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We’ve heard this approach defended by so-called presentation “gurus” who claim that presenters need to build credibility before launching into the main part of a presentation, and that attention levels don’t peak until a few minutes into a presentation, and so the start should be padded with mundane material. Firstly, in many situations the presenter has credibility to start with – or at least her organisation does.
Second, credibility is gained by having something interesting to say, not just by going on about your company in an entirely predictable way. Third, attention levels don’t follow a path independent of the presenter – they won’t climb to a peak if a presenter pads the start of a presentation with boring information – they will fall rapidly. For example, at BrightCarbon, we talk about the hidden cost of poor sales presentations – not just in terms of lost deals, but in terms of the time wasted by sales people creating slides that aren’t very good, and the time wasted by marketing providing slides that don’t get used by sales. This approach makes prospects receptive to new ideas – particularly if the reason that what they are doing now doesn’t work is put down to a change in the environment in which they operate – and not their own stupidity.
The Sales Dashboard Solution gives users the ability to use live data to drive dashboards that show sales performance in a wide variety of graphs. Important Informix customers and business partners spoke up to IBM and made clear, that IDS is their favorite technology, not DB2. That means encouraging reps to stop playing 20 questions, stop talking about the size of their company, and start challenging prospects to see the world in new ways.

Add in an emotional element that makes people really feel the problems that you are talking about – the time they wasted late at night – and you start your sales presentations far more effectively than competitors who are still banging on about the compound annual growth rate in their turnover. Dashboards allow you to capture and report specific data points from each department within the organization, thus providing a "snapshot" of performance. For those of us who were not able to attend the webcast, here is the presentation and a summary of the exiting news and facts discussed. An open beta is planned for the beginning of the next year, so everybody is able to download and test this release. Slide two contains four or five bullet points about the company that’s presenting – size, number of employees, years in business, and possibly offices on a map. Not everyone is selling cleaning products door-to-door, and not everyone is pitching their new start-up idea. Explain why something is an important issue, and why current attempts to solve the problem don’t’ work and won’t work. By doing this, we start an interesting conversation with prospects – we think – and get them thinking in new ways. But if they say the wrong things, in the wrong way – definitely, you are better off without them. I will soon add a Cheetah Zone to this website to keep you informed about this breathtaking upcoming new IDS release.

The next slide shows the divisions in the company, and perhaps highlights which part of the company we are now looking at.
Some people just don’t need to build credibility – although strangely, often the biggest companies are the most prone to using this technique.
There might be another level of internal detail, showing the main products offered by the division in question.
Next comes a product slide, showing a list of key features that may or may not make sense to the uninitiated. Followed by the ubiquitous client logo slide, showing the 20 or so large companies that once did business with the presenter’s company. Coming from software development myself, I insisted all sales presentations should just demonstrate the product straight from a laptop.

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