Top Websites to Download and Use Royalty Free Images 0Top Websites to Download and Use Royalty Free Images Distraction Free Mode If you are always active into blogging, web designing and other online projects, you must frequently be on the hunt for high resolution and quality images.
Purple Planet – Free Collection of Royalty Free Music available for immediate download. Royalty Free Production Music – These music tracks are free for you to use in your projects be it commercial or non-commercial.
Stock Music Boutique – Explore the library of high quality royalty-free production music. Audio Blocks – Subscription based resource providing UNLIMITED downloads of royalty-free production music, sound effects, and loops.
In a nutshell Royalty Free Music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired. Create a Website Today – If you sell music, products, or offer a service, having a website is a must.
CreativeDubs provides you only with exceptionally selected, top Creative Commons licensed or royalty free music tracks, from talented artists who want to share their creative work.
Music breaks the language barrier and often can be appreciated by people from many different languages. If you want to use music by a well-known artist without paying licensing fees then check out Moby Gratis. Partners In Rhyme has got all sorts of great stuff, from free music loops to sound effects, midi files and more. When content falls into the public domain it means that there are no longer any intellectual property rights attached to them, either because the rights have expired or been forfeited. Musopen is another free site that, like Public Domain 4U, provides music that has the copyright expired.
Finally, Beatpick offers a great selection of licensed music and if you are using it in a non-commercial or non-profit production it’s free. I saw your post regarding free audio and thought I would add a few sites with free royalty free music and sound effects.

On this page there is a collection of free royalty free music loops that are perfect of idents, stings or background music behind a voice-over. Earlier our author sridhar belide has writen about 5 websites to download free stock photos.
In articles it help encourage readership; on websites it make readers focus on where we want them to. Here’s 30+ websites that provides stock photo and royalty free images, not all are free but definitely worth a visit. The site was created by composer Kevin MacLeod and has tons of music, categorized by genre and feel. You can use his songs for free in your project provided you link to his site or credit him in your video.
Some of the royalty free music on Partners In Rhyme costs money, but they’ve got a selection of free music loops and full-length tracks for free download as well. Public domain music, video and other content can be used in any way, including in your online videos. On the site’s about page they say, “We provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions.” At Musopen you can browse music by composer, performer, instrument, period or form. Here I am giving you websites list from which You can download photos, graphic vectors, clip art images, illustrations and videos also. All images and videos on pixabay are released free of copyright under creative commerce CCO license. In the site’s FAQ you’ll see that the music on the site is free to use for your video soundtrack.
However, a lot of it is labeled as “FREE” and can be easily downloaded and added to your video production.
Just keep in mind that some creative commons licenses may require that you give credit to the source within your video. All they ask is that if you use their tracks you link back to their site or list them in your credits.

A lot of the music is old (music from the early 1900s is now in the public domain if copyright was never renewed), but there is also more modern music that is free with artist permission. DreamstimeDreamstime is another popular destination to download very high quality stock images for free.
You can use every photo as you like without mentioning source or without giving attribution. My favorite music on this particular site are the tracks in the Silent Film Score section, but you can find all sorts of great stuff from horror soundtracks to polka, rock, pop and everything in between. Their collection is very huge and you can surely find a gem photograph in the big collection.
If you download any image from any one of the first 3 websites in below list, you need not to check for attribution and license. StockVaultStockvault is a fresh face in the league of websites that provide free stock photos suited for a large category of needs.
RgbstockRgb provides completely free stock images for both – personal and commercial use.
PhotogenPhotogen is another promising and new website that offers lots of different stock images for free.
TwitcapsTwitcaps is photo service built around Twitter to search and find photos that are uploaded in real time by Twitter users. More PostsPost navigation Windows 8 Runs on over 4.69% PCs WorldwideOriginal Angry Birds now Free from Windows Phone Store, Until 15th of May !

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