OS Configuration, Application settings, Test Data or Database to bring them back to state that was before execution of the test case.
Simple and Medium complex test cases can be assigned to fresher or less experience Testers. This field helps in deriving metrics like “Test Case creation rate” related to Test Creation phase. This field helps to know who reviewed and also to identify test cases reviewed and to be reviewed. This can increase the value of work and enables reader to understand the message completely. Once you have done some work on it like editing or amending, then you will need to reconsider print properties before taking print out.

Before jumping to Test Case creation, one needs to identify Test Scenarios based on Requirements document, Use case diagrams and high level design documents.
Each of the below mentioned Test Case Technique is used to generate different Test conditions related to Boundary conditions, Error classes, multiple or complex decisions and conditions and where most of the defects lurk.
Error guessing technique is effective, when tester deriving Test Conditions is more experienced Software Tester, has good knowledge of Business domain and technology on which software is built. It is also convenient to plan test execution, maintain test log and these Test management software come with lot of ready to run reports and inbuilt reporting templates, which helps to generate quality reports quickly. Excel Test Case template also makes Test Reporting easier by using formulas that can consolidate results of all the Test Cases, where with Test Case template created in word result consolidation has to be done manually. So that actions or changes brought in by execution of the test case does not influence results or outcome of remainder of the Test Cases to be executed. Instead of having everything appear odd and out of place, get a test template that suits the situation.
A copy of this quiz sheet will be provided to each candidate with instructions to fill the sheet and a time limit for completing the test. Once Test Scenarios are documented, reviewed and finalized, one can start identifying Test Conditions and Expected results for each of the Test Scenarios and Detailed design documents. As you can see, test conditions focus on testing just below boundary, at boundary and over boundary. Test Management Software like Quality Center (QC) provides such facility to create reusable steps and call the reusable steps in other test cases.
Incase your Project or company is not in a position to fund for these tools then suggest usage of Open Source Test Management tools like Bugzilla Testopia which is a Test Case management software and extension of Bugzilla. Refer to below templates created in Excel and word and see the differences and convenience for yourself. The Microsoft Word template can be adjusted depending on how long a test is, what the test is about, and how the test answers are being submitted.How to Use the Multiple Choice Template for WordThese multiple choice test templates are easy to customize and manage. Once Test Conditions and Expected results are documented, reviewed and finalized, Test Cases can be derived to cover one more related test conditions and expected results.
If we have to test password text box, Positive class would be valid password and invalid class would be password in different case, incomplete password or different password. Hence Test Management software is more preferable over Test Case templates that are built in Excel or word.
Simply select the multiple choice test template that you think will best suit the test you are preparing.
Total marks and minimum marks to get pass will also be mentioned on the top of the quiz sheet. Here is a step by step guide for the rest of the steps involved in using the template:Choose a templateBegin creating the test on the template. Space for writing candidate number, test date, candidate name and test title will also be left on the top of the sheet. The number of questions and answer choices can be customized on the answer sheet.Tips for Using the Multiple Choice Test Template for WordThere are ways to decide which template is best for a test.
For example, a longer test might go best with a template that uses smaller fonts and manages space well. A shorter test could be better served with templates that have larger fonts and more space between each question.Adding information on top and the sides about the school, class number, test date, and test subject is a good way to customize these templates. Students may be required to enter certain information on the test paper, such as their name, date, and student ID.

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