A very simple thing you can do to increase your small business sales is to start a customer rewards program. If you want to get the most out of this method, try starting a points system or another program that encourages repeat business. If you use the same sales pitch for every customer, regardless of that customer’s background and experiences, your pitch is not going to resonate.
You know from dealing with your clients on a regular basis what their needs are, so build your sales message around meeting those needs.
An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Angie Mansfield is a freelance writer covering a range of topics for small business owners.
Hi Derbhile, Great post and I particularly like your point about being upbeat about the economy. Very good to read, especially when we are in a time when a lot of small businesses a re struggling and feel that they are unable to competitively participate in a lot of current marketing strategies. Well if you want, I’d be happy to take you through a good micro brewery; you might quickly find a new taste bud or two! Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. This a must have guide for anyone contemplating the sales this year – how to survive them with Sale Savvy seasonal tips, as well as a comprehensive list of when the sales actually kick off in stores around the country. Here are the sales dates that have been released so far….Also just to note that Dundrum Town Centre will be open from 10am to 6pm on St Stephens Day. The Village of Palmetto Bay has an approved ordinance concerning garage sales within Village boundaries.
Garage sale applications may continue to be accepted and processed through noon Friday, but you will not receive a free posting here on the website. Veteran garage-sale enthusiast Judy Jones shares tips on how to make your next garage sale experience easier, safer, smarter, and more enjoyable -- whether you're the buyer or seller. All items inside of the home,  pottery barn furniture, restoration hardware furniture, patio furniture, bedrooms sets, dinning set, art and so much more. Furniture, patio set, jewelry, kitchen, vases, picture frames, many knick knacks, shoes, clothes, ladder, silverware and misc. Definition: A garage sale means the sale of personal property at the property on which the sale is occurring.
Permit Required: Prior to holding a garage sale, the property owner or tenant shall obtain a permit. Merchandise Display: Merchandise to be sold at a garage sale shall be displayed in a garage, carport, private driveway, or yard. COUNCIL MEMBER CUNNINGHAM hosts students of the Cutler Bay Academy for Advanced Studies at Village Hall. Sales professionals are largely the public face of a company or organizations and people judge the company by seeing the sales personnel. The most important quality to become a successful sales professional is to have the knack of establishing a good rapport with others. Customers warm up to sales people who display proper behavior like being cordial, polite, humorous without being overly so,disciplined and so on.
A positive mental attitude can spur sales due to the commitment, discipline and encouragement it brings.
It’s not the ability to laugh but an attitude to see the brighter and lighter side of things, and a precursor for a successful working career. This becomes important for sales people to actually perform according to what you profess, with a set of clear cut goals and targets which as a sales person you are driven to achieve. It’s about following and pursuing goals seriously with focus and irrespective of personal feelings and other issues. This is not being bogged down by failures but using each failed attempt as a stepping stone to success.
The body language of the sales person reflects his character and personality, which must appeal to a potential customer rather than put him off.
This is crucial for a salesman since companies form policies and adopt strategies based on the information gathered by them. This helps in being prepared to meet challenges with a ready action plan and correct measures to avoid a dip in sales or any reflection of poor performance. This becomes important to ensure that clients’ needs are met and common goals are kept in mind, even if it means taking harsh steps. These few tips will help sales professionals rediscover themselves and find where they are lacking, and changing themselves will change the results of the company they work for.

Neil is currently plying his trade as head of marketing for eMobileScan, a technology company specializing in offering their customers a tool set that will help to increase the productivity of their workforce. As a salesman, it is very important to reckon the needs of your client and provide him what he actually wants. People usually get confused when they have lots of varieties to choose from so they get afraid of making the wrong decision and are hesitant to buy anything from the selection of varieties that you present them.
Your sales will dramatically fall if you are unable to close a deal in first or subsequent visit of a customer.
To get more clear, I would say that, if a company is not providing its salesmen the powerful tool of inducing motivation in potential customers by not giving them a reason to buy today, then it cripples the sales force and the efforts of sales persons won’t be effective. You should reassure that you completely get the picture of the type of the prospect’s problem and you sincerely give him an economical solution. If the prospect has queries, he is curious whether you have enough knowledge and proficiency to satisfy his concerns and you can effectively handle any kind of circumstance that may arise.
It usually happens that people sometimes are hesitant in sharing their objections with you and give vague responses. It is the point when iron is hot and you should strike it and get the prospect buy the stuff. These 5 steps can really help you in closing the sale and you can easily turn the prospects into buyers. You will need to use unique links (the Google Analytics URL Builder is a fantastic tool for this) in your blog to track the blog’s and specific entries’ effectiveness over time.
Comparison blog entries readily translate into sales because they highlight the differences between two competitors. Remember that your product or service must not just have features, but be able to solve problems.
Sometimes people don’t use a product properly and this leads to negative customer reviews on your website or on outside consumer review sites. Web surfers are more likely to trust “people like me” versus a company, so let your users help create compelling blog content. If your sales are lagging, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new marketing campaign just yet, here are a few easy things you can try. This lets your customers know you value them, and gives them a great incentive to keep coming back – and to bring their friends. One great way to keep your existing client base happy is to follow up with them after they’ve bought a product or service from you.
Some prospective clients need a little time to think things over, but may not get back in touch with you on their own.
Instead, work with your sales staff to come up with a personalized message for your customers.
This machine gives you more value for your money, with an all-steel construction that will last a lifetime. Tell your client how your business can make his or her life easier, and you’re one step closer to making a sale. Happy customers should have no problem with recommending your product or service to their friends and family. By tweaking your current sales methods and getting your customers working for you, you can boost your bottom line without a dramatic increase in your marketing budget. One I’d add is exceptional customer service, which for me is one of the best sales tools there is.
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Don’t just buy something that’s in trend now if it’s going to be out in 2011 as you won’t get any wear out of it.
Also wear comfortable clothes that you can easily put on and take off when you’re in the change rooms.
Most people shop around 1-2pm so make sure you’re at the shops way before then so you’re not fighting the crowds off.
I bet some of you still have items in your wardrobe with sale tags on that have never been worn. For UK retailer websites the item is often cheaper online due to the unrealistic exchange rates they often use in their Irish branches of their shops.
The ordinance provides the rules and regulations for garage sales, including number of sales allowed per year, number and placement of advertising signs among others. Merchandise: Merchandise to be sold at a garage sale shall have been previously used or crafted and not belonging to a business entity.
They need to have the right personality traits, the correct mental make-up and attitude to be successful and help their company or division do better.

People skills are the only way a sales person can relate to a potential customer and hold his attention long enough to get the sale. Being positive means not being pulled down by a bad day, less sales or negative feedback, but instead makes the sales man think, feel and behave in a positive manner.
Humor is about being able to give others a reason to smile, be less serious and reserved and bring a ‘feel good’ feeling when other come in contact.
Thus an action oriented sales man will have his tasks for the day ready before hand, follow his plan, work to achieve his targets, and pursue success through hard work.
Not going astray or adopting a lackadaisical approach are all manifestations of self discipline. Being confident and self assured sends the right signals and the customer feels, here is a salesman who knows his work and his product and looks upon him not with hostility but with an inclination to hear him out. Taking notes, being sullen and only inclined to be heard rather than listening himself, are all indicative of a poor salesman since his body language is not right.
It is a good idea to consider performing a SWOT analysis of potential competition and evolving proper strategies to meet it head-on. His single minded focus has to be to define his minimum daily targets, adopting the Winning Edge strategy and pushing himself for one extra call, one last attempt, and one more task before calling it a day. The profession of selling is often misunderstood, sometimes maligned and continues to see massive change in recent years to the point that many now believe that selling as we know it will cease to exist very soon.
In other words, he spends as much time with prospects before they are ready to buy and then, when things happen, he’s the one they usually turn to. After judging the customer, the options provided should be constricted to a few best choices.
It is more convenient for prospects to delay the purchasing instead of buying it right away, as there is no rush. If you want a prospect to say yes to what your offer, then you should run a discounted promotional sale with a particular dead line, limiting the time for decisions. The main difference between the successful and not-so-successful organizations is that the successful ones always run special promos with deadlines. In fact, we will be moving the fence sitters who take a lot of time to decide with an unwilling behavior to buy certain products with alternatives.
There is more consent of the prospect and an intimate environment develops with great understanding between us. I think, there is nothing wrong if you straightaway ask, “Jack, I think that there is something that is bothering you. A blog entry that addresses the problem will go a long way to making people comfortable about buying the product. This lets them know that their satisfaction is important to you, and will lead to happier, more loyal customers.
By giving them a friendly call a week later, you increase your chances of making that sale. You can encourage this with referral rewards such as a discount for each person who hears about you through your customer.
Our bloggers have already been contacted as a result of something they have written on here, we continue provide a unique opportunity for business people to have a voice and our community ensure that that voice is heard. Owners wishing to have a garage sale must submit a permit application to the Department of Planning and Zoning.
Customers will buy only if they are able to warm up to the sales man, trust him and feel he is being honest with them. It is an innate instinct and makes others want to talk to you rather than avoid coming in contact, which they may, with a glum person.
For me, the traits that that define a professional salesperson are an ability to ask great questions and the ability to truly and actively listen to the answers. I find that when you are in the zone everything you hear and observe gets channelled into your task at hand if you are that type of person. Psychologically, every person tends to postpone certain verdicts that can be decided later.
It would also be handy to see the other side of the coin one day – what traits make for a not so good sales approach? Product or service news is often highlighted on web pages, but such items are also worthy of a blog entry (and a press release, too).

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