While some may argue that it is intrinsically given for everyone to cheat on their spouse, the decision to cheat in a relationship is obviously conscious to those in the act. Opportunity is one of the biggest factors that necessitate cheating in a relationship especially where couples have completely different interests when it comes to career, books, traveling, friends, movies and so on, an individual in such an arrangement may tend to spend more time away from their partner and therefore is exposed to available opportunities to cheat. Success in politics, academic, and in monetary terms causes individuals to become people magnet, it seems natural for people to want to be associated with individuals who have more comparative advantage than them. People with desire for intimacy represent a group who are liable to cheating in a relationship and this is usually as a result of busy lifestyles that majority of people have adopted these days thereby creating an intimacy gap between many couples. There is a class of people who consider love relationship as an important part of life that deserves maximum respect; the type that condones no form of cheating in a relationship but on the other side there is a class of individuals who view love and relationships as an adventure in which the sole purpose is to concur and capture as many territories as possible. Being cheated, which most cheating quotes would put it, one is something that people in a relationship don’t want to experience.
Every person in any kind of relationship, particularly romantic type knows how painful it is to be cheated on and knowing that the person they love betrayed them. Addressing the problem by confronting your suspected cheating partner does not mean that you are ending everything you have. It may take years to build a strong, trusting relationship and can only take a few moments to destroy it. Although there have been relationships and marriages destroyed because of cheating, many of these relationships could have been salvaged if both parties openly shared their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires regularly with each other. The site is maintained by students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories!
However, many people in today’s society still cheat on their partner knowing that it will hurt that person.
There are three different aspects that have a big impact on having a successful relationship.
Some consider it an outright vice, some regard cheating as normal human behavior while others view it as a fundamental part of human life. As they meet with other people who have similar interest as theirs, they share experience and sometimes become friends and might end up being attracted to them personally and cheat on their spouses in the end. Its is not imaginary that with success, people tend to always have others surrounding them looking for favors, advice or even money.
When one partner has a busy life and is always traveling or buried deep in his own interest, their partners start to develop desires for intimacy with other people who are available. Persons who have carefree personality traits are more likely to cheat on their partners than those who are caring and it is non of their concerns what damages their relationships will suffer. But before reaching to this point, there are helpful ways in which any person applies to his or her relationship to avoid it from falling apart.
It some cases, confronting the cheater before it gets worst is the best step in solving the problem and saving the relationship. It is important to remember that a relationship takes equal amounts of effort from both individuals, and that the goals of both partners should be established from the start. I don’t condone cheating in a relationship in any way, so none of these quotes are going to be pro-cheating in any way.
Everybody has the ability to communicate and have a good relationship but, it takes practice and dedication. Having investment, commitment, and trust can have a great advantage on having a working relationship. There are however many reasons that cause individuals to cheat in their relationship, and different individuals have different reasons.
Some might even have absurd desires of getting children with the coveted genes of the successful individuals and will do anything possible to sleep with them.

When the desire is so strong, they might at times go out and find people to satisfy their physical and emotional needs. They will never let the chance to make anyone who gets intimate with them pass them by even though they are in a relationship with another person. Probably one of the most effective and helpful ways is to confront your partner you think is cheating behind your back. By addressing the problem at an earlier stage is a very sensible way to save the relationship and your loved one.
Anyone can be susceptible to jealousy in one form or another, whether it is through sibling rivalry, or envy of a co-worker or friend. It can happen just one time, with the person vowing to themselves to never let it happen again. Sometimes, however, the person being cheated on may not recognize the facts or choose to acknowledge what is going on. Jealousy is quite common: whether it is in an office setting, school, that dating scene or at home. Instead, these should make you think twice before you cheat in any way and they should also come as a little bit of a comfort to you if you’ve been cheated on.
There are many variations of relationships.Relationships can be with friends, romantic partner, parents, or even a teacher. Tiger Woods in 2009 made a bad choice by cheating on multiple women and ultimately lost his wife. Being invested in a relationship is how much effort people put into a relationship (Wood, 2010). You might get trust back if you choose to cheat, but it is never a good situation to get yourself involved with. The game of love to them is one with many players, so they think and not just two individuals.
People in this class may use cheating as a way of detaching themselves from their relationship in order to get space of their own and move on. Generally, knowing that your partner has cheated on you is devastating news that no person in any relationship wants to know. However, it’s a fact that it’s easier said than done and more often than not, most of peoples’ fear is how to address their cheating partners. You might think that your partner has already broken your trust or whatnot, but who knows, you will be able to save your relationship and be able to start all over again.
Although possibly the strongest and most recognizable form of jealousy is found in romantic relationships. However, since each situation is different, it is hard to tell whether or not a person will cheat again. This is called a "psychological scotoma", the pathological tolerance of unfaithful acts or blindness (Pines,1998: 46). Jealousy is the root of many difficult dilemmas that couples face together, and it has been around as long as human emotion has existed.
Commitment is a choice to remain with the partner, and trust is believing in the other person to remain truthful (Wood, 2010).
Some people with unethical characters might also demand sexual favors before offering assistance, therefore having it easy to cheat on their partners.
Some have a clinging type of personality that forces them to seek intimacy from other people rather than their partner because they do not want to upset them with constant nagging for sexual gratification.
Aside from the emotional damage that cheating can bring to any relationships; it can also cause problems to the relationship that cannot be reverted. Relying on unproven strategies like indulging yourself with cheating quotes and other inspirational material won’t solve your problem and win back your partner.

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of romantic jealousy, it can manifest itself in many ways and often causes problems in otherwise healthy relationships.
It is also entirely possible for the person cheating to have no emotional attachment to the person they have cheated with. When a person finally realizes what is going on, their reaction may be extreme, which can lead to irrational actions (Baumgart, 1990:27) fueled by jealousy and anger. Sometimes during the practice of finding the right way to communicate can involve cheating.
Phil said, “The chance of a successful relationship born of infidelity is not even one in 100. In today's society, emotionally involved couples usually expect a sexually and emotionally exclusive relationship, unless a prior arrangement has been made. When there are emotions involved, the partner being cheated on may feel cheated even more so because of the sexual and emotional infidelity. Although men and women experience jealousy for different reasons and in different ways, it is intrinsically the same emotion in every human being. If investment, commitment, or trust were to not be valued then the relationship wouldn’t be together as it could be. It is ultimately up to the other person involved to decide if their partner is worth the risk of possibly being cheated on again in the future. A person can begin to think constantly about their partner cheating or imagine them cheating or even make threats to their partner about what would happen if they were unfaithful. An unsuccessful relationship is in 2009, Tiger Woods got caught cheating on numerous amounts of girls. Cheating is prevalent in relationships that are simply based on arrangements, ones that have lifespans and in ones in which the partners are not bound by love but rather, by personal interests. Like most severe addictions, murder or even suicide can be the final result of an overwhelming case of jealousy. Spending time together, loving each other in truth and being in it for life is a powerful remedy to cheating or being cheated on. Therefore, it is important that you and your partner communicate to one another what your boundaries are, and what you believe constitutes cheating in your personal relationship. Learning that someone you trust is cheating on you may cause extreme emotional damage in addition to jealousy. Is it worth it?” Cheating comes at a price; no matter how the person has been cheating it will always hurt that other person. For example, many couples define cheating as having sex outside of the relationship while others would include other restrictions such as oral sex, kissing, or holding hands. If your feelings for your partner are fading, or you think you may be interested in seeing someone else, it is wise to talk to your partner. There wasn’t a way to forgive or be able to trust Tiger after what he did to his now ex-wife. Although it may seem difficult to do, it is better to be open with your partner about your feelings than to hurt them immensely by cheating or doing something else that may harm the relationship.
Being in a relationship requires that you not only look out for your own well-being, but your partner's as well.

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