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Are you for some reason touching the vomit, excrement or other bodily fluids of a person who currently has Ebola? Share your results with your friends so that they can find out how likely they are to get Ebola, too!
A question like this grabs your attention, because most people immediately have an opinion about which drink they prefer.
It catches the intrigue of viewers and encourages them to engage with your content by tapping into already developed bias. But how can you leverage quizzes in your content marketing to drive traffic and generate leads? Let’s take a look at why people love quizzes and how you can leverage them in your content marketing.
This trend will only continue growing as millennials start to take charge of the home budget.
People love to boast about their quiz results on Facebook or Twitter which is the first step of going viral.
To help you craft your first quiz at 4screens we have created this infographic with 50 ideas for viral quizzes for every industry. In the past to create a quiz you had to work together with a programmer and a graphic designer. TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — Hackers are using Facebook quizzes to trick people into providing personal information.

Sri Sridharan, managing director at the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, explains hackers want to use the information to make money. Players register using the code provided by Kahoot (no download required) and then choose a team nickname and you are off. A small prize (say a ?1 bad of marshmallows) seems enough incentive to get the competition going! At the end of the quiz there is a built in feedback screen helping the audience realise they learned something and giving you some valuable feedback on the activity. If you just want an ice-breaker or to try Kahoot out, search the public Kahoots for existing quizzes to get you started, either duplicate and edit or just play as is.
They are affiliated to either side and immediately attach both drinks to a feeling or memory they hold.
Although we are all unique snowflakes with our own opinions and special talents, quizzes let us find similar people and create sub-groups based on interests. For example, if you like Batman while one of your friends prefers Spiderman, now you two have a platform to exchange your views. It’s because people are more eager to share results which portray them as the most interesting people around. But now we are witnessing a rise of easy to use and fast quiz creators, which are mobile ready and look great. It could be as simple as offering a personalized offer that encourages people to submit their email address. I typically find that between two people there will be one tablet or smartphone, and any online device can take part in the quiz. We have shown you exactly how to create an effective quiz by selecting title and type and then how to do the marketing with the quiz?

This is where you have an opportunity to connect with a quiz taker and get in the door for a longer-term relationship. This lead form connects up to GetResponse so new leads can be automatically followed up with based on quiz results.
This is the most important because the results are where people get a chance to share your quiz, and quizzes that get shared a lot are the ones that go really viral. Within the emotions of sharing, happy content gets shared the most (ironically followed immediately by angry content). What this means is that you want to focus on the good things in each quiz result and skip over the bad parts.
Because people see different results based on their personality, you have an opportunity to make a personalized recommendation to people.
The quiz takes care of the scariest part of sales, the initial lead generation, but that’s just one part of the sales process.
It’s very important to send an immediate “Thank You and Welcome” email so people remember where you got their contact information from. Only sell every four to five emails, or every 1-2 months.Did I convince you that quizzes can be a practical lead generating form of content?

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