Anyone who has ever gone through a break up knows that, at certain moments, the anguish is so strong that you wonder if you can go on living. This breaking up and getting back together revolving door is a trend in the dating scene today.
If you broke up with someone yesterday, today is probably not the day to decide whether or not to re-enter the relationship.
If so, don’t get back in the relationship as long as you feel desperate to be in the relationship. If you and your ex are discussing the possibility of getting back together, take about three months and do some serious soul searching. We strongly recommend pre-engagement counseling for couples who are at a cross roads between breaking up and pursuing marriage. If your true friends and family are warning you not to go back into a relationship (or warning you to get out of a relationship), take their admonition seriously. Have you and your significant other broken up and then gone on to have a successful relationship later?
What advice would you give a friend who was considering getting back together with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Even if you had an amazing relationship before, you're not guaranteed success in your new relationship. Shoshana JacksonTampa Bay Relationship Advice ExaminerAs a life coach, Shoshana has worked with people on various issues that affect their lives, especially when it comes to their relationships. As the Super Bowl ends, getting relationships back on track beginsSince preseason started in 2015 there were teams playing their hearts out trying to be the ones who would be playing in Super Bowl 50.
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Even though I knew it was the right decision at the time, I began questioning myself afterwards. However, some couples do get back together after a break up and go on to have tremendous relationships.
Did your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend have a character flaw which you simply could not overlook?
Wait until the desperate season passes to consider if you’re rationally willing to work out your differences. Pre-engagement counseling is both good for couples who are healthy and wanting to learn more about each other and themselves and their future together just as much as it is good for exposing to other couples what dynamics may drive them further apart. At the bare minimum, at least hear them out – even if you don’t want to believe them. For some people a little time apart is enough for them to decide that they want to get back together. There is a grieving process that follows a break up, especially for a break up which was not expected.
So if you and your sweetheart broke up and you’re trying to decide if you should give it another shot, consider the seven questions and thoughts below. Prayerfully consider getting back together, but ask God to reveal His will to you and wait upon Him. If you dated during your freshman year in college and now you’re seniors in college and considering dating again, make sure you both are at a point in your lives when you both would consider marriage. Believe me, your ex will respect you more if you don’t fall apart and beg him or her to take you back.
Also consider going to a biblically-based counselor while you both determine if getting back together is a good idea.

You want to avoid forming an unhealthy, dysfunctional marriage just as much as you want to form a healthy, loving one. They had been highly annoyed at the situation because this guy completely hogged my time (and I allowed it); whereas, after the relationship ended, it was like blinders fell from my eyes. During your time apart you've both changed, so this is truly going to be a new relationship, not a continuation of the old one. It's better to take the time to get to know each other again and discover who you've each become in your time apart. In this column Shoshana will explore ways to improve your current relationships with friends and family and discover ways to form strong relationships with new people that come into your lives.
I can remember crying and declaring to a boy that I would wait for him… and I can remember a boy hiding under an underpass and chasing me home one night after we broke up. During the few months we were together, my friends could see that he was using me and that something just wasn’t right with him. If one or both of you hasn't let go of your past together, your new relationship will be in trouble from the start. If you're able to do that you stand a good chance of making things work the second time around.

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