Love is the most precious thing in our life that experience is good enough to teach you a lesson of entire life. You are inside me, you are around me, I only see you wherever I go, because there is nothing in our universe of love except you and me. I don’t that I will be able to stop trying to make you happier, give you more, because you always say that I make you so happy, even just being with me. As we published some awesome things in our previous articles the purpose of love quotes is to burn your soul little more if you feeling that your passion about love is fading. Many people try to read different type of quotes according to their mood that just satisfy them after reading these quotes. Like, when you see someone’s personality in the way they walk and you just feel like hugging them every time you see them.

So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. If a person is not feeling good, mean he is sad, so he will read all those quotes that tell them how to overcome this sad condition that is on you so he will try to read these quotes and same like if you are feeling happy then you will read happy quotes that will also make you much happy and relax.
A person should be aware of these facts, and he has to turn on and off those switches very timely. Although there comes many moments when a person loses hope, but at that time only a friend or a companion can do the right thing for you.
Although there come many decisions, which are harsh and difficult to take but that’s where the rationality lies. Many famous people have written many quotes like bill gates who have written many quotes that are also very famous among people, so you can read quotes according to your best role model of your life that will motivate you a lot.

Someone SpecialI am no one special just as wide eyed girl,another wide eyed girl who desperately is in love with you.
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