Over the years, I have trained hundreds of salespeople from many OCS, water services and vending companies. One of the unknowns is that I never know how hard an individual works, what they know about OCS and how smart they work, from the first introduction.
The real evaluation comes when they make a full presentation in front of their peers, after going through my training seminar. After each presentation, all the evaluations are read to the presenting salesperson, so that they know what has to be worked on to improve their OCS sales skills in order to sell more effectively. It may be necessary to evaluate a presentation before presenting it to the audience out there. Instead of creating a form from scratch, simply browse through the templates available, download free and customize for personal use then use for your presentation evaluation. What I do see on my first impression is how well dressed they are, how personally groomed they are, how friendly they are to me and how they communicate verbally to those around them.

Those who scored high are the ones who usually were the most successful in selling OCS when they were in the field. He founded Coffee Sip in 1968 and after 22 years merged it with Dell Coffee, of which he became president in 1991. The best thing to do therefore after you are done making the presentation is to consult with the review team in the organization and have the presentation reviewed before the actual presentation day. It is important that you focus on core details so that you do not leave out anything important. I have always tried to figure out which salespeople in a company that I am visiting are the best and which are the worst producers.
It is important for each to evaluate all the others, because ita€™s reinforcement to them to stress the positives that they see, and to recognize and avoid the negatives they observe as well. There are sample presentation Evaluation Plan forms that you can use to conduct the evaluation, and finally end up with the correct data as necessary.

Rashkin is also a founder and officer of Eastern Coffee Service Association and National Beverage Products Association. His industry honors include NCSA's (now NAMA) Silver Service Award and NBPA's Lifetime Achievement Award; he was inducted into NBPA's Hall of Fame in 1996.
He is a frequent speaker at national and local trade conferences, consults on OCS sales and marketing and has is the author of two OCS training programs.

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