Small Vinyl Ring Binders are perfect for directories, employee manuals, instruction guides, software manuals and cookbooks. The Wraparound Vinyl Ring Binder has a vinyl flap with a Velcro closure that keeps all the contents in place and protected. We manufacture a range of competitively priced, quality stock products, all available for fast delivery. A4 and A5 white PVC presentation binders in a range of 2D, 4D and lever arch ring capacities. A4 and A5 frosted clear polypropylene binders and wallets are available in a range of rings and capacities.

Our stock products can be produced in other colours and specifications, please contact us for further information.
Silk screening or foil stamping your artwork can customize the quality French Calf or Suedene finish vinyl. These hospitality binders are constructed with French Calf or Suedene vinyl and sealed around solid 100pt chipboard. The quality French Calf or Suedene finish vinyl can be customized by silk-screening or foil stamping your artwork.
Just open up the back panel to create the easel stand and fold the front cover over toward the back.

The entrapment sheets are sealed over solid 100pt chipboard with a .008 crystal clear vinyl over top.

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