A new video features couples who have been married for decades sharing relationship advice. The California-based nonprofit works on providing meaning and vitality in the lives of seniors. It’s truly fascinating, and the latest was from my very first boyfriend who came way-too-close to death while we were dating. The shocking thing is that he never read the letter until now, 11 years later.It was in March 2004 when I was dating my very first real high school boyfriend.

It was the days of MSN (for the young ones reading this, it was a popular messaging system online that everyone used). It was a while before he was released from the hospital and even more weeks after he was able to get out of bed, so the letter was tucked inside an envelope and throughout the 11 years, placed in the back of a book in a box.This week, for the first time, the letter was unfolded. The strongest relationship advice I could ever provide is to always take those extra seconds to let someone know how you feel. It can end at any moment, and you can’t rewind time to say those important words,I love you.

Brie Reply Chantal McCulligh July 14, 2015Thank you so much for sharing your story, Brie. I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope you find comfort in the words provided and those surrounding you.

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