There are at three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, mentioned in the early martyrologies for the date of February 14th. Almost nothing is known about any of these early Christian men — except that they died for the love of Christ! The Golden Legend, a medieval book of stories about saints, says that Valentine, a priest, was imprisioned by the emperor Claudius II for leading people to Christ. According to legend, while awaiting execution, he wrote notes of instruction, affection and encouragement to the Christian community in Rome, which were secretly delivered by a boy who visited him in prison. It is ironic that a Roman Christian who died defending the faith is now chiefly associated with a pagan god, Cupid! Whether you're five or fifty, sending valentines to the people you love is a fun thing to do.

Christian Life Quotes Wallpaper - Free Large Images Download Free HD Wallpapers, New Image Galleries Categories 3D 386 Celebrations 121 Clip Arts 112 Color Backgrounds 3 Coloring Pages 163 Flags 83 Funny Memes 14 Good Morning & Night 2 Happy Birthday 27 Holiday 40 Letters 2 Logos 82 Maps 87 Months 16 Quotes 29 Recent Updated Love Quotes French Bulldog Olivia Wilde Chocolate Chocolate happy birthday happy birthday cake Grumpy Cat World birthday wishes Popular Wallpapers Happy birthday 2016 calendar Facebook logo Calendar 2015 Vector Christian Life Quotes Wallpaper We provides wide range Christian Life Quotes Wallpaper for free here. Both apparently were martyred in the second half of the third century and buried at different places on the Flaminian Way outside of Rome.
The literature of the fourteenth and fifteenth-century in both France and England contain allusions to this practice. In Roman mythology, Cupid, the son of Venus, was a winged immortal who had the mischievous habit of shooting invisible arrows into the hearts of mortals, which inflamed them with blind and helpless passion — for the next person they might see.
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The officer, who had a blind daughter, challenged Valentine to pray to Christ for her cure.

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