I never received a letter from my dad giving me the “Top Secret” information I would need to succeed in my intimate relationships with women. As your wedding day approaches I want to give you 5 THINGS to keep close to your heart in your marriage. And, KNOW that you always have the power to CHOOSE to create good feelings for other people instead of bad ones.
This is also why we stink at truly understanding the avalanche of emotions we can cause in our women without even knowing it. If you ever decide your wife is simply not sexual, not physically affectionate, or EVER aroused – you’re wrong. The most important thing to know about attraction is that it will not happen in an environment of bad feelings. While you are not in charge of her moods or behavior, you need to be aware of how you may be involved in her reactions toward you. By “lead”, I mean being the one who chooses to OWN your part in the marriage and the household. It’s no wonder these guys find themselves begging for morsels of respect and physical affection. This type of leadership will finally allow her to feel safe, trusting, and relaxed because YOU have stepped up.
For both men and woman, Emotional Safety simply means that our emotions are not judged and not subject to debate.
If a man chooses to create an environment of emotional safety, he is choosing to understand what behaviors of his can allow that to happen. Within the first few years of marriage, many men lose sight of who they are and why they picked her. If you’re not careful, those events will lead to bigger events and soon you may find that her trust, respect, and attraction for you has faded away.

Steve Horsmon specializes in coaching men in issues of masculinity, leadership, and marriage.
Your article should be part of marriage counseling and consideration everywhere, Steve Horsmon, and translated into many languages! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. For the past 2 months now I have been looking for good and genius spell to bring back my husband and also help me to win lottery. Love, Dating, Marriage, Relationships Advice & Tips - Articles, tips, advice and resources related to relationships. It’s obvious that your angry toned, table pounding, perfectly logical argument will ruffle emotional feathers. Positive intention means positive energy which means everything you say and do is coming from a different place – a place of love. Sex is not a guaranteed fringe benefit of marriage. [Tweet this insight!] Sex is the result of an age old cycle of attraction, flirtation, and foreplay. Without this, flirting and foreplay are a complete waste of time unless you’ve pushed so hard you wind up with “obligation sex” – the worst possible type!
So many men will complain about their “bossy wife” or their “nagging wife” or their “disrespectful” wife. It means that emotions are respected for being real and important exactly as they are felt. It makes me feel, I don’t know, I just hate it!” What she’s trying to say is that “You have the ability to either make me feel good or bad, and you are choosing to make me feel bad.” And THAT choice of yours speaks volumes to her about your concern and respect for her. You can’t own her reaction or her happiness, but you can do better, BE better – if you WANT to!
This ability will come from you KNOWING who you are, what you believe in, and the direction you’re going in life.

If you have been argumentative, dismissive, resentful, negative, or critical you ARE in charge of that and need to get to work. You see, the type of leadership I’m talking about is really about your ownership of some of the departments.
With the right level of leadership she will respect you, partner with you and be proud of you.
Be the man who is better than trying to “get even” by creating bad feelings in her just because you’re feeling bad. Thank you for making my husband to know that we are met to be together and also making my dreams come true.
My clients and I share a history of spending our early years struggling to know ourselves AND the women in our lives. Even without a word, if your energy oozes the least bit of resentment, condescension, or judgment – YOU have already declared war.
Attracting her to join you means always respecting her and supporting her need to do the same for herself. A man who is willing to resort to “stuff” to earn sex is seen and FELT as tremendously non-masculine to a woman. Please if any body needs LOVE SPELL,LOTTERY,PREGNANCY SPELL, DIVORCE SPELL, GET YOUR PARTNER.

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