Japan is already well-known for being the place where you can rent a human being for pretty much any occasion. So the latest type of rentable person should come as no surprise: hot guys to cry with you and wipe away your tears. Herea€™s how it works: All of the guys that work for Ikemeso are licensed in a€?therapeutic crying,a€? so their job is to make you and the rest of your coworkers feel good by letting out all those pent-up tears.
After the video is over, the guy will personally wipe the tears away with a cloth from anyone who needs it. Ikemeso will start its tear-inducing services on September 24, so if youa€™re in need of a good cry or a gentle wiping, be sure to book your guy right away. The thing is, despite 'zenbei' (America-wide) in its name, this association appears not to even exist in the U.S.
Rented humans only offer limited services so buying a pet, although very expensive, would be a better idea in the long run.
You pick out your favorite guy, he comes to your workplace, and then has everybody watch a video meant to induce crying. No its because the guys have no balance & would crash into the ladies noodle or the wall behind them LOL!! Funny article, I don't even know why they need to be covered, to make readers laugh or what.

The Hot Tug (brainchild of Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn) has a wood-fired heater, and the underwater stove heats the water to a toasty 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius).
Therea€™s rentable boyfriends, girlfriends, and even middle-aged dudes to dispense relationship advice. Ladies, are you ready for a stress-relieving cry and a good-looking dude with immaculate hands to dab your eyes with a cloth? At the moment it only seems like they service groups of company workers, but we imagine it wona€™t be long before getting an Ikemeso dude to attend your birthday party or wedding will be the trendiest new fad.
Therea€™s something wrong with Nagoya Stationa€™s Nana-chan—Always wanted to try a romantic Kabe-don?
Heck, why bother trying to make your life better or getting rid of the root problems of stress and loneliness when you can 'rent' relief for a few minutes? There is no fear of fire breaking out- the stainless exterior of the stove is cool to the touch – cooled by the water it heats! Ita€™s believed that seeing everyone together in such a a€?natural and honesta€? state will improve communication and lead to better morale overall. The website doesna€™t provide any more details at this time, but since everything described so far comes at the low price of 7,900 yen, we can guess therea€™s probably not much else included. Or cruising out of the port of Rotterdam – or north of Amsterdam in the charming town of IJlst?

You can float down the river in the winter, with a cold drink in your hand and enjoy the warmth! And after they finish, I'd probably have to wipe the poor namida-kun and drive him back to his Mum's. The Hot Tug contains 1800 liters of water – just over 475 gallons (which is typical for a stationary hot tub this size).
There is no worry of fire breaking out- the stainless exterior of the stove is cool to the touch – cooled by the water it heats!
You can float down the river in the winter, with a cold drink in your hand and get pleasure from the warmth! The Hot Tug consists of 1800 liters of water – just more than 475 gallons (which is common for a stationary hot tub this size).

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