So in June 2008, more than two years after an internal policy group first started considering it, ICANN’s board approved recommendations to create a fourth set of new gTLDs. In June 2012, ICANN announced it had received a total of 1,930 applications for 1,410 unique domains from about 1,000 different entities. But once the initial investment has been recouped, the profits, in theory at least, can be enormous. Advocates of new gTLDs also point to Juan Diego Calle, who won a contract from the government of Colombia to run its country domain, .co, in 2009. Yet the story of .co may prove more about the power of marketing than the need for more domains. Another much-touted benefit of having more TLDs is that it will make it easier for search engines to find websites.
Meanwhile, there are also three main arguments against expanding the web’s naming system. The third argument is that web addresses have become meaningless, not least because of the increasing use of URL shorteners like
To critics, that means the consolidation of the new web in the hands of the biggest players. Real-estate and infrastructure metaphors are to be found everywhere in the world of domains. But it is not a wide-open public beach that Namazi sees at the end the highway; it is beachfront property with a land title. Correction (Jan 22): An earlier version of this story misstated the availability of registering domain names in non-Latin scripts.
Alina got rewarded with 5 awards at the European Championships and 2 awards in the World Championships.
There is a rumour that during Alina’s childhood, some coaches didn’t believe in her success due to her not typical body shape for a rhythmic gymnast.

It could even mean an end to the increasingly silly names new businesses have to adopt just so they can secure a memorable web address. Rather than planning extensive consultations about what they should be, this time ICANN allowed the market to decide.
Of the 1,930 applications, 751 names are contested by 231 applicants, which in the case of non-trademarked names will be decided by auction.
Namazi told Quartz that the organization is currently approving applications for new gTLDs at a rate of 20 every week. In addition to the $185,000 application fee to ICANN, the cost of lawyers, research, traveling to ICANN conferences, and other administrative expenses brings the total cost of an application up to about $1 million, according to one applicant. ICANN takes a cut of 25 cents per second-level domain sold, plus extra fees every quarter and every year. People will click on any old rubbish without noticing or caring what the actual web address is. Namazi describes the changes as a “time for us to now to go from a two-lane highway that took us to this beautiful beachfront property to a multitude of roads that take us there.
The infrastructure of the internet is rarely a sexy subject, except when it breaks spectacularly. Anybody could apply to run a new domain, so long as they met certain requirements and coughed up a $185,000 application fee.
Daniel Negari, a 28-year-old American who made his first fortune selling real estate, is planning to make .xyz a generic domain name that anyone can put at the end of any website. A survey by another applicant found that 45% of small businesses in the US do not have a website or blog and that half of those who do aren’t satisfied with the ones they have. However, Matt Cutts, who works on search quality and webspam at Google, has publicly denounced the notion. But in cases where several applicants have claims on a gTLD, the only way to resolve the dispute is through an auction, which smaller competitors will almost certainly lose.

It also incorrectly equated a domain name with a web address, when it is, rather, part of a web address. 4, anybody will be able to create and start running a website on the first of the new domains. Proponents argue that it will benefit people and businesses (small ones especially) by giving them more addresses to choose from. But trademark-holders are already allowed to register, and some sites may start going live in a matter of days. Negari thinks he can sell a million second-level domains in his first year of operation, at a price of less than $10 each. None of the niche names will ever be big on their own, says Mike McLaughlin of GoDaddy, but together they will drive substantial sales. It’s a known fact that most of the sport professionals start training at a really young age. The number of alphabets in which you can create a web address will be at least a dozen including Chinese and Arabic.
Critics call it a massive land grab by both entrepreneurs and some of the world’s most powerful internet companies. During her adolescence, Alina moved to Russia where she received most of recognition and her professional success in the field of gymnastics.

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