What I think would be awesome is if they were to re-issue my other Dorchester historical, Lord Ruin. If anyone would like a signed copy of the cover flats, I have some of both and would be happy to send signed ones upon reasonable request and while supplies last. The artwork I commissioned for the digital version of my story Moonlight, which will appear in the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance, is final. The artist is Seamus Gallagher and I think I might love him more than Alexander Skarsgard even though I’ve only seen his artwork. In the days before gramophones and stereos, people had to create their own music for entertainment and dancing. Thomas Moore (born 1779 in Dublin) was a close friend of Lord Byron and very popular as a composer and performer in the salons and drawing rooms of the ton.  From 1808 to 1834 his various editions of Irish Melodies were in constant publication.

Subscribe to Anthea’s Quarterly Newsletter~Four times a year, you'll get info about upcoming Romance releases, cover sneak peeks, free chapters, and other goodies. A Regency musicale or parlor performance could include a traditional Irish air popularized by Thomas Moore, a piano sonata by Pleyel, a favorite song from a ballad opera, or a setting of a popular dance tune. The homes of upper classes and the gentry would certainly contain a piano, and depending upon the wealth of the family, perhaps an entire room devoted to music and musical instruments. Someone at Dorchester must have been cleaning out their desk and decided to send these to me. This might include a small standing pedal harp, a parlor guitar, and of course the requisite keyboards.
NOT a spinet or harpsichord, the early pianoforte had a softer, clearer tone with less power and a smaller keyboard range.

The Last Rose of Summer, Believe me if all these Endearing Young Charms, and Oft in the Stilly Night are still sung and their melodies recognized today.
It was not until the 1820s that the keyboard was fully expanded to the 7+ octaves we are familiar with today.
By some estimation, he brought in several hundred pounds a year in royalties from his music, and was much in demand as a performer– the original Irish Tenor! I thought huh, maybe they’re sending me the Dutch editions they told me about a few years ago.

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