The introduction in a sales presentation is typically too long – and focused almost entirely on the history, size, leadership team, and financial metrics, of the presenter’s company. After the introduction that goes on for too long, a standard sales presentation then looks at features, often in a somewhat haphazard way. Again, this feature-centric way of presenting information is focused on the product, and not the audience’s needs.
Those sales presentations that do make the structure visible – by using agendas – usually make the mistake of using headings that mean more to the presenter than the audience, or that are so dry that they do absolutely nothing to help sell.
The penultimate slide in a typical sales presentation is called something like ‘benefits’ or ‘summary’, and attempts to describe what’s in it for the audience. Then, finally, instead of a closing slide or clear next step, a rather flat ‘Any Questions’ slide, just hanging there to allow sales reps a way out of having to ask for the business. So, that’s an outline of the typical structure of a sales presentation; too long, too hard to follow, and not built around the audience’s concerns. The introduction ought to build credibility – but the way to do that is by showing that you understand the prospect’s challenges, that actually the standard ways of meeting these challenges don’t work, and that the prospect may need to do things differently. After looking at the challenges your prospect is (most likely) facing, you need to introduce the benefits of working with your company.
This helps in two ways – first, the advantages or benefits are stated early enough to be noticed, and second, the agenda is now audience-focused, not product focused. If you need to convince your prospects to do things in a different way (Why change) and to do them with you (Why us) there are two approaches. The content that describes features in a typical sales presentation needs to be reworked to be effective. Businesses and individuals are pitched all-year-long by sleazy folks who just have one goal: close the sale, no matter what. You’re not gonna like it, but if you’re willing to start making some solid sales presentations that’ll help you generate more business, you’ll have to print the next sentence in your brain.
To help you with that, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the key elements of a highly effective sales presentation. If you don’t create value and clearly communicate it, why would people to care about what you have to say and do business with you? Your Value Proposition tells the reason why clients should turn to you over your competitors.
Communication expert Garr Reynolds says that the biggest element a story has is conflict (i.e. According to psychology professor Robert Cialdini, we prefer to say yes to those we know and like. Not every business pitch presentation is about a problem that needs to be dealt with, but many are. Now that you’ve identified and listed your customer’s problems, you’re going to break them down into solutions (i.e. Hey, I got a 15mbps high-speed internet that loads data at a phenomenal speed of 1.875 megabytes per second, isn’t that amazing?!!!!
Impress customers, get your message and value proposition across, close the sale and stand out in a crowded market. I am not telling you to ERASE your product features from your slides and just focus on the benefits they bring. For instance, let’s say you are a Conversion Optimization agency targeting e-commerce startups. We provide an insanely detailed analytics health checkup to identify where your website is leaking money, create specific treatments and run optimization tests in order to help you increase your revenue. Benefits [explain how your deliverable is going to help your client do something he wants to] .
We help you identify where your website is leaking money, create optimized treatments and run optimization tests in order to help you increase your revenue. Show your clients what you’re offering to do to help them achieve what they care about: be concrete (what you offer, to the point), specific (features) and provide value (benefits). According to Nielsen, testimonials & word of mouth are the driving force behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions. Order today and get free shipping.Free delivery on orders over $X   Free installation included with all premium packages. Pinpoint their burning desires, offer them deliverables that allow them to get the results they want, and you’ll be set to deliver a great sales presentation that will help you generate more business. New Business: Give a Great New Business Pitch Presentation (Video course, perfect if  you’re willing to uncover the secrets of pitches that win new business and apply them to YOUR company). An exquisitely detailed, take-you-by-the-hand online course on copywriting that’s jam-packed with proven advice, formulas and scripts you can use right now to write copy that sells and turn leads to paying customers. Forever being able to write copy that naturally connects with people, gets them excited and sells dramatically better than your competitors.

If this sounds good to you, click the image below to check out the Advanced Copywriting Strategies Course. PPTPOP’s free newsletter will send you actionable tricks to build persuasive pitches that grab attention + get you more of what you want (AKA sales). PPTPOP ?PPTPOP helps you to craft irresistible pitches that conquer the souls and wallets of your audience. About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Apparently ending your presentation with “Do you have any questions?” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Frank advises against using the phrases ‘in conclusion’, ‘to wrap it up’, or ‘the bottom line is’. Having facilitated over 3000 B2B demonstrations, this content is spot on!I would add make one addition, making sure you can reference all the areas that you and the prospect had made a connection on. Then, the introduction ought to shape the prospect’s way of seeing things so that when they think about the capabilities they are looking for, their thinking is aligned to your offering. The benefit slide ought to move from the end, to be used as an agenda that’s shown as we segue between sections.
Instead of using every advantage of benefit as an agenda with far too many parts, create a clear hierarchy, and divide your presentation into 3-5 sections. Either use two sets of segue slides – the first looking at why change, and the second looking at why us; or, extend the introduction and look at why change in that section, and then only use a single set of segue slides to answer the question Why Us? The features and advantages need to be closely linked to the needs and requirements of the audience. Not ‘Any Questions?’ but a slide summarising the value proposition, and then another slide with a very clear recommendation of what should happen next.
I have been making sales presentations for over 10 years, and what has consistently worked for me is a variation of your outline. You aren’t necessarily trying to persuade them that the product is great, only that they should stock it. So what happens next is predictable: we – the clients – politely say “we’ll be in touch”, run away, and never come back. If you’re a company, you don’t want any sales rep to tell you what you should do with your money – unless he brings rock-solid solutions to your problems.
Your Value Proposition should be a sentence that tells your prospects the reason they should buy from you and not your competitors. If you recall Airbnb’s first pitch deck example, you understand that the start up had deeply identified the pain points of its market before offering solutions that made sense. But guess what, many people have NO CLUE of what mbps is and how 1.875 megabytes can benefit to them.
You have to find a right balance which is to show prospects HOW your offerings are going to help them accomplish something they want to.
A call to action is a simple command that directs customers to take some sort of action (buy, sign up, or start a free trial). Cialdini distills years of research into a few critical principles that help you understand how to influence others and yourself. Bonus: The Non-Sucky Persuasion Toolkit that includes, in between other things, the 19 human desires that are responsible for more sales than all other human wants combined. Paris and currently living in Shanghai where I've spent the last 6 years shipping marketing strategies for big companies.
A bored audience is unlikely to lead to any sales, on the contrary, people may purchase your product simply because they might have been impressed a by a good sales presentation.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. Frank Carillo, President of ECG, a strategic communications consulting firm, recommends in this Selling Power article that you end with a strong call-to-action. We believe that it’s always a good idea to end any conversation with firm next steps; never has this been truer than at the end of a sales presentation. He suggests that not only does this type of ending lack impact, it might even turn your audience off.
If you’re in a face-to-face presentation, the conclusion is the spot where you want to stop being animated and stop moving around.
In that role, he serves the B2B sales and marketing community with premium content, posts, and ideas around various topics related to B2B sales. This benefit slide ought to be written to answer the key question around which the sales presentation revolves – Why Change? That means using each slide to tell the story set out by the key sales messages in your agenda slide – answering the question Why Change?

Arguments might be around meeting an unmet need, the promotional plans you have, etc (not in class, but in real-life). Sign up for our free online PowerPoint course and learn to make compelling visual presentations. They make a sales presentation and extensively use the world “we” to talk about their company, products and so on. Well, to present your team, you could humanize qualities of managers and employees or emphasize on what your staff loves to do, etc. An extremely detailed step-by-step system that helps you to get more clients and stand out in your industry. What you are going to do is package your offer in a way that shows how you solve your client problems and BENEFIT to them.
It’s the key to package an irresistible offer that is concrete, measurable and valuable for them.
Sign up here to learn how to build copy, pitches and presentations that persuade and make you more money.
One of the vital aspects of an effective sales presentation is the content and most of that can be sorted out easily with the help of an appropriate presentation template.1. In addition, he manages SalesStaff's social media presence, building a strong community of like-minded sales and marketing professionals. In real life (not a course) one would rarely present a $5 product face-to-face to the consumer. Easy to read, highly actionable and strongly recommended for  small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.
You can entice them to provide feedback on your website (via discounts, vouchers, contest to win “X”). To grab prospects attention and close more sales, you need to bring consistent, clear solutions to their problems. I don’t think that colloquialisms like this are too damaging, but they may lack a certain ‘oomph’. Whether you end with a story about one of your clients who realized huge benefits or a witty quip or quote that summarizes the benefits of your solution, end with a bang. Check out Made to Stick SUCCESs Model here and download the first chapter of their book here. Pitch An Idea PowerPoint TemplateAs the name suggests, this template comes with various sample slides with clipart, animations, charts and different flexible layouts to help you create presentations to pitch your ideas to an audience. Everyone either owns a key-chain or knows many others that do; family, friends, professors, employers, or just people that you interact with on a daily basis. Our site offers a free PowerPoint templates section where you can download all the free templates (currently, more than 7000).
This article is a review of Best PowerPoint Templates for Sales Presentations (free and premium). Sorry for any confusion or misleading.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Maybe it could be about how you came through for a client when that client really needed you. Can you offer some advice on a basic outline with key points that should be covered for presenting this product?
If so, do you have any particular basic PowerPoint models to recommend?Thanks for your advice.
Game Show PowerPoint TemplateOne of the best ways to engage your audience is to create a  game show like environment.
The Game Show PowerPoint Template comes with all the required tools that can help you create a Family Feud like game show environment to engage your audience. You can ask questions using the Game Show PowerPoint Template and give out product samples to winners to effectively generate interest regarding your product.7.
Sales Report PowerPoint TemplateThis template can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to project your sales stats to your boss or to create a sales presentation for an audience. The sample slides come with a well-balanced color layout, which is easy on the eyes and can help accommodate statistical data and graphs appropriately, as the background is light and does not have an overpowering effect on the added content. Salesmen PowerPoint TemplateThis is another flexible template which can be used for both reporting purposes and to create sales related presentations with a touch of humor.

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