Positive: Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, ‘fight or flight’, stimulation, masculinity, excitement. The following infographic shows how colors affect purchases (color increases brand recognition by 80%!). Pantone, a global authority on color—especially in the graphics arts industry—celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013 by creating an infographic that takes a look at the history of color in the past 50 years.
How to PlayClick the green button to start and enter the correct answers belowThe logo can be either the full logo or a zoomed in version. Think about the most well-known companies in the world, organisations like Google and Apple. A strong logo clearly is crucial for successful branding, and the strongest logos focus on three design aspects: the font, the symbol and the colours. Most logos, in the designer’s quest for simplicity, have only one or two colours, but incorporating lots of colours can suggest a company that is diverse and exciting. Google has a logo that verges on being boring, but because the logo is a mix of bold colours, it stands out more than your average text-based logo. The Firefox logo is especially clever: as a desktop icon, it will have to compete with a user’s computer desktop wallpaper. Burger King’s use of primary colours suggests excitement, energy and – crucially for a fast food company – speed.

This references the Microsoft Windows logo and hints at the fact that messages sent over this service will fly across the internet. What is better for a photo sharing service than a logo that incorporates several colours and looks like a shutter closing? NBC first used a peacock logo in 1953 to promote the fact that more and more of the television network’s shows were shot in colour. The Museum of London logo looks like an archaeological dig and vaguely resembles the shape of the City of London. You would expect a digital design agency with the name Vibrant Drive to have a dynamic logo, and they deliver. Erasmus is a programme for international exchange students, and Erasm.us is a reference for students participating in the programme. The University of the Arts London logo emphasises the university’s commitment to teaching future artists their skills, which is indicated in its use of colour.
This logo, for the tourist website for the Bahamas, shows that whilst the islands have a similar culture, they are all distinct.
Map quizzes are given twice in a quarter for a total of eight times per year; includes 48 connected states plus 5 Great Lakes.
Well, it’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions in all of us, but which colors induce which emotions?

It became an instant classic, and it established Apple as a company that was both tech-savvy and design-centric, the hallmarks that make it the tech giant it is today.
The use of three bright colours means that the logo will pop against just about any wallpaper, making it easy for users to find quickly.
The logo looks like a portal to a colourful world that is full of possibilities, which is perfect for the company. This logo reflects the multi-faceted nature of the programme, the students and the resource. Interestingly, the stars are an indication of where the university’s six campuses are on a map of London.
Students who have scored 100% twice do not have to take the map quiz for the remainder of the year. Their logos are so strong that we can recognise them immediately, without any context and even when the letters are obscured. Darker colors such as black, blue or purple can actually be perceived as negative by consumers, because those colors are associated with spoiled or rotten foods.

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