The best sales professionals are able to reach their goals because of their ability to clearly convey points, eloquently express opinions, and persuade and influence prospects. Discover the essential keys to a great, impactful and persuasive presentation that most sales presentations lack? Based on proven feedback learning methodology, Sales Presentation Skills employs role playing and structured presentation templates to empower you with the ability to develop an effective and exciting presentation. Sales Presentation Skills was developed with leading experts in the presentation and communication fields. Unfortunately, sales representatives in nearly every field (car sales, insurance sales, door to door sales) have earned themselves a reputation.
When making an investment that is critical to the long-term success of your company, such as manufacturing ERP or MES software, you cana€™t afford to settle for the easy a€?Yes.a€? Recently, more and more ERP vendors are distracting prospects with showy demos and big discount offers without taking the time to properly examine the businesses they are wooing. I have personally seen this scenario too many times when prospects have come to us describing how their legacy ERP provider said yes, when the answer was really no, and now they are saddled with a system that does not perform as promised.
Now this wouldna€™t be a fair blog post if I didna€™t mention that the responsibility of finding good fitting software goes both ways. Business Process Needs Analysis: Before you begin researching new ERP vendors, make sure you have your everyday business process requirements for each department documented. References: Be sure to check references of companies in your specific industry that are using the version of the software you will be on. Development Partner: When custom development is necessary to solve a critical need, how open is the prospective ERP vendor to helping solve your problem? Find the ERP vendor that is honest in their evaluation of what they can offer your business and encourages open, realistic discussions regarding your expectations. There are many skills we can learn from successful individuals like Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs.
Voice tonality and body language are your most important tools to show confidence and passion.
Perfecting sales presentation skills takes time, but by following these few simple steps youa€™ll be on your way to successfully captivating audiences and potential customers.
Learn how to avoid the 10 biggest sales and marketing mistakes by downloading N5R's Developer's Guide!
N5R's goal is to help innovative real estate developers accelerate the world's transition from single family homes to more efficient and sustainable multi-family residences with a full range of powerful and proven sales and marketing strategies powered by technology. One of the slides from a recent presentation I designed for a corporations quarterly report.
Apparently ending your presentation with “Do you have any questions?” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Frank advises against using the phrases ‘in conclusion’, ‘to wrap it up’, or ‘the bottom line is’. Having facilitated over 3000 B2B demonstrations, this content is spot on!I would add make one addition, making sure you can reference all the areas that you and the prospect had made a connection on.

I worked closely with sales and product management to fuse messaging and brand into a clean design that easily conveyed the company’s value. They have become known as a€?Yesa€? men (or women), known for saying a€?Yesa€? to anything you need, regardless if it is possible or not, in order to close the sale and move on. The result of these grand promises is a poor fit and the unsuspecting companies become victims of bait and switch (and you can Google the ERP lawsuits to prove it). They were forced to change their processes and sink a lot of money into customization before deciding to scrap the system altogether and search for a better solution.
A good ERP vendor will sit you down with one of their technical sales specialists and take the time to understand your business and your needs. If you dona€™t know what features you need, how can you investigate if the software can deliver it? Unique ERP vendors encourage user-suggested development and work hard to make the software work for you. Something we can all improve on is the ability to perform exciting and engaging sales presentations.
If you are passionate about what you have to say, your audience will see this and their interest level will rise. There are three tools of communication to remember a€“ voice tonality, body language and words. Words are important too, but if you cannot perfect the first two points, you will lose your customer before even getting them to hear what you have to say. Ask them questions pertaining to what youa€™re discussing before and throughout the sales presentation. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Frank Carillo, President of ECG, a strategic communications consulting firm, recommends in this Selling Power article that you end with a strong call-to-action.
We believe that it’s always a good idea to end any conversation with firm next steps; never has this been truer than at the end of a sales presentation.
He suggests that not only does this type of ending lack impact, it might even turn your audience off.
If you’re in a face-to-face presentation, the conclusion is the spot where you want to stop being animated and stop moving around. In that role, he serves the B2B sales and marketing community with premium content, posts, and ideas around various topics related to B2B sales.
Emphasizing techniques that create “listening” audiences, M3 Learning creates yet another powerful tool in your sales “toolbox”. A good ERP vendor is looking for a long-term relationship that benefits both sides, not a one-stop sale.
Whether youa€™re at a sales meeting with a client or pitching an idea to your sales team, here are a few tips you can follow that can help you become better presenter.

The best way to build assertiveness is to invest time in knowing your topic inside and out and being certain in what you have to say. This will help you to get know your audience and their interests, and keep your presentation relevant and relateable.
In addition, he manages SalesStaff's social media presence, building a strong community of like-minded sales and marketing professionals.
The next time youa€™re presenting at a sales meeting, think of an interesting story to tell to make your vision come to life.
Asking questions will keep you in control while pulling your audience into the direction you want them. For example, if youa€™re a developer selling a condo, you can mention how the rooftop patio is perfect in the summer for enjoying a barbecue with friends while having a beautiful view of the city, and how the surrounding parks are perfect for a stroll on the weekends. Body language is also an extremely important part of the presentation, as this can help accentuate what you are saying. I don’t think that colloquialisms like this are too damaging, but they may lack a certain ‘oomph’.
Whether you end with a story about one of your clients who realized huge benefits or a witty quip or quote that summarizes the benefits of your solution, end with a bang.
Therea€™s one point I cannot mention enough, which is the importance of standing during a sales meeting. Seven tips to help presenters make the most of their PowerPoint presentation material with our presentation optimisation techniques.Presentation Theory The Right Visuals Featured - The last in a series of four episodes of the Killer Presentation Series, this edition focuses on how using the right visuals makes your presentation engaging and memorable. Presentation Theory Corporate Presentation Tips 24th September - The corporate presentation, or credentials presentation, is hard to get right. Maybe it could be about how you came through for a client when that client really needed you.
Ten tips for those developing a corporate presentation.Presentation Theory Visual Aids Gone Wrong 18th September - Not all visual aids are effective. Avoid these PowerPoint presentation design mistakes.Presentation Theory Seven Aspects of Highly Effective Presentations 18th September - What makes a PowerPoint presentation effective?
How can you go about impressing an audience you don’t know?Presentation Theory When Is a Sales Presentation Not a Sales Presentation? Thanks to m62 we now have a much more confident sales force as a result of the presentationMike Hensman, Sales and Marketing Director, Visual Insight ©2016m62 is the global leader in effective presentations.

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