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Creative tourism implies more than the simple search for niche markets in the broader field of cultural tourism. In the network society, value is collectively created through relationships and the circulation of relational and other forms of capital through networks. Creative tourism is a form of networked tourism, which depends on the ability of producers and consumers to relate to each other and to generate value from their encounters.
Well, I’ve never thought of myself as a “cool hunter” but hopefully there’ll be more of us soon see: learning how to make Pisco Sour, a famous Latin-American drink, in Chile! Creative tourism appears therefore as a key development option for various reasons and can serve distinctive objectives.

One example of this is in the Special Issue by Florencia Cueto Pedrotti, which takes the Saint James Way as a potential space for combining co-creation and experiential learning. Caroline Couret describes the Barcelona Creative Tourism platform, which is a model based largely on the development of artistic links between locals and visitors. Creative tourists are “cool hunters” in search of creative “hot-spots” where their own creativity can feed and be fed by the creativity of those they visit. It responds to the need for tourism to re-invent itself as well as to the need for destinations to do something different in a saturated market.
She outlines how creative tourism experiences can be developed along the cultural route, providing opportunities for tourism and hospitality students to learn interactively through creative engagement with local people.

The Barcelona experience was also inspirational in the founding of the international creative tourism network, which now includes Barcelona, Rome and Paris, among other members.
It can also meet the desire of tourists for more fulfilling and meaningful experiences, as described by “experiential tourism”.
Valery Gordin and Marina Matetskaya examine the urban spaces ofSaint Petersburg in order to identify new trends and approaches in the creative tourism sector.

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