Carlos Miranda, Staff WriterOn Friday March 18, 2016 an outstanding corner back for the Baltimore Ravens passed away; he was 23 years old. Quizlet is a simple learning tool with a website to create flashcards AND one of the most popular among teachers I work with on a daily basis.
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There are also two games you can play where you race against the clock to match up term to definition as quickly as you can- which, in my opinion, makes it kind of fun to compete against yourself or your friends if the set is public.
As an AP student, I spent my summer using 300 notecards to practice all the words we were supposed to know once school started.

Needless to say, my hand cramped up often and I really didn’t even know the words because I was so focused on just getting them all written.
So go out and sign up for Quizlet- it’s free and I highly recommend it to save you time and become an efficient, well-practiced student! However, I discovered Quizlet through friends at the beginning of the year and I now use it almost daily. In AP US History, we take weekly and sometimes bi-weekly terms quizzes that require us to know 50 people, places, and events per test.
Twenty million flashcard decks currently exist on basic and advanced school subjects like science, math, social sciences, standardized tests, and include other professional topics such as law, medicine and accounting. Quizlet has helped me tremendously, in both saving my time and actually understanding the words.

When I type in my sets, I try to cut the term down to make it easier to understand, which is much faster to do on the internet than it would be writing them down.
You can also make it entirely private, your eyes only, if you want- it’s completely up to you.
Additionally, I take a variety of  custom tests (where you can pick how many of the terms you actually want) and play the games too.
And because the sets are saved, I can go back periodically to take a quiz and keep it fresh in my brain.

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