The single most interesting thing about the match between the Cancer woman and Scorpio man is that you really never know what to expect. However, as things turn out, what would otherwise have produced a volcanic explosion turned out to be a great relationship.
Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is one of those combinations that defy easy explanation, especially in 2016. On the one hand, you have the brash and bold Cancer woman, and on the other, you have the very emotionally intense Scorpio man. The reason why Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is so good is because the Scorpio man is a very emotionally intense person.
As you probably already know, if you read a lot of horoscopes, you don’t want to cross a Scorpio. You would think that this would lead to serious drama with the Cancer woman’s propensity to step on toes, hurt feelings, and say the wrong words at the wrong time: especially the kind of behavior that hurts Scorpio ego.
Do you notice that people, who try to act tough, deep down, are trying to cover pieces of jelly? The Scorpio man, on the other hand, learns to grow up and understand that not everything that comes out of our mouths and not every action that we do is intended to destroy other people, embarrass them, shame them, or otherwise irretrievably own them for life. That’s when you get butterflies in your stomach, you get really giddy whenever you’re around a person, everything is so bright and beautiful, and there’s a bright sense of possibility, because you’re with that person. And then, you get to that middle part of the relationship where you basically have to stand on your own two emotional legs and hold up your end of the relationship. Also, you have to realize that when you’re in a relationship, there’s a third party in the room.
The Cancer is very strong outside, and this can be a great example for the Scorpio man to man up emotionally. If you are a very strong person, then you would understand that the world is full of slings and arrows and unkind words.
This combination of Cancer strength and Scorpio sensitivity can actually leas to a mutually rewarding emotional journey, where both partners grow into each other and grow on their own. If you look at it deep enough, Cancer strength is rooted in selfishness, which is really not much different from the main core of Scorpio’s overwhelming sensitivity.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. On the compatibility scale, the relation between a Cancer male and Scorpio female ranks pretty high because of the ease with which these two sun signs blend is so natural. The capability of a Cancer male to blend in harmony with a Scorpion female works as the strong basis of their sexual compatibility. There are a lot of match ups of the horoscope that make a lot of sense on paper and on paper, the match between a Scorpio woman and Capricorn man seems to be almost too perfect. The Scorpio woman can be so focused that she ends up focusing too much on emotions instead of taking care of business. The Capricorn man, on the other hand, is so focused on material things like career, money, finances, and social status that his emotional life can suffer. On paper, Scorpio woman and Capricorn man love compatibility should have a lot going for it. However, just like many other things in life, things that may seem to theoretically go well together might not necessarily pan out when it comes to the everyday realities of our waking world.
Does this mean that pairing up the Scorpio woman and a Capricorn man always ends up in failure? If there’s one thing that you need to wrap your mind around when it comes to Scorpio woman and Capricorn man love compatibility, it is this: putting these two signs together is a mix of two different kinds of intensity. If you had a choice of any horoscope sign that you should be an enemy with, try not to choose the Scorpio.
You have to understand that when you operate your care, you are actually managing a series of sequential explosions. So just because you have a mix of very intense people in a Scorpio woman and Capricorn man love compatibility doesn’t mean it’s doomed to fail. It’s so easy for you to get caught up in your emotional intensity that you tend to let go of the other things in your life that you should be paying more attention to. Learn from the Capricorn man in your life to apply some of the emotional intensity that you have to the material aspects of your life.
The most obvious thing you can learn from her is there is great value in emotional intensity.
However, there has to be emotional fire there, because emotional intensity is that added spice that makes our lives more meaningful.
Instead of avoiding or stepping around the intensity you both bring to your relationship, learn to celebrate it. The emotional intensity that both the Scorpio woman and the Capricorn man bring together can be used in such a way that it builds up the relationship. It’s too easy for relationships to degenerate into both partners working against each other, really. You are trying to pull each other down because there is this deficiency in your lives, and you only get fulfillment when you feel you have company on a downward spiral. True emotional fulfillment and a loving relationship cannot be achieved when you are working against each other or working past each other. The reality is that when you look past the sex and you look past the emotional intensity, you can start to see the outlines of a truly great relationship that can be rewarding on so many different levels. If you’re looking at matches that benefit each partner then you could do a lot worse than a match between these two signs.
Relationships that become retarded just focused on physicality, emotional co-dependence or an emotional manipulation may last a long time. In terms of Scorpio woman and Taurus man love compatibility is the possibility of reaching that higher form of love is much higher than other match ups.
In maximizing Scorpio woman and Taurus man love compatibility can definitely help towards those ends. The secret to Scorpio woman and Taurus man love compatibility is a mixture of Taurus stability plus Scorpio intensity. Again, I’m not talking about each partner trying to extract the personality essence from the other partners so they can become a better person. When these people get into a relationship, that’s the relationship that changes them instead of each other.

Because if you are expecting the other person to complete you, you are putting the responsibility for your happiness in the hands of another person. Irresponsibility is all about giving up your personal power over making changes in your life in the hands of circumstances and in the hands of people outside of your control. If that person cheated on you, betrayed you or had sex with your best friend or your sister behind your back, you will still be able to love that person because your loyalty is to the relationship.
When it comes to Scorpio woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, the overriding question is one of intensity.
People who develop great products, people who are very creative, and people who are very artistic need to live in a world of ideas and dreams. So how does a Scorpio woman and Aquarius man love compatibility pan out considering the intense emotions involved? The Scorpio woman is renowned throughout history as a great sex partner because she makes the sexual experience a truly human and spiritual act. The Scorpio woman and Aquarius man can get into a co-dependent emotional relationship very easily. For you to feel truly aware of the human condition, you have to be at peace with the negative aspects of your life. Unfortunately, when it comes to Scorpio woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, this interplay between high ideals and emotional intensity often turns the relationship into a bad Hemingway novel. When you read Hemingway, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the only real emotions are necessarily negative emotions. One of the keys to positive compatibility between Scorpio woman and Aquarius man is when both partners discover and celebrate the power of authentic idealism. If you want to maximize Scorpio woman and Aquarius man love compatibility and you’re the Aquarius man in the relationship, you only need to be more sensitive, seriously. By agreeing early to open communications, you pave the way for you growing together instead of growing apart.
This is the foundation for a truly meaningful Scorpio woman and Aquarius man love compatibility.
The problem with making predictions based on commonality is that we tend to rely too much on conventional wisdom.
It would stand to reason that due to the fact that the Cancer woman tends to step on a lot of toes in getting what she wants that the Scorpio man’s unforgiving and vindictive nature would come into play. She has so much to prove, but at the end of the day, she is often clueless as to why she does the things that she does. If you have ever been in a very intense relationship, you would know that the first stage is the most fun. Scorpios are very sensitive, but they don’t understand that that sensitivity is really born out of weakness. They get to resolve the deep issues that prevent them from fully living up to their highest potential. The Cancer can be an awesome member of the community, if only she’s able to let go of this need for proving herself, and just do things for other people.
Once the partners understand that it’s not all about them, but that real love is all about seeking other people, the Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility takes another dimension. Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is one of those compatibility matches in the horoscope that just seems wrong.
Both being the Water signs, turn out to be a wonderful couple bonded by unconditional passion, love and attraction. Their physical relationship swings through different moods which range from mild romance to erotic love making. But to deal with her insecurity, you must speak with her and resolve the issue by discussing it. This is especially the case when it comes to relationships between Scorpio women and Capricorn men. It basically looks at the things that are material in this world, like career, money, a house, and extrapolates emotional meaning from that.
In fact, it may be the kind of intensity that would propel a relationship forward and higher.
If you are a Scorpio woman with a Capricorn man in your life right now, and you are in a romantic relationship, you would do well to learn from his material intensity. If you want to make Scorpio woman and Capricorn man love compatibility truly work out, you have to learn from your Scorpio female partner.
It provides a certain depth and variety to how we look at the world and how we interact in the world.
As a Capricorn male, you can also learn from the sexual intensity of your Scorpio female partner, just like with Aquarius and Scorpio couples, Sex is not just a means to an end. The Capricorn man is intense regarding material things, whereas the Scorpio woman is intense regarding emotional things.
If you are feeling stuck in your relationship, where you basically drag each other down, it’s because you are working against each other. For good reason, you have to understand that when you go into a relationship, it shouldn’t have anything with what you can get out of the other person. People go into that relationship because they can get sex, emotional completion, so on and so forth. This is love that really goes to the essence of the human experience and really separates you from a bug, dog or a frog. They eventually lead to higher forms of love and these are the relationships that are worth being in. I know this may sound interesting coming from an astrology adviser, but that is the point of astrology and philosophical schools throughout history.
This is why they make for the most loyal friends, the most powerful lieutenants, the most devout followers and also the greatest enemies. But you can also bake that mud through the challenges that normally face any relationship into solid bricks. When I visited the Roman Coliseum, I was dumbfounded by the fact that when you peel back the outer plaster, it’s actually made out of bricks.
The more couples there are that are truly in love (such as Scorpio and Virgo couples), the better the world will be.
I’m talking about something different about getting into a relationship and having that relationship change you.

But if you want a real relationship that transforms and lead to real love, you have to believe in the redemptive power of that third party: the relationship. When it comes to emotional intensity, very few horoscope signs can give the Scorpio woman a run for her money.
So intense that if you step on a Scorpio and hurt the Scorpio’s feelings to such an extent that the Scorpio feels that he or she needs to pay you back, the Scorpio will not hesitate to do whatever means, fair or foul, to get back at you. We’re not just talking about giving the act her all, we’re also talking about creativity and, most importantly, emotional depth. In fact, scientists have traced it to an automatic function of the lower central nervous system. You have to understand that if you are going to look at the sexual aspect of your life as a purely physical function, you are no different from a monkey, lizard, or a frog.
It is so intense that it’s tempting for the Aquarius man to look at the relationship purely from that perspective. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that for you to feel alive, you have to feel pain. If you add to the mix the Scorpio female partner’s emotional intensity, it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.
In many cases, you would think that there would be an explosion because the personalities involved in the relationship seems so different from each other. Keep reading below to find out why Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility has a lot going for it. Even if you don’t feel like loving back, even if you don’t feel like doing things or saying the right things, you still have to do it, because you owe a duty to this other party called the relationship. This love match doesn’t require many efforts to make it happen as love, passion and intimacy in this association flow like water keeping them happy. The chemistry underlying their relationship plays an important role in making their association more harmonious.
He can use a lot of the emotional intensity of the Scorpio woman to make his life more multidimensional. We’re not just a collection of our material plans and how much money we make, how big out houses are, and how awesome our cars are. It’s hard to do evil when you are feeling grateful, loving and happy towards your fellow man and towards the people in your lives.
If you want to make an enemy, make an enemy of all other signs of the horoscope except the Scorpio. Sex, from a purely physical and mechanical perspective, impacts the lizard part of our brains. In other words, it’s not just between you and your partner; it’s also between both of you and your relationship. It’s all about catching the relationship early on, sitting down, and then being honest and open with each other. The reality is that there are a lot of choices, there are a lot of background issues, and there are a lot of outside influences that really combine to make what would otherwise seem like a slam dunk into something quite different. Being close to and getting personal with a Scorpio man can be very therapeutic for the Cancer woman, because she gets that emotional core that she has been missing all along.
However, the way things turn out, it actually can result in not just a great relationship, lots of love and tenderness, and caring, but also a lot of deep emotional depth, where people feel really loved, accepted, and welcome.
Once he falls deeply in love with his damsel, he is able to take their physical relationship to new levels. As both the partners progress in their marriage, they are able to deal with the walls of secrecy with their loyalty and confidence in each other. You need to portray yourself as a difficult goal to her as she doesn’t like simple and easy targets. It has this emotional completion that it’s always looking for, and anything that disturbs that sense of completion becomes the target of that intense emotional focus. It can also be a gateway to a higher and more fulfilling levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual fulfillment. They are capable of such immense love and loyalty; and it really is a tragedy to betray them because all that love is dissipated and turned into the worst form of bitterness.
This great mix of seemingly contradictory personalities and destinies can often lead to something solid and worthwhile and something not just mutually fulfilling and loving but benefits everybody else around you. However, if you are an Aquarius man with a Scorpio woman in your life, it can turn into a very bad thing. There is no room for negativity as both take extra care of each other’s emotions and feelings.
Gradually, their relationship be comes stronger in all aspects, from emotional to physical and mental, making them both one soul.
She longs for a partner who is promising and firm with his decisions as she desires stability. He’s all about what other people think about him because he knows that security often flows based on your social status. The couple enjoys a wholesome relationship as both the partners are able to add flavors of emotions, feelings and physical intimacy to their association making it a well tuned bond. He knows the trick to bring smile to her face with his amazing sense of humor and she responds to his efforts with her tender love. Their physical relationship is a perfect blend of emotional attachments, passionate love making and sentimental involvement which is like a dream for all the other couples.
From mild romantic kisses to fervent sexual act and ability to reconcile after a fight; their intimacy keeps their sex life hot and sizzling. With each passing day, their relationship grows and matures, transforming into a strong association loaded with compassion and affection. Both the partners hide something from the other and this nature may cause problems in their marriage.

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