A toasted sub is infinitely superior to a cold sub, and Quiznos usually does make pretty good subs. Black Angus Steak is here at Quiznos…enjoy that mozzarella, cheddar, sauteed onion, mushroom, honey bourbon mustard, and zesty grille sauce! Updated 27 Nov 2014Move over, get in line, and make room in your bellies for another international submarine sandwich franchise that just touched down in town.
Both stay fairly faithful to their American counterparts, with recipes like the Baja-named chipotle sauce or carbonara-inspired sandwiches for chicken & peppercorn or Swiss cheese for beef.
The copious slices of meat are tender but still taste like real beef; ideal for those mealtimes when we feel more like a jackal than a giraffe. They offer flavorful chef-inspired menu items, including toasted Sandwiches, Pizzas, Salads and Wraps.HGW Exclusive8 Types of Diners - Which One Are You?Hungry folks! Walking into Quiznos, I must say I rather liked the décor and layout which was fuss-free, modern, and straightforwardNew, comfortable, and clean surroundings to dive into your gourmet subThe ordering counter was located right at the entrance and menu options were clearly displayed.
Being bona fide gluttons, we ordered five different subs but all were six-inch - yes, we do listen to our guilty conscience, sometimes.

First up, we tried the honey mustard chicken sub (RM14.90) which comprised chicken strips, beef bacon, Swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and honey mustard dressing on wheat bread. My personal favourite was the Baja chicken sub (RM14.90) on wheat bread that came with smoky beef bacon, cheddar cheese, onions, and dressed with Baja (pronounced as ba-ha, after the Mexican peninsular, south of California) sauce and Chipotle mayonnaise.
The Baja sauce, which primarily consists of barbeque sauce and mayonnaise, was the star of this sub - sweet and rich but light - and the sprinkling of cilantro leaves really tied all the flavours nicely. The honey bourbon mustard sauce was sweet and tangy but I couldn’t taste or distinguish the zesty grille sauce. Honestly, we couldn’t tell which had the mesquite flavouring - was it the smoky bacon or the chicken?
The buttermilk ranch sauce was nothing to shout about but the rosemary parmesan bread was mouth-watering.
Both claim to offer fresh ingredients and fillings for made-to-order subs and I dare say both deliver.
However, Quiznos does have a slight edge when it comes to meats (slightly more), sauces (better-tasting) and its bread (heartier).

Other than that, bacon strips come standard in all your subs unless you prefer to leave it out. But all these come at a slightly steeper price when you make it a medium (add RM5) or large (add RM6) set meal which includes a soft drink and waffle fries. A side of waffle fries to spruce up your Quiznos set mealSubway’s sandwiches seem slightly bigger because no matter which sub you choose, you will get all the veggies whereas Quiznos subs focus on the combination of meats, sauces, and selected veggies. The other big issue I had with Quiznos was its depiction of the subs in its marketing material. Let’s just say that the subs we ordered did not look like it was supposed to.Not all subs are created equal?

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