The code described in this article helps users convert Seagate's (the hard drive manufacture) date code to a DateTime value. I had to check some hard drives for warranty, and found myself checking very old hard drives. I know that this project of yours is a bit older, but I wanted to express my gratitude for you sharing it with everyone.
I just started out learning to program C++ and decided to also make a Seagate date code calculator. Interesting how the coders never seem to care about people who might want to code or experiment, but don't know how.

I believe their point is this; If someone happens upon this from a search engine, creates a login to get the file, and extracts it (like me), it is not immediately obvious that you have to drill down through several folders to find the executeable.
I've been looking to write a VBA for Excel to do this but I thought this program would save me a bit of time. Retrieving Mutually Exclusive Records using Seagate Crystal Reports Because, the encircled column in the following snapshot is actually an expression involving column. O HDD usado aparentemente e um pouco menor que o que o esperado pelo projeto do case, porque eu fui obrigado a usar um calco de papelao para manter os conectores na posicao correta. It is proving to be a bit difficult for my current programming skillset, but your code will help me to better understand how I might possibly need to go about calculating an accurate conversion.

Como um HDD de 7200RPM e completamente desnecessario em uma conexao USB, recomendo trocar por um HDD de 5400RPM, que teoricamente esquenta menos.
Como esse HDD foi comprado em dezembro, ou a etiqueta e totalmente falsa ou esse HDD nao e recondicionado.

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