Sharing from his own life, as well as the stories of others, Chuck Colson exposes the counterfeits of the good life and leads readers to the only true source of meaning and purpose, Jesus Christ.
In this forthrightly evangelical book, prolific Christian author Charles Colson admonishes "seekers" to avoid the counterfeits of the good life that will only blind them to the acceptance of Jesus Christ. Read an Excerpt the GOOD LIFE By CHARLES COLSON HAROLD FICKETT Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Seeking Meaning and Making Sense An engaging collection of short essays that range across philosophy, politics, general culture, morality, science, religion and art.
An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Religion We live, allegedly, in a postmodern age in which we have cast aside the narrative fantasies of the pre-modern era. Viktor Frankl spent most of his life studying the mystery of meaning, and amazingly, he came up with a prescription for how we can experience it ourselves. I woke up every day and identified a few projects that needed my attention and made a to-do list for each. And lastly, I took a reflective look at some of the challenges I’ve faced in life and while acknowledging there was plenty to grieve, I also acknowledged I’d been blessed by some of those hard experiences. Sadly, Frankl passed before he could create a formal process people could go through to analyze and organize these three areas of their lives. Our goal at Storyline has always been to take one-million people through the process, so we’ve got a long way to go.
On March 31st, we’ll be releasing Creating Your Life Plan, our online course that allows you to create a life plan based on Viktor Frankl’s prescription to experience meaning.
The course consists of 11 videos in which I sit with author Shauna Niequist in my kitchen and help her create her life plan. Nobody is more healthy, productive or clear-headed than a person who has planned and is living a meaningful life. The course was beautifully shot and very expensive to produce but we’re offering it at a great price.
It’s been more than a year since we’ve released anything new at Storyline so if you don’t mind, would you spread the word? Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. But he does that in an unusual way, allowing powerful stories to illustrate how people have lived out their beliefs in ways that either satisfy or leave them empty.

Using examples from his own life and his prison ministry, he describes how people live out their beliefs in ways that save or damn them.
I realized that if I gave myself enough time to “think about life” I only got depressed, but if I actually started working I was too distracted to get depressed. By that I mean some of the painful experiences I’d had had made me more humble, more tender. But the process was so healing to me I began working on a way to explain it to others and take them through it.
As you take the course, you simply fill out your plan along with Shauna and I, watching and listening as we talk about the most joyful and agonizing seasons of our own lives. We believe the more people who are living healthy, meaningful lives there are, the better we will become as a culture. While you’re there, you can sign up to learn about a major discount during the month of April. But Frankl believed man wasn’t seeking pleasure as much as he was seeking a deep sense of meaning.
In fact, the most contented people I know have found something more satisfying than pleasure, they’ve found a humble sense of gratitude and are actively participating in work that is difficult, beautiful and good. I’d wanted to be a bestselling author all my life and I assumed when it happened I’d experience some kind of actualization. I walked away from unhealthy relationships and started spending more time with people who were non-judgmental, kind, supportive and loving. We’ve heard from people who’ve told us their marriages have been saved, their depression has subsided and their lives have gone from mundane to adventurous. Culture really can heal from the inside out, and we think planning and living a meaningful life is a step toward making that happen.
He shows through stories that the truth is knowable and that the truly good life is one that lives within the truth.
It’s an absurd thought, but I think we all have these mystical hopes that if we only had such and such we’d be satisfied.
This had a terrific effect on my stability and I found myself feeling more contented and confident.
Through the book, readers get to understand their own stories and find answers to their own search for meaning, purpose, and truth.

I did something similar with my friends many years ago and today everyone of them still remembers that meeting with great detail and excitment. He wears a light blue Windbreaker over a golf shirt with a horizontal stripe, Sansabelt slacks, and the crepe-soled shoes his doctor recommended.
He marches forward with great intent and purpose, as if he's hunting out something or someone. Off to the left his family can see the curve of a long shore, hear the soughing of the waves, and nearly breathe in the scent of the brine. He later learned from the tales of his buddies and from seeing newsreel footage what D-day had been like.
Although Germany had not been expecting the assault at the place Eisenhower chose, the air assault hadn't softened their positions one whit, and when the armored front of the Higgins boats opened onto the beach, the men were ducks on a pond to the enemy's machine guns. Many of those sitting forward in the landing craft never had a chance to move from their seats as the Germans opened fire. Those who jumped over the craft's sides to swim and crawl ashore could only cling to the Belgian gates and iron hedgehogs-the jack-shaped defensive works strewn in rows all along the shingle that prevented tanks from making the initial assault.
Although 50 percent of the men in the first waves to hit Omaha Beach were killed in action, the others broke the first line of German defenses. The company had been ordered to hold the bridge at all costs-or, as a final defense, to blow it up.
Miller asked him what he was supposed to say to Ryan's mother when she got another folded American flag. Ryan replied, "You can tell her that when you found me, I was with the only brothers I had left.
I think she'd understand that." Captain Miller and his squad told Ryan angrily that they had already lost two men in the search to find him.
Miller finally decided that they'd make Ryan's battle their own as well and save him in the process. No matter their ingenuity, the squad couldn't hold off such an overpowering force, and the men made a strategic retreat to the other side of the bridge.

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