Wisdom is a kind of knowledge, which increases with education, understanding and experience But wisdom and knowledge are two different things.
If  you have knowledge about any thing but despite this you can not get wisdom without face any real life experience because wisdom come by the real life experience and knowledge. This Words Of Wisdom Quotes is a nice wallpaper and stock photo for your computer desktop and your personal use, and it is available in wide and high resolutions.
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Some peoples are wise from God which is a gift from God for them but some peoples wise by education and learning.
If you are a wise person then you can not make any wrong decision in your life and no one can cheat you.

A wise person earns respect while a foolish person loses his respect as every other moment in every aspect of life reveals his foolishness.
In this fast moving world being a wise person is very necessary because if you are not a wise person then every can cheat you easily. These quotes about wisdom will tell you best way of life and i am sure you will love all of these.
Wise person is never face harsh and bad behavior of others because he think before talking and big decisions because if you took any wrong decision in your life then every one blame you.
Being wise never let you make a wrong decision in your life and thus you never have to regret on your decision. However being successful in every walk of life is in The Creator’s hand, he decides our destiny but with wisdom we can only plan better.

But sometimes he also has to make some compromises because he knows that something is better than nothing. He understands that if at the moment things aren’t working fine and the time isn’t in his favor then one day he will be able to grasp it and take over the situation with his genius.
These quotes are from various popular authors who summed up their wisdom and experience in the form of these beautiful quotes.

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