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Understand PowerPoint Sales or Marketing Funnel and its application in business presentations. While most sales reports show ‘units of sales’ or ‘volume of sales achieved’, they don’t show the effectiveness of sales conversion achieved by different sales people. Imagine having a dashboard that includes PowerPoint sales funnel charts along with the usual sales reports. The pack has more than 320 business relevant data driven chart templates that are professionally designed by experts.
Why waste time creating your charts from the scratch, when you have such a high quality resource available off the shelf? Process the data with our Business Network Presentation Examples With Choices Arrows Sales Ppt Template Powerpoint.

We are proud to present our business network presentation examples with choices arrows sales ppt template powerpoint. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
This basic flow chart diagram can be used to explain sequence of any process for business or sales. Discover some useful readymade data driven templates in PowerPoint that depict the concept. In this article, you will discover ideas to visually represent sales conversion ratios of different sales people using data driven PowerPoint Chart templates.
The pack covers every chart type imaginable, and is a comprehensive and essential resource for any manager. Select the shape to change the color and Right click the object( click any object which you want to change color)2.

If you are a busy business presenter, who is hard pressed for time, we have an elegant solution for you. You can create memorable and attractive PowerPoint presentations with this professionally designed slide. Choose “Fill” in the Format Shape box then “Solid” or “Gradient” depending on the appearance of the object.

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