If you've cheated on your partner, you already know the damage you've done to your relationship. Yet if you're here reading this right now, you're probably looking for a way to save your relationship. Many couples go their separate ways after one or both have been unfaithful, and there's usually a lot of bitterness and resetment involved. You can't expect the future of your relationship to succeed unless you BOTH deal with the affair and put it past you.
Even after the cheating's over, the negative effects of a partner being unfaithful can linger for years. By giving as little information as possible, you're helping your boyfriend or girlfriend NOT fixate on the affair itself. Understand that by deciding to keep the relationship going you've also committed to at least try to forgive your partner. Some people even use past cheating as a weapon: they bring it up whenever they get angry, or want to throw it in their partner's face. There are some amazing clean slate techniques you can use to get a fresh start after cheating.

Below you'll also find some additional articles on how to save a relationship after one or both parties have been unfaithful.
Signs of a Cheater - Not sure if your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is being totally faithful? How to Fix Your Relationship After an Affair - Infidelity hurts both sides of any relationship; whether you were the one being unfaithful or you caught your partner's own indiscretions. How to Tell if Your Boyfriend or Husband is Cheating - Infidelity is the all-time biggest destroyer of relationships. Signs That Your Girlfriend or Wife May Be Cheating - The signs and signals given off by an unfaithful partner are slightly different between men and women.
How to Say Sorry For Cheating on Someone - Find out what to do if your partner catches you cheating. Rebuilding Trust After The Affair - Whether you cheated on your lover or they've confessed to an affair, this article will show you how to get past infidelity and keep the relationship going. What To Do When You Get Caught Cheating - Step by step, find out how to handle your partner when they discover you having an affair. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

I came across a horrible relationship advice article on Mail Online that goes against all commonsense understanding regarding dealing with a cheating husband. I am pretty sure that the author would never advise dealing the same way with a cheating wife too. Let me show you an excerpt from the report that was published on Mail Online on April 9, 2014: Want to win back a cheating husband?
In fact, the reality is that nagging or no nagging do not have any connection with infidelity in marriage on the part of a cheating husband or even of a cheating wife. The real fact is that there is a basic contradiction between the inherent human nature and the controlling regime of the institution called marriage. Biologically, as animals, and psychologically, as homo-sapiens, we are designed not as monogamist (or even as polygamist) creatures; but as Wilhelm Reich once pointed out, we as a species are serial monogamists.
We need a change of intimate interaction after a certain gap of time in our life. What marriage does is that it expects us to remain loyal monogamists all through our life with one single person to interact with at the level of a close intimacy. And the ones who get a real chance to do so, get swayed by its irresistibly strong currents. This is no relationship advice, it’s only stating the facts the way they are. What to do?

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