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In your attempt to argue against the fact that this is prejudice, you yourself premised your argument on… prejudice. I didn’t realize it until I read this piece but my preference for men that are masculine is described perfectly above.
Articles like this are always a disappointment because of the gross generalizations and presumptions they pass off as factual. Instead of attempting to make yourselves feel better by pointing fingers at men who don’t find effeminate characteristics attractive, why not write an article encouraging effeminate men not to be effeminate? Also, perhaps the reason you feel effeminate men are the ones who are upset by the status quo is because their the ones primarily subjugated by it. What qualifies me is my ability to read and comprehend the results of research, conducted by scientists, on the topic of attraction. The concepts you’re expressing, here in the comments, are much clearer (and more logical) than those expressed in the article, itself.
I do not think that is necessarily the essence of the article, my perception of it is its encouraging balance and self identity rather than a change in attraction. I love guys like you you accuse others of things to make yourself feel superior if someone only dates a certain race you have a problem with that! Lack of inventory of homes for sale is now the major dynamic affecting local real estate markets.
Foreclosures are on the decline around the country, around the state, around the county and in YOUR neighborhood. California’s pending legislation, which is similar to laws we previously saw enacted in Nevada, will almost certainly bring foreclosure activity to a near halt there if passed.

A new development is catching home buyers off guard as the spring sales season gets under way: Bidding wars are back. Housing inventories are at record lows in Danville, San Ramon and Dublin CA, but Dublin has a greater potential for increased home sales.
The nation’s big home builders are reporting that sales of new homes are up 30% to 40% as a result of low home inventories. Home Sellers – You can request a Real Estate Pricing Specific Trend Report for your home. We're sorry, but there’s nothing to display here; MLS data service is not activated for this account.
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But when I tried to submit my 2nd photo, it doesn’t seem to be going through nor do I see it in the album? It also features employees who have dedicated their careers to the company’s mission of Nourishing Lives. One of the most popular preferences that seem to be a common thread throughout most of the gay lifestyle is the one for a gay man to be masculine. Somewhere in the middle lies a group of men, ranging from masculine to feminine or an emulsion of the two, who take it up a notch by overlooking the basic masculine standard.
The reason this one is so alarming, however, is because of how eager the men who share it are to effortlessly relinquish the very essence of themselves, especially when gay men already deal with enough issues of self-identity in society.
Every week, he takes to the "innanet" to lend his opinions to what's happening on the blogs and in the tabloids with your favorite celebrities.
Additionally, what qualifies you to make the distinction between what is innate and what is learned? That’s like pointing out that minorities seem to be the ones most upset by discrimination.
In addition, to clarify for you or anyone else who reads the article and shares your sentiments, I never said there was anything wrong with being attracted to a masculine man. The omission of those nuances gives the impression that you were referring simply to *mannerisms*, not the role-specific behaviors you’ve mentioned in the comments. If your attraction is a means of making up for your self perceived inadequacy, then there’s a problem. The housing market mess of the past 5 years has weeded out most of the sellers that needed to get out from under an underwater mortgage. Competitive bidding in the current environment isn’t producing huge price increases or leaving sellers with hefty profits, as occurred during the housing boom. In certain cases, for example, a masculine inquirer may be prodding to find out how compatible you both are based on your ability to move as a unit in public and remain unidentifiable, on the surface, as a man who partakes in homosexuality.
I usually find those who are looking for this hyprer-masculine man are using them to fulfill their warped idea of what they think a gay man must be.

So, by default, that means we’re less likely to be attracted to effeminate qualities in men. While I do prefer only very masculine men, I also tend to be attracted to men that my friends don’t find attractive.
Were masculine men the subject of internalized homophobia, they would be the ones with the biggest problems with it.
That information changes the meaning of the article *completely*; yet nowhere in the article did you include such examples. I have always felt that the masculinity issue has been over sensationalized and weighted to the extent of being an irrevocable.
Investors bought 41.3% of homes in foreclosure before they reverted back to the banks as REOs.
In California the discount between market value and winning bid have on average declined to 12.3 percent. Dublin has a higher inventory of brand new homes than built-out communities like Danville & San Ramon. In circumstances where the public’s perception is less of a concern, the motive may be that said inquirer, being masculine himself, fully understands that his attraction to men is founded completely in their virility. Also these fem guys are playing the role of the woman and they are seeking a masculine man to be the man in the relationship.
Also, how do they draw this attention to themselves specifically, and who determines what amount of attention is necessary and unnecessary? There are exceptions, but many or most of us simply do not find those qualities attractive. The reader can only go by what was written, and it’s now clear that very critical details were omitted.
On the other end of the spectrum, you have those who may be masculine or feminine, yet only prefer a man with a softer touch and ask the question in order to sift through those too “mannish” for their tastes. I make it my biz to steer clear of these types of men, in reality they are chasing a stereotype not a real man.
I like masculine AND feminine men (yeah, I can be a lesbian sometimes) Misogyny has much to do with this discussion.
Some guys are attracted to masculine guys, and others are attracted to effeminate guys, or to something in-between. I don’t (and can’t!) change what I find attractive, just to suit the tastes of others!
Not necessarily a hatred of women but the notion that being effeminate is ALL KINDS of wrong.

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