We’ve heard this approach defended by so-called presentation “gurus” who claim that presenters need to build credibility before launching into the main part of a presentation, and that attention levels don’t peak until a few minutes into a presentation, and so the start should be padded with mundane material. Firstly, in many situations the presenter has credibility to start with – or at least her organisation does.
Second, credibility is gained by having something interesting to say, not just by going on about your company in an entirely predictable way. Third, attention levels don’t follow a path independent of the presenter – they won’t climb to a peak if a presenter pads the start of a presentation with boring information – they will fall rapidly. For example, at BrightCarbon, we talk about the hidden cost of poor sales presentations – not just in terms of lost deals, but in terms of the time wasted by sales people creating slides that aren’t very good, and the time wasted by marketing providing slides that don’t get used by sales.
This approach makes prospects receptive to new ideas – particularly if the reason that what they are doing now doesn’t work is put down to a change in the environment in which they operate – and not their own stupidity. A little while ago, I attended a conference called LinkLove in London, organised by Distilled. We’ve had a few customers find us via search engines, and that has persuaded us that a website that people can find is worth investing in.
I cared enough to attend LinkLove, but I haven’t really succeeded within BrightCarbon in getting everyone to create content or spend time engaging with our web presence.
I came away from LinkLove and then went on holiday a few days later – just by coincidence of scheduling.
As the person running a lot of things here, I was never quite going to have enough spare time to do everything I wanted. I think perhaps as an opportunity to get new staff working with clients, Distilled offered slots for delegates to receive advice on their sites. In some ways, the most useful contact I made at LinkLove helped BrightCarbon for reasons completely unrelated to SEO. Most people at a top-tier SEO conference work as SEO professionals – either at agencies or in-house. SEO has always had a reputation as being a bit impenetrable, but marketing for a small business is critical. Most of the time, an introduction doesn’t need a slide explaining who your company is, or who you are. A sales presentation introduction should build your credibility when it becomes apparent that you have something interesting to say about the prospect’s situation, and can offer insight that may help them run their business more effectively. Sales presentations don’t usually need to start with slides about your company history, financial performance, structure, locations, product evolution, Top 100 awards, and clients.
If presenting a complex solution, consider a couple of overview slides towards the end of the introduction, to be placed after you have looked at the challenges the prospect faces and the implications of those challenges.
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I was born on April 26th, 1980 in Chicago to Maudie and Richard Garrett at Cook County Hospital.
I graduated in 2010 with an associates degree in Information Technology, at the age of thirty . The introduction in a sales presentation is typically too long – and focused almost entirely on the history, size, leadership team, and financial metrics, of the presenter’s company.
After the introduction that goes on for too long, a standard sales presentation then looks at features, often in a somewhat haphazard way. Again, this feature-centric way of presenting information is focused on the product, and not the audience’s needs.
Those sales presentations that do make the structure visible – by using agendas – usually make the mistake of using headings that mean more to the presenter than the audience, or that are so dry that they do absolutely nothing to help sell. The penultimate slide in a typical sales presentation is called something like ‘benefits’ or ‘summary’, and attempts to describe what’s in it for the audience. Then, finally, instead of a closing slide or clear next step, a rather flat ‘Any Questions’ slide, just hanging there to allow sales reps a way out of having to ask for the business. So, that’s an outline of the typical structure of a sales presentation; too long, too hard to follow, and not built around the audience’s concerns. The introduction ought to build credibility – but the way to do that is by showing that you understand the prospect’s challenges, that actually the standard ways of meeting these challenges don’t work, and that the prospect may need to do things differently.
After looking at the challenges your prospect is (most likely) facing, you need to introduce the benefits of working with your company. This helps in two ways – first, the advantages or benefits are stated early enough to be noticed, and second, the agenda is now audience-focused, not product focused. If you need to convince your prospects to do things in a different way (Why change) and to do them with you (Why us) there are two approaches. The content that describes features in a typical sales presentation needs to be reworked to be effective. 4 Addressing the Issues The Challenge: A vanguard of colleges has begun to grapple with the problem and is winning what amount to big productivity gains through technology. 9 The Networked Learning Environment A true networked learning environment exists when any student or teacher can: –view instructional content –collaborate with educators –evaluate academic performance –access any learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives. 10 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY TIME SUPPORTEDSTRATEGICTRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 Course web sites Commercial enterprise course management system Online courses, organisations and institutional services integrated with back-office systems A full online campus with learning communities and shared digital content resources When any student or teacher can view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance and access learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives. 14 Enables institutions to connect users to vibrant online communities, deliver targetted content to diverse user groups and incorporate e-Commerce in the learning experience. 17 Anytime, Anywhere Access: Multi-Institution Branding and Management Each schools can be given their own domain and look-and-feel Each department can be given their own domain and look-and-feel Each group can be given their own domain and look-and-feel. 24 Anytime, Anywhere Access: Building Blocks (Open APIs) Free software development kit (SDK) Documented application programming interfaces (APIs).
27 Access to High Quality Content: Role-based Information Delivery An undergraduate student, a faculty member, or faculty on another campus. 28 Student Centred Learning: Community Building Tools Campus organisations Student or faculty associations Community website creation Community communications Development and management can be assigned to individual users or groups. 30 Implementation (Design, Develop, & Test) Technical infrastructure System integration Training Support Marketing and promotion Customisations System admin. 31 Technical infrastructure System integration Training Support Marketing and promotion Customisations System admin.

34 Blackboard Services: Training Blackboard Community System Administration –Reviews the portal-related tools and settings accessible through the System Control Panel and describes the distributed administration features of the application as well as the procedures for managing roles, assigning tabs and importing and exporting portal modules. That means encouraging reps to stop playing 20 questions, stop talking about the size of their company, and start challenging prospects to see the world in new ways. Add in an emotional element that makes people really feel the problems that you are talking about – the time they wasted late at night – and you start your sales presentations far more effectively than competitors who are still banging on about the compound annual growth rate in their turnover.
But, being honest, I think BrightCarbon could have benefited a lot more if I had done some things differently. If SEO is important to your company, and you want to understand the subject, an SEO conference is a great place to go.
This was a far more serious opportunity than I realised – with a bunch of communication beforehand, time to talk at the conference, and a completed report sent out a few days later. A mixture of things we can do immediately, things we aspire to be able to do, and stuff that was interesting but not practically relevant to our company.
I think many SEO conferences can get overwhelming for small business owners because there is so much you could do (if only you had the time). Based on the level of experience of the attendee, that list might be just a few items to a few dozen, but definitely should be identified (I recommend on the trip home or even between sessions). But yes, identifying the need to make an effort, and actually knowing where to start are pretty different.
You only need this if  (a) people don’t already know (b) they might doubt your credibility if you don’t say something about who you are.
They feel customers don’t understand that they offer a complete range of solutions, they feel as if people know them for only one or two areas, when in fact they are active in more.
If these items are differentiators, then they really ought to fit within the value proposition, not the introduction. This allows the value proposition to be introduced after the prospect already knows what it is that you are talking about, and makes it easier for them to understand your pitch.
Early on I cried a lot, due to the fact I really missed my neighborhood in Chicago, plus all the rest of my family were still there. As with most of you, I was your typical teenage boy, I played football and baseball, was part of many activities. As a father of four, I spend a lot of time raising my children, which doesn’t leave me much time for anything else. Then, the introduction ought to shape the prospect’s way of seeing things so that when they think about the capabilities they are looking for, their thinking is aligned to your offering. The benefit slide ought to move from the end, to be used as an agenda that’s shown as we segue between sections. Instead of using every advantage of benefit as an agenda with far too many parts, create a clear hierarchy, and divide your presentation into 3-5 sections. Either use two sets of segue slides – the first looking at why change, and the second looking at why us; or, extend the introduction and look at why change in that section, and then only use a single set of segue slides to answer the question Why Us?
The features and advantages need to be closely linked to the needs and requirements of the audience. Not ‘Any Questions?’ but a slide summarising the value proposition, and then another slide with a very clear recommendation of what should happen next.
I have been making sales presentations for over 10 years, and what has consistently worked for me is a variation of your outline.
You aren’t necessarily trying to persuade them that the product is great, only that they should stock it.
At the 63,000-student Dallas County Community College District in Texas, a 12% budget cut is making it tough to provide enough classes to meet a 20% jump in enrollment since 2001. Blackboard Community System Essentials –Provides educators, administrators and students with all the knowledge required to build online communities, manage information exchange and deliver portal-based information and services.
Slide two contains four or five bullet points about the company that’s presenting – size, number of employees, years in business, and possibly offices on a map. Not everyone is selling cleaning products door-to-door, and not everyone is pitching their new start-up idea. Explain why something is an important issue, and why current attempts to solve the problem don’t’ work and won’t work. By doing this, we start an interesting conversation with prospects – we think – and get them thinking in new ways. But if they say the wrong things, in the wrong way – definitely, you are better off without them. Sign up for our free online PowerPoint course and learn to make compelling visual presentations. You meet helpful people, get immersed in the subject matter, and understand how making a success of SEO can involve more fundamental (i.e. Contacting people, connecting on LinkedIn, following up on ideas for collaboration – all became harder to do two weeks later.
I think a few fields are converging around the idea that companies should do interesting and valuable stuff to get noticed by potential customers or influencers. It feels like the distinctions between SEO and content marketing and demand generation more generally are somewhat artificial, and may start to melt away. People were all just super-helpful, in terms of suggesting people I should speak to, things I should look at, ideas I should be exposed to. But of course hearing good advice and acting on it are different – so think hard about how you will actually get stuff done. It’s great to meet some of the experts in real life and talk about experiences and perspective. You can download and use this free sales PPT template to make presentations for business clients to sell your company’s products or services. There are plenty of clueless salespeople from large companies, and there are also many small companies who are able to deliver insight and value for their customers. If you are a tiny company you might want to build credibility, or if you have new people coming in to a decision making process late you might want to re-establish credibility. Showing a divisional chart and pie-charts demonstrating that 23% of sales actually come from professional services isn’t the answer though.

If they are “table stakes” – something you need to have to be considered, but not differentiators among those who do indeed have them, then they might fit into the introduction. My mother experienced a coma during my delivery, and this had a profound effect on me as a newborn, due to the fact I had to go live with my maternal grandmother for nine months and didn’t recognize her when she later came out of the coma, which left me wanting my grandmother all the time, whom I thought was my mother. But the greatest experience I received in high school, is the amount of lifelong friendships that have withstood the test of my lifetime. This benefit slide ought to be written to answer the key question around which the sales presentation revolves – Why Change? That means using each slide to tell the story set out by the key sales messages in your agenda slide – answering the question Why Change? Arguments might be around meeting an unmet need, the promotional plans you have, etc (not in class, but in real-life). This workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of clients with both customised and non- customised portal implementations.
The next slide shows the divisions in the company, and perhaps highlights which part of the company we are now looking at. Some people just don’t need to build credibility – although strangely, often the biggest companies are the most prone to using this technique. Was it worthwhile, did our business benefit, and what would I suggest to other small business owners considering attending an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) conference? Other companies and consultants would be perfectly within reach of even a very small budget. Even if you are going to bring in an agency to help – being exposed to the mindset and ideas of search engine optimisation (and content marketing) might be pretty helpful in terms of managing a relationship. The sales template has a simple layout with the title on the bottom of the slide (when the norm is to put the title on top of the slide, this template uses a different approach). Even then, if you start your sales presentation by offering genuine insight, information about your company can always come later.
Instead, talk about what the full range of solutions can do for customers, and the benefits of working with multiple parts of the same organisation. It was a culture shock at first, to come from the hustle and bustle of the third largest city in the U.S. In real life (not a course) one would rarely present a $5 product face-to-face to the consumer. There might be another level of internal detail, showing the main products offered by the division in question.
I wasn’t really interested in using search tool APIs for Enterprise Link Spam Analysis.
Successful sales presentations need to be built around what you can do for your customers, and that starts with the sales presentation introduction. We all can attest to this when I say that you will get friends for life during this period. Next comes a product slide, showing a list of key features that may or may not make sense to the uninitiated.
To be honest, it’s all I can do to look in our Moz account each week (and I never really find enough time to actually use the information I get, although I know I should). A successful teaching pitch in your introduction will be more useful than 5 minutes or more about your company history and office locations shown on a map.
One up North where the streets were clean and everyone seemed happy and the other on the South where poverty was prevalent and wide spread. Add in the fact that African Americans made up only about 8 percent of the populace was hard getting used to.
This was also the period in which I got in the most trouble from both inside and outside the house. Followed by the ubiquitous client logo slide, showing the 20 or so large companies that once did business with the presenter’s company. Coming from software development myself, I insisted all sales presentations should just demonstrate the product straight from a laptop. You need to be prepared to learn, to listen to some hard truths, and to admit that you have got to change.
Too many things to do are still floating about in my in tray, and not enough has actually happened.
This didn’t effect me as it did most kids my age because I knew no one was better than the anyone else. I started Kindergarten around this time as well and I would most times be either the only or one of a few African Americans in the class. And I found that education was secondary to my interests of partying all night and sleeping all day.
I end this Introduction of myself with a God Bless and may you achieve all you can in your life.
Everyone either owns a key-chain or knows many others that do; family, friends, professors, employers, or just people that you interact with on a daily basis. I graduated in 1998 from Memorial High School, this was one of my most proud moments, because not only was I done with school at that time, but it also meant I would be moving out of my parents house soon, which brings us to the next chapter. I was 24 years old, when I met my wife Colleen, she was so beautiful to me, I had to have her. Can you offer some advice on a basic outline with key points that should be covered for presenting this product?
So my father finished getting his CDL and decided to move to Madison, Wisconsin to find a better opportunity in life. Later on we moved in together and eventually had 4 Children, Kya, Kaleelah, Junior, and Charlee. If so, do you have any particular basic PowerPoint models to recommend?Thanks for your advice.

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