James "Jimmy" Morgan McGill, known by his professional alias Saul Goodman, is a former criminal lawyer and the former principal attorney of Saul Goodman & Associates. He is the protagonist of the spin-off Breaking Bad series, Better Call Saul, wherein the events six-years prior to Breaking Bad are explained, though the series also delves into events that occur after the Walter White story. Despite his sleazy, flamboyant appearance and mannerisms — punctuated by his outrageous low-budget TV commercials — Saul is a highly competent lawyer who is able to solve problems and find loopholes in order to protect his clients. Since he was a teenager, Jimmy used to play scams to get quick money, which granted him the nickname "Slippin' Jimmy" for those who were close to him.
Slippin' Jimmy is arrested, facing charges of property damage and assault and consequences including potentially being labeled a sex offender. Six years prior to the events of Breaking Bad, James "Jimmy" McGill is a small-time lawyer who is constantly looking to make a quick buck. When the series begins, Saul, who still goes by his birth name James McGill, is already a lawyer, only a lot less successful.
He takes care of his older brother Chuck who refuses to go outside, due to his self diagnosed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. During the meeting, Howard agrees to take the case but refuse to hire Jimmy as an HHM laywer. At his house, Chuck confesses to be the one behind the fact that he was never hired at HHM, not Howard. Jimmy goes to the meeting but decline the position, and talk to Mike at his booth, wondering why they gave the Kettleman money back earlier. Later that day, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman decide to look for Saul Goodman in his office. That night, Jesse and Walt don their ski masks, kidnap Saul, and haul him to a freshly dug shallow grave in a desert wasteland. After successfully selling the thirty-eight pounds to Saul's contact, Walt complains that he cannot make use of the money. As a result of the Wayfarer Flight 515 aerial disaster, Saul began organizing a class-action lawsuit for victims of the crash. Following the success of the large sale to Gus – which leads to Saul buying better suits – Saul pushes Walt to take Gus’s lucrative offer to continue cooking. After Walt reveals Skyler White has threatened to expose him, Saul hires Mike to bug the White house as insurance. Mike later brings Walt to Saul after Walt creates a disturbance at Skyler’s office, and attempts to talk Walt into cooking meth again. Jesse then approaches Saul with two bags of meth he has cooked himself using Walt’s procedure, and asks to set up a deal.
Saul sets up an intervention between Walt and Jesse offering to give Walt a percentage of Jesse’s future deals. Saul visits Jesse at the hospital after the latter is brutally attacked by Hank in result of their actions previously. Walt later introduces Skyler to Saul as they have a meeting in Saul's office trying to think in a scheme to launder their money. Jesse eventually attacks the dealers against Gus' orders and Walt saves Jesse's life killing both dealers. Following Gale Boetticher's murder, Walt and Jesse are taken to the superlab and held there by Mike and Victor until Gus Fring arrives to deal with the situation. Later, after Skyler's unsuccessful attempt to buy the car wash from Bogdan for money laundering purposes, Saul touts a nail salon as the best way to launder money as he meets with Walt and Skyler at the condo. "Ya bombed. While surrounded by the suds from Holly's baby bottles, Skyler is struck by an idea and calls Saul. Outside the car wash, a man wearing a Bluetooth headset who appears to be some kind of environmental inspector (Saul's associate Patrick Kuby) shows water samples to Bogdan and declares they're full of contaminants. Later, when Walter learns Jesse is off somewhere with Mike, Walt races through Albuquerque, dodging traffic while shouting instructions to Saul on his cell phone. By phone, Saul informs Skyler that Ted doesn't own a gun or have a panic button on his alarm system. In Saul's office, Huell is describing the mishap with Ted when Walt storms in, saying that he needs to contact Saul's connection who can "disappear" the White family and give them new identities. After finishing a cook, a laundry truck drops off Jesse at his car, which he now parks in the desert to avoid arousing DEA suspicion. Walter and Saul meeting to deliver Jesse's method of getting at Gus ("Face Off") At the hospital where Brock is being treated, two Albuquerque Police Department detectives then approach Jesse and summon him to police headquarters to question him about his theory that Brock might have ricin poisoning, which the boy's doctors think might actually be the case. Walt telling Saul, "we're done when I say we're done" ("Live Free or Die") Saul visits Skyler at the car wash and cryptically and solemnly warns her the police may call her about Ted. After deciding that they will continue to cook, Walt and Jesse visit Saul to discuss finding a new venue for the lab, preferably nearby and not in an RV.
The fact that the show will be a prequel opens up a lot of possibilities: It could leave room, for example, to tell us how Saul Goodman first met Gustavo Fring. Gilligan previously told TheWrap he and Gould weren’t sure if the prequel would be a half-hour comedy with dramatic elements or an hourlong drama with comedic ones. Apparently, when Saul Goodman fled Albuquerque at the end of Breaking Bad, he went all the way to Fargo, North Dakota. Breaking Bad co-star Bob Odenkirk has officially joined the cast of Fargo, the new TV series inspired by the Coen Brothers movie of the same name.
Other big actors set to appear include Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh, and Glenn Howerton, better known as Dennis on another FX show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Briana has director James Gunn discussing Guardians of the Galaxy, rumors about a Gran Turismo movie, and more in the Rundown.
UPDATE: Glenn Howerton took to Twitter to say that he was actually misquoted in Rolling Stone. Snapchat photo of a man who looks and dresses like Breaking Bad lawyer Saul Goodman goes viral after screenshot appears on Facebook. Presumably the man was watching the trailer for Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, which is due to air on Netflix later this year. He operated out of a cheap strip mall office and ran over-the-top late night TV ads advising potential clients they'd "Better Call Saul!" when in trouble with the law, promising "I fight for YOU, Albuquerque!" While his late-night commercial ads seemed tacky and cheap, Saul was an incredibly effective lawyer, using illegal tactics and dirty schemes to make sure his clients came out on top. In one of his most famous scams, Slippin' Jimmy would find the most slippery patches of ice every winter, stage a fall, and earn himself a fair amount of money ("Uno"). Chuck travels from Albuquerque back to their hometown to visit Jimmy on Jimmy's requests through their mother.
Taking on difficult court cases and accepting clearly guilty clients, Jimmy finds himself at a loss in the law business.
It's still unclear if he really has that disease or if just believes he does, due to another illness.
When he visits Sandpiper Crossing retirement home, he learns that the workers are scamming the residents by overcharging them. He then receive a phone call from Kim telling him that a big Santa Fe law firm, Davis and Main want to hire him, as they're tking over the Sandpiper case.
As Mike state that his was hired to do a job and simply did it, Jimmy declares that he knows what stops him but swear that "it's never stopping me again." He then leaves, humming the song "Smoke on the water" that Marco used to sing during their time together. It comes to call his attention that Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez, two DEA agents, are trying to interrogate Badger.
Back in Saul's office, Saul hands Walt the dossier for a bald ex-convict known as "Jimmy In-'N-Out," who will go to jail as Heisenberg for a fee. Luckily, Saul knows of a hacker in Belarus who could launder Walt's money through his son's website.

At one point, Saul says, "Victim's families would be great, but I'll take anyone on the ground who suffered emotionally." It is possible that Saul gained a great deal of publicity from representing victims (under a very loose definition of the term). He also accepts a job from Jesse, using Jesse’s half of the earnings to purchase his aunt’s house at a dramatically lowered price – strong-arming Jesse’s parents and attorney with a potential lawsuit over the undisclosed meth lab Jesse was running out of the basement. Forced to leave early when Walt comes home, Mike witnesses the Cousins entering with an axe, and quickly places a call to Gus to call them off. Admitting that he bugged Walt’s house and making an off-color comment about Skyler, Saul is attacked and subsequently fired by Walt. He meets Victor under a bridge to make the exchange, only to see he has been given half of the money – the other half went to Walt ("Green Light"). Walt returns Jesse’s half of the first deal, coldly informing both of them that he has now accepted Gus’s offer and will be cutting Jesse out of the business.
Saul is at a loss, and scolds him for not having a "self-destruct" mechanism like the Starship Enterprise. Saul takes pictures of Jesse's state and jokes that Walt is now the "pretty one." Jesse plans to ruin Hank's life and maybe even give up Heisenberg's identity if he gets caught cooking again. Saul suggests that they buy a laser tag franchise, but Skyler comments that Walt buying a laser tag wouldn't make any sense.
Mike starts a manhunt for Jesse, but Saul helps Walt by hiding Jesse in the laser tag arcade.
Meanwhile, Saul searches his office for bugs, believing that Walt and Jesse were murdered by Gus and he would be next.
Bogdan must replace his entire wastewater treatment system, and the state requires he cease operations until it's back up to code, the inspector-type says.
If Walt doesn't return within 24 hours, Saul is to deliver all of Walt's money to Skyler ("Shotgun").
Skyler replies that she doesn't want anyone hurt, just for Ted to write the IRS a check. Saul tells Skyler that he'll assign his "A-team" to deal with Ted and sends Kuby and Huell. It'll cost at least half a million dollars, says Saul, and everyone must be packed and ready before Walt makes the call ("Crawl Space"). Walt asks Saul to inform the DEA that Gus has a hit out on Hank. Jesse calls Walt, who doesn't answer, then listens to increasingly frantic messages on his own voicemail from Saul. Privately, Saul tells Jesse that he'll have to remain in police custody pending a toxicology report on Brock, but that it might be just as well because someone tried to kill Walt in his own home. Saul says an in-town venue will be difficult, but Walt snaps, "If Gus can manage it, then so can we." Jesse reports that he was able to find all the precursor chemicals except for methylamine. Inside, Walt and Jesse assuage Saul's doubts about working with Mike again, who threatened to break Saul's legs. Giancarlo Esposito, who played Fring on the show, has told TheWrap he would be open to the idea of dropping in on a prequel. The series will revolve around Saul’s shady dealings before Walter White ever put a dollar in his pocket. Odenkirk said in a Television Critics Association panel over the summer that he believes Saul is from Illinois, just as he is. He’ll be on the right side of the law this time around, playing a police deputy with seniority over his younger, smarter and more ambitious fellow deputy played by actor Colin Hanks.
It instead aims to tell an original crime story with a new case and characters, but with the same tone and dark humor of the original. He’s expected to star in the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, which is in the early stages of development. The site is set to produce its first big screen film, a full length, workplace comedy titled Coffee Town.
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He has served as an adviser for Walter, Jesse, Mike, and even for Skyler White, whom he also helped acquire a car wash in order to launder Walter's drug money. He has an older brother, Chuck McGill, who graduated in college and went on to become a successful lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In one of his other scams, Slippin' Jimmy (using the alias "Saul Goodman") works with his closest friend Marco Pasternak to trick others into trading cash for fake Rolex watches ("Hero"). Jimmy pleads for Chuck to use his magic and make the charges disappear with the help of legal loopholes. His mentally unstable brother Chuck puts a bigger burden on him by being a part of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, a highly successful law company of which Chuck no longer has a working position at due to his condition, which is now run by Howard Hamlin, a clear rival to James. He mostly works for the court as a court-appointed lawyer for $700 a case and his struggling with debt. Jimmy goes through their dumpsters and takes their shredded documents as evidence against them. After seeing Kim who urges him to accept, he goes to confront his brother, after realising that something was wrong with his phone. After a whole week Jimmy says that he has to go back to his clients but Marco insists that they do one last scam together.
Per Gus’s direction, Saul has not been informed of this threat to Walt ("Caballo Sin Nombre").
Quickly dumping Jesse in favor of the much higher profits Walt can produce, Saul is once again hired to launder money for Walt – this time for a dramatically reduced payment of five percent ("Mas"). After Hank locates the RV with Walt and Jesse trapped inside, Walt calls Saul for assistance. Out of the room, Walt tells Saul that Jesse will eventually calm down, to which Saul replies "If he doesn't, there may come a time to talk options" ("One Minute").
Mike forces Saul to give him information on Jesse's whereabouts, even threatening to severely injure Saul in case he doesn't collaborate.
Bogdan just needs an "attitude adjustment," contends Skyler, though she rules out instigating an IRS audit, INS raid or any violence. Skyler, feeding lines to Kuby, is eventually successful and purchases the car wash ("Open House"). On a later date, Walt slumps in a chair at Saul's office while Saul handles the fallout from his client's "little joy ride" (racing around recklessly, doing doughnuts with, and ultimately setting on fire the Dodge Challenger Skyler made him return). He won't be able to pay the income tax bill in full -- and clearly wasn't going to do so anyway ("Salud").
The two visit Ted at home, order him to write the check, and tell him they'll be staying until it clears. One of which urges Jesse to come to the law office, pronto. When Jesse arrives he is aggressively patted down by Saul's bodyguard, Huell, until Saul interrupts. Following their meeting, Walt rendezvous with Saul, who relays information from Jesse about Gus' visits to Hector Salamanca, also known as "Tio." Walt doesn't recognize their significance until Saul says that Gus gloated about Tio's family line ending and later told Jesse that Tio killed someone close to him. Walt encourages Jesse to keep looking for methylamine, but Jesse doubts he'll be able to scare any up.
They let Mike in and he lays down ground rules: He runs the business, Walt and Jesse cover production.
As for the villains, Billy Bob Thornton will play a manipulative criminal who forever changes the life of small town insurance salesman, played by Bilbo Baggins himself Martin Freeman. The show will also have the stereotypical “Minnesota nice” accents and behaviour that anyone who’s seen the original will remember. When he was young, Jimmy worked for his father at his small corner store and stole money from him while he worked there eventually leading to the bankruptcy of the store.

Although originally reluctant, Chuck agrees to help after Jimmy says that if he does not get out of his situation his life is over. James is trying to coerce Chuck to "Cash-out" of the company at an estimated $17 Million Dollar investment, of which Chuck has no interest. Chuck sees Jimmy's case and convinces him to take the case to Hamlin, Hamlin, & McGill since the case is too big to handle single handily, much to Jimmy's dismay.
Citing rumors that Heisenberg's associate crushed a man's head with an ATM, Walt asks if Badger should fear reprisals if he snitches. Jesse, gun aimed at Saul, instructs him to give Badger "the best legal representation ever," but says that Saul is dead if anyone snitches to the DEA. The next day, Albuquerque police and the DEA stake out the bus stop bench where Badger was busted. Saul has his secretary Francesca masquerade as a law enforcement official to make Hank believe his wife has been severely injured in a car accident. Saul later tries to convince Jesse into buying a property to launder his money earned selling drugs, but Jesse declines the offer ("Kafkaesque"). Skyler comments that Walt has history with the proprietor of this car wash, it would make even more sense for him to buy it. Saul gives Mike a fake address to keep him away for some hours and then drives Walt to meet Jesse at the arcade.
Returning her call by payphone, Saul lies and assures her Walt is fine; then he tells his new bodyguard, Huell Babineaux, that they might need to leave town ("Box Cutter"). Walt admits that the pressure of knowing Gus wants to kill him is getting to him, and then inquires about hit men. At his home, Ted returns Skyler's money to her because paying off the IRS with Walt's gambling winnings "feels wrong" and in any case won't solve Ted's other money woes. After signing the check, Ted tries to make a run for it but ends up tripping on a throw rug and knocking himself out on a kitchen island ("Crawl Space"). Saul declares, "They're here, the end times," and stuffs Jesse's meth money in a duffel bag for him. When the detectives press him further, Jesse stops talking and demands his attorney, Saul Goodman. At the law office, Saul's secretary, Francesca, busy shredding documents, doesn't respond to Walt banging on the office door.
Saul reminds Walt that he put himself on the line by participating in Brock's poisoning (Saul had Huell lift the ricin cigarette from Jesse).
Three months later, Jimmy's father died and according to Chuck nobody cried harder than Jimmy at the funeral.
One day, Slippin' Jimmy decided to perform a "Chicago Sunroof" (defecating through the sunroof of a car) on the car of his ex-wife's lover, but he didn't realize that the man's children were on the backseat of the car and Jimmy was caught by the police. Chuck warns Jimmy not to make a fool of him if he gets back out and Jimmy vows to change and do anything for Chuck ("Nacho"). Strapped for cash and desperate to find a way out, James turns to a life of shady clients and illicit contacts that would eventually turn him into the Saul Goodman he is known for during the events of Breaking Bad.
At this point, Chuck begins to shrug off most of his illness and begins to go outside a little more.
After some maneuvering to get Badger to sit next to the correct bald man, Jimmy's arrest goes down as planned. Saul appears regretful of his part in the cruel ruse and discards the phone used to make the call, while Francesca tells him she should be paid more for this sort of work ("Sunset"). Saul thinks otherwise, since they don't have an inside man, it will be difficult to buy the car wash ("Abiquiu"). He warns them that it's just a matter of time before Mike realizes that the address is fake, but he is dismissed by Walt ("Full Measure"). Saul says there's nothing to worry about, but Walt catalogs his woes: Gus wants to kill him, Jesse is out of control and Gus will eventually perceive Jesse as too big a risk.
This information supplied by Jesse through Saul later becomes vital in Walt's plan on getting rid of Gustavo Fring ("Face Off"). Thrusting the ricin cigarette at him, Saul tells Walt that their business relationship is done. Jesse and Mike are ready to dismiss the final venue, a pest control business, but Walt demurs, declaring, "It's perfect." The next day, the four watch the pest-control team as it tents an infested home.
After saying farewell to Marco, Jimmy moves to Albuquerque on his brother's requests to be with him and make a living through legitimate ways, initially working in the mail room at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. The night before Jimmy and Chuck head to HHM to deliver the case, Chuck secretly goes outside and uses Jimmy's phone to call Howard. He then hosts a Bingo game at the nursing home where he suffer a nervous breakdown, while recollecting the time he take revenge to a man who owed him money and slept with his wife (the Chicago sunroof). Later, Walter comes to Saul to inform him that Jesse found out that the men who killed his dealer and friend some weeks earlier are actually working for Gus and he is planning on killing them. There's also "this stupid car wash" he's buying with Skyler, who naively thinks Walt can walk away after his contract with Gus expires. Confused, Jesse asks what's going on and learns that Gus threatened to kill Walt and his family ("End Times").
Francesca, furious about the mess, refuses to provide Saul's whereabouts unless Walt pays her $25,000, well more than he has on him.
Walt explains his plan: If they cook inside houses undergoing fumigation, no one will bother them or question strange smells. The only time Jimmy returned to his hometown again was for his mother's funeral about seven years after he moved to Albuquerque (Marco).
He plans to get Badger "singing like a canary." "Ten thousand dollars," Walt blurts out before succumbing to a coughing fit. When Jane Margolis dies, Saul sends one of his employees, Mike Ehrmantraut, to clean up her apartment from any evidence linking her and Jesse with the use of drugs. They plan to get Jesse arrested, but Mike finds out about the plan and intervenes on Gus' orders, this plan is not going to happen ("Half Measures"). Saul mentions that as a last resort, Walt can pay to have a "disappearer" vanish his family off the grid and set them up with new identities.
Jimmy eventually earns his law degree online from the University of American Samoa, but because of this, Chuck does not view Jimmy as a real lawyer.
Later on, Saul also informs Walt about Jesse living in a place called "The Shooting Gallery" ("ABQ"). Saul visits Andrea Cantillo at a house she's just rented in a nice neighborhood and delivers cash from Jesse. Saul says the pest crew, run by a man named Ira, runs a burglary operation on the side and knows how to keep secrets.
Frustrated that his younger brother earned a law degree so easily while he had to work hard his entire life to be where he is, Chuck secretly prevents Jimmy from becoming a partner at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (Pimento). Afterward, in Saul's car, a concerned Jesse asks about the house and Andrea's son, Brock Cantillo.

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