Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Mike Iamele sees a lot of relationship advice out there and isn’t planning to jump into the fray.
And I usually give it to people straight up—that I don’t know what you should do because I’m not in your relationship.
Self-awareness is the most important attribute I’ve noticed in any people who are in a healthy relationship. If we believe that all relationships are just containers for our own self-growth (hint: this is my article, and we do), then we acknowledge that we don’t really have control over our partners’ actions ever.
They may be with another person, but the relationship we’re really working on is the one we have with ourselves. And I’ve got to tell you, the fastest way to make your own relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse better is simply to become happier yourself.
And every healthy relationship I know legitimately fell into the partners’ laps AFTER periods of significant self-work.
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I Am The Bug MasterSean Swaby, House Ninja, declares a turf war on bugs and wins with Scott’s Ortho. Beyond a bizarre hang up, this is just the latest declaration from a long line of women about maintaining sex appeal with their partner. So far, in our relatively short life together, my husband's seen me sick, held my hair and rubbed my back as I've clung to the toilet or splayed myself on the cold bathroom tile more times than I'd like. While a sounding board is great and talking through problems and experiences can help bring clarity, talking to the wrong people at the wrong time, as well as taking their insight for fact, can not only steer you wrong, but can completely derail a really good thing.
Are you spending too much time communicating about your relationship with your friends, and not enough time communicating about your relationship with your partner? Comes from a person who is currently in a place of insecurity or unhappiness about themselves or their relationship. Comes from a person who really doesn’t understand who you are, what you are looking for, what your relationship style is, and what your comfort level is within a relationship. Whether it makes sense for you to have sex on the 2nd date or 5th, this is something that only you and your partner can decide on. Since you broke it off for no good reason, you have begun to create an environment of distrust. Your in-and-out attitude makes you appear to be wishy washy, or worse-controlled by others. If you’re interested in him, it's OK to be the first one to reach out — whether it's online or in person.
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Scan any mainstream men’s magazine today, including this one, and that’s a good chunk of what you’ll see.
Catch-all advice to text the right messages or make your partner eat out of the palm of you hand is cute and catchy, but it never applies to everyone.
They communicate not because Men’s Health told them to, but because they know that they can interpret nagging as one thing, when their partner never meant that. We can pretend that we’ve learned how to manipulate hot girls into liking us or how to trick our partners into seeing our point of view, but the truth is that real, honest, authentic relationships aren’t about getting the other person to do anything. From that chat with our boss to the random lady at the grocery store, we encounter so many relationships on a daily basis. They’re the places where we feel safe to figure out how to become the best person we can be. After recovering from a debilitating illness, Mike gave up his high-powered public relations career to find his own version of love, success, and happiness. All key points: no self-help or outer guidance will get you anywhere, if you aren’t willing to get to know yourself and take responsibility for who you are and your own happiness! I feel the same way, and I thought it was important to add another viewpoint to the discussion.
How Do I Find the Words?Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad? When that love is shattered, and the heart breaks, the only thing the rest of us can say is — we will never let this happen again. He's examined questionable marks on my body, stood beside me as I've endured procedures, tests, infections and severe allergic outbreaks and nursed me through the gruesome aftermaths and, most recently, supported me through a pregnancy that wasn't pretty. I want a partner who I know is there for me, worts and all, and who I don't have to put up a charade around. Sure, it made for a good photo op or great sex, but those aren't the moments my husband and I remember, reminisce about or that connect us. Holmes, in my book, it's not about the grooming habits or the choice of attire, not about the witnessing of bodily fluids, a few extra pounds or a little less hair, it's about the companionship and support, when sexy faded long ago and true love and friendship remain. Communication is the foundation and often the remedy for misunderstanding in relationships. If she says that your guy is a jerk and you should immediately exit the relationship, take some time to think about if it’s really the right move for you, or if your issues can be worked through.
How does he know that you won’t just pick up and leave again in the face of a misunderstanding? She is also a confidence boosting coach on MTV's "Made." House's fifth book, "The No-Games Guide to Love," will be released in December 2014. That “communicate” and “compromise” might mean squat if the relationship’s not supporting you from the get-go. As a regular contributor to national publications, as well as through his popular weekday success blog, Mike has encouraged millions of people to reject society’s blanket definition and create success for themselves. This article really offers sound and simple advice that applies to everyone and it’s a nice change from being told what we are all doing wrong! In regards to a one-night stand or fling, sure they'd probably prefer to keep the mystery alive, but for a long-term, equal partnership where they, too, can be themselves, most men I know and associate with choose authenticity over artificial arousal. In fact, I can tell by the way he looks at me that he's more in love as a result of it all. I witnessed my grandparents endure humiliating, horrifying circumstances at the end of their lives.
Some of our best inside jokes and cherished memories come from our most desperate, unattractive times. I'll take that kind of relationship any day over the farce and "fairy tale." It means I get to keep my sweats!

Regardless of their expertise or state of mind, girlfriends, mothers and even bosses can offer their opinions with such certainty that it’s difficult to doubt it.
Take your emotions out of the equation and work on having conversations that express where you are coming from, how you are feeling, and what’s going on in your body and heart, and you just might find that you have found the magic elixir to maintain, heal and strengthen your relationship.
What matters when it comes to having sex is that you feel good about your decision, you don’t feel pressured, and you and he are on the same page.
Is the problem truly a deal-breaker or it a surface issue that can be remedied through better communication, deep understanding or therapy?
And they also know when to walk away because they always know that they still have to love themselves most. And the difference had more to do with me, my self-awareness, my honesty with myself, and how much of a right fit my partner was. She's gorgeous, smart, funny and can sex it up on the red carpet or in a lingerie scene on the big screen with Justin Timberlake. It's those moments that we struggled or stumbled that make us laugh the most now, further endearing us to one another and what we've been through -- together. Once the decision is made, don’t torture yourself with judgment or regrets and don’t let your friends make you feel bad. Sure, your boyfriend truly might be acting like a jerk right now, but if you cut the line just because your friend said you should, you might quickly regret the decision, miss him, and end up sending an "I made a mistake, please take me back” text shortly thereafter. It's time to get real, break down your barriers, be your authentic self, and step out your strategy to finally meet the one — as opposed to another someone. And, that no matter what kind of relationship it is, the only two people who really get it are the two people involved. It’s the only thing I’ve ever heard that can be applied to every single person in the world, no matter who you are. Working on and bettering yourself will only enhance your life and, therefore, your partner's. She's often in, gasp, sweats with no makeup, out with her man in broad daylight and photographers at every turn. He relishes the moments where he can take care of me because I'm normally independent as hell. But wearing the occasional pair of sweatpants, sporting a naked face or cleaning your ears is hardly what I would classify as letting yourself go.
Fly your red flags and show your vulnerable side — it’s the best way to create a real and deep soul connection.
Being in a healthy relationship, along with the fact that I’m a success coach, brings a lot of relationship questions my way. When I truly need him, when I'm at my weakest and least attractive, I see how much I matter to him. If you want to find love, the kind that lasts, that hooks your heart and implants itself in your soul, you've got to unscrew the facade, the protective layer, the walls, the hiding of the feelings, and the front. And, most of all, know exactly how much you’re worth – and exactly how much you’re willing to tolerate.
I've got news for you ladies: If you plan, like I do, to spend your life with this person, he's going to see a lot more than ear wax and baggy drawers. I know if you'd told them about the ear cleaning phobia or the loungewear theory, they'd laugh.

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