Since Quizizz does not rely on the whole class seeing questions projected on a big screen, Quizizz games have the "homework" option which can keep the quiz open for up to two weeks.
Add questions from any quiz: Now you can search our database of public quizzes and add questions from any quiz with a single click! Upload Images via URL: You can upload images by simply pasting the URL of any image you find online. Better tagging: Now you can tag your quizzes by subject, topic and other custom tags, which will help you and other teachers find them more easily in the future.
So far, you've had to save your report right after a game if you ever wanted to see it again.
Not only can you download the Excel report any time, you can also view detailed class and student-level reports direcly online.
We're always working on new ways to keep things interesting!Create quizzes in minutes!The Quizizz editor makes it super-easy to create great quizzes in no time. They can be great for formative assessment as can be a great way to help students review before a test. You can start a quiz from scratch or copy and edit an existing quiz from their library of quizzes. At Quizizz, we have been working on some amazing new features that we think you'll really like.

No projector is necessary because players see questions and answer options on their own screens. You can turn these off, but your students will beg you to leave them on.Teachers aren't the only ones who can host a game. We've completely revamped our application, and I hope you'll find a lot of the features you were looking for in this new version! The left sidebar will allow you to quickly see all your questions and even order them via drag 'n drop. Plus a lot of teachers had mentioned that text was not very legible when images were in the background, so we've fixed that by adding a dark background to the text (see the image below). While having a leaderboard and question timer stokes competition, you can turn these off for when you want students to slow down. Students can click anywhere on the text to hide hide it and get a better view of the image too. It is very similar to Kahoot, with a few key differences.Just like Kahoot, the teacher (or student host) chooses a quiz to begin. With Quizizz, players don’t have to wait for the whole class to answer a question before they continue to the next one. With Quizizz, players zip through questions at their own pace, limiting all discussion to after all questions have been answered.When you host a Quizizz game, you get to see a real-time view of the game's results.

However, Quizizz does provide an Insert Symbol menu with math, Latin, Greek, and currency symbols that can be used in questions and answers. Quizizz shows the total number of questions that have been answered correctly and incorrectly. What’s great is that you see an instant preview of what the question will look like as you enter questions and options. You control the competition by toggling the leaderboard, timer and other settings.Play!Students play together, but each at their own pace.
At a glance you can see how many questions a player has got right, answered incorrectly, and have left to answer. Review your work in the end.AnalyzeUse our detailed class and student-level reports to understand where your students need help.Sign Me In!FAQ? Quizizz is a fun multiplayer classroom activity, that allows all your students to practice together.

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