Highly recommended reading for anyone who has any kind of issues in their relationship (i.e. Anger is a signal that something is wrong in our relationships and often it is not the issue that is immediately apparent.
Many people, especially women, are not good at dealing with their anger and, instead of asking for their needs to be met in a way that brings about more intimacy, they instead trigger resistance and anger from their partner by allowing themselves to be pulled into ineffective patterns of fighting and arguing. Do bear in mind that men have a tendency to offer solutions and we may need to ask him simply to listen so that we can work out your own answers.

Remember the key points - stating our needs, wants and feelings calmly and without blame, and showing appreciation and respect for our partner and his wants and needs. Are you in a long term committed relationship which isn't as great as you would like and you want to improve it? When fighting or engaged in an argument, there are some basic ground rules that will keep you fighting fair and help you move past your issues while maintaining your love and respect for each other.
Yet, if the skills needed to argue respectfully are lacking, either member may experience anger, rage, hostility, or lack of self-control and create damage to the relationship that is never resolved.

Repairing Broken Trust In Your Relationship (465)Can Taking A Break Strengthen Your Relationship? The most important aspect to consider is not how to avoid arguing and disagreements, but rather how can you handle them effectively and fight fair.

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