Big Interview, the world’s #1 platform for job interview training, is seeking a driven and talented Sales Development Rep (SDR) to join our team. Founded in 2011 by leading interview expert Pamela Skillings, Big Interview is trusted by users all around the world to prepare for job interviews, keep communication skills sharp, and help land dream jobs.
Download our free sales hiring guide here for more interview tips to hire a world-class sales team. As the people primarily responsible for cold calling and emailing, SDRs deal with an awful lot of rejection. As Mark Twain once said, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." Brevity is a talent, and it's one that prospects appreciate. As Daniel Pink argued in his book Drive, internal motivators such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose often trump external motivators like money or prestige. 6) What are some questions you'd ask prospects to evaluate if they're qualified or not? People who have worked in customer service, retail, or the restaurant industry have undoubtedly dealt with complaints.
Depending on your sales team structure, an SDR might support one sales rep in particular, or a number of reps. 9) If you had to teach a beginner an advanced concept, how would you approach the task?
After countless hours of product training, salespeople are intimately familiar with their wares. To keep a prospect's attention, an SDR needs to model their conversational style after a game of tennis.
That being said, an SDR's day-to-day involves a lot of repetitive tasks in pursuit of a higher objective. Even if a candidate isn't well acquainted with your industry, they should still understand the power of social networks and search to familiarize themselves with the prospect's background.
Make sure your candidates are comfortable being on the phones for long stretches of time -- it's a crucial part of their job.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in May 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.
Answering pharmaceutical sales interview questions fluently and with confidence is key to success in getting the pharmaceutical representative job you want.Effective communication skills and enthusiasm are essential in a pharmaceutical sales or medical sales job. Common interview questions for this type of sales job include the following:What do you consider to be the most important requirements for this job?
You’ll work alongside a fast-paced, experienced team to hit ambitious goals and continually drive massive growth in an exciting startup environment.
Our sales team connects our powerful software with organizations around the globe, like the U.S. This position requires natural communication abilities, an intense desire to learn and improve sales skills, and the ability to adapt Big Interview’s value proposition to the unique drivers of each prospect.
SDRs have to ask insightful questions to get to the heart of prospects' problems, and investigate their current environments.
Listen for inquiries that go beyond BANT and indicate a deep understanding of your target buyer's problems and your company's solution.
Ensure your candidate works well with others and takes pride in setting their colleagues up for success. Prospects, on the other hand, have a comparatively cursory understanding of your product -- no matter how much independent research they've done. Every time the prospect lobs the ball their way, they should send it right back with a question or interesting insight.
Whether your organization uses a sales script or not, it's good to check if a candidate naturally gravitates to emotionally-charged words that will strike a chord with buyers. If the candidate has already thought about the objections they'd field as an SDR before the interview, you can rest assured that they understand and live this rule. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. Preparing good answers to frequently asked pharmaceutical sales rep interview questions will set you up as a winning candidate who any company would want on their sales force.

Expect interview questions that explore your knowledge and understanding of this specific job opportunity. How have you planned and prioritized your call schedule for your current territory?You need to be able to plan and organize your activities to meet specific goals.
Highlight how you have set priorities based on the best return on your time investment by spending time on customers with the greatest sales potential.
People with natural curiosity won't have a problem enthusiastically sharing something they learned with you.
For this reason, it's important that SDRs are able to explain potentially tricky or confusing topics in clear and simple terms. If the candidate poses thought-provoking questions instead of the standard interview queries, chances are, they'll pepper their sales conversations with compelling questions.
HubSpot's Global Director of Business Development Justin Hiatt asks this question to make sure candidates understand goal-setting and are willing to put in the time to perfect their skills. Do your homework on the company and the position to make sure you can answer this question properly. Detail how you were able to establish that 20 percent of customers as quickly as possible and how once you had successfully established that 20 percent you moved onto developing new customers.Tell me about a time you lost the business.
They don't have to believe that the customer is always right, but they should maintain that the customer always deserves to be heard and supported. How did you handle the situation?This question is about your ability to learn from a situation and move constructively on after a set back. These pharmaceutical sales interview questions look at your ability to handle stress and your tenacity and emotional resilience in the face of opposition and challenge.

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