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I'm working on a small uni database project, I would like to know if my ER design is good enough for me to move on to further steps. Further steps involve: Translating ER to Relational diagram, and basically implement it as a database for a database application, in which user can search and browse stuff through an interface.
Models: each brand offers several models (for example, Buick’s models are the Enclave, LaCrosse, and Lucerne, and Mercury’s models are the Mariner, Milan, Sable, and Grand Marquis). Dealers and customers: dealers buy vehicles from the manufacturer and sell them to customers. You should consider the Party Model as you might sell to employees, buy from Customers, etc.
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Diagram 1) shows an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) for a Logical view and Diagram 2) shows an ERD for a Physical View.
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Lots of stuff is encoded in real VINs (they are well described on Wikipedia), but you can just make them up if you want. The product is the thing you sell (just the specification of a car, with a model number), and the Asset is the thing the customer drives away in (it has a VIN). Little did I know that I'll be meeting my first, last, only boyfriend, and future husband in that seminar.
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