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WHAT IS A QUOTA?• Individual sales target figure assigned to each sales unit such asales person, dealer, distributor, region, or territory, as arequired minimum for a specified period (month, quarter,year).• Sales quotas may be expressed either in figures (monetaryterms) or in number of goods or services sold (volume terms). Profit quotas• Gross margin quota determined bysubtracting cost of goods sold from salesvolume.• Net profit quota determined by subtractingcost of goods sold and salespeople’s directselling expense from sales volume. Objectives• To provide quantitative performance Standard– Quotas provide a means for determiningwhich sales unit are doing an average, belowaverage or above avg.
If you are a company who relies on sales, you would need to have a sales plan that would help you determine your sales goals and the activities or steps you need to take to reach those goals. In this article, we will discuss two of the best Free Sales Plan Templates that you can use for PowerPoint, as a way to report to your company, shareholders, or employees. The Blue Yearly Sales Plan PowerPoint Template has a streamlined, clean white and blue theme that allows you to present your ideas without the background overshadowing or overpowering the content. This sales plan template contains 38 uniquely designed slides that you can use not only for sales plans but sales reports.
This template already has sample headers and subheaders that also provide an outline so that you can be guided as you create your own sales plan. The Gold Sales Plan PowerPoint Template is another sales plan that is professionally designed to stand out in a highly competitive sales rat race.
This Gold Sales Plan PowerPoint Template has a gold-colored theme, with an image of an athlete getting ready to race.
This template also contains 38 slides that allow you and your team to be motivated as they get geared up for the next year, quarter or month.

Social media for sales people, called social selling, will help them achieve their sales quota.
Sales Benchmark Index's Joshua Meeks and Greg Alexander hosted a live webinar on how to assign fair quotas to your sales team. Five Components of Quota Setting Organization Goals Historical Performance• Target Sales goal for the firm • Capacity of a Sales Force• Retention Sales vs. Organizations Goals Organization Goals• Target Sales goal for the firm• Retention Sales vs. Meeting Your Quota if G <1 then Performance You are below 1.5 Formula Index 1A= How many deals have you closed in the last 24 months?
How many deals must you win This uses a conservativeC= What is your quota Variablefor next year?D= What is theaverage size of a deal So Ifin your company?
Companies may use quotato provide their sales force the incentives ofincreasing their earnings through commissionsor a bonus if the quota is surpassed andrecognised for superior performance. Ifthe sales person fails to attain the quota thecompany can take corrective actions to rectifythe mistake.
Conveying this understanding is acritical step in securing acceptance of quotas.• It is important that sales personnel understandthe significance of quotas as communicator of “ howmuch for what period”.
A sales plan will also help you create a roadmap to maximize your resources and direct all activities towards increasing sales, and ultimately, revenue.
These templates help you cut down the time of creating a sales presentation in half, as compared to creating one from scratch.
These slides allow you to present your plan and information in a cohesive, organized manner without having to start from scratch, which can tend to be tedious and time-consuming.

To create a winning sales plan and make your mark in the market, you have to make a lasting impression and that starts with this template. The template also contains headers that allow you to organize your ideas and present them in a smooth, logical manner.
Learn how to satisfy corporate and the field, match quotas to territory potential and pay your reps correctly. New Sales Reviewing organizational goals will enable a top down approach to Sales Goal FY2013 by Customer Type understand what needs to be done Values in Millions of ($USD) 783 555 each year. Here, the templates come with guides to help you create a cohesive and convincing sales plan. I will introduce you to how I manage sales people and their capabilities in order to meet the target number they require. It is very difficult as a salesperson when you are in the mud, to figure out how to get out of it. Close Win Size of sales Average Ratio Pipeline needed deal SizeE= How many deals have you chased, in the last 24 months?

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