If you are thinking what can be the use of receiving text messages to numbers you don't own, the answer could be to safeguard your identity when dealing with strangers, verifying accounts without revealing original phone number (like WhatApp and Viber), account verification for geo-restricted content like SMS text sent only to USA numbers etc. I found this site searching and also receive free sms without registration, just enter the site and choose a number and see your sent messages. I think this tool is more than awesome, because it's really useful for those who are living outside of their countries.

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Here on SmsPunch website, they are providing the same sms sending and receiving service and I use it daily to send and receive sms from my family.
This service is a gift especially for our foreign brothers, it is a popular online SMS service of Pakistanis living abroad in USA, UAE, UK, Afghanistan, Iran, China, India Etc.

Using this service you can send and receive SMS without creating an account, So no login or SignUp is required for sending SMS all over Pakistan.

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