Domenico Scala, Fifa's independent audit and compliance committee president, resigns in protest at reforms.
Stigmatization of mental health disorders leads to a decreased quality of life, missed opportunities, and lost independence for the affected individual.
A large population-based survey in Finland evaluated the stigmatizing attitudes about mental illness and the use of mental health services. Stigma is a complex concept that can be divided into three main categories: perceived public stigma (the general belief that people with mental illness are stigmatized by society), personal stigma (an individual belief about mental illness), and self-stigma (an individuala€™s view of his own mental illness). Overall, people with depression reported more social tolerance of mental illness and held more positive beliefs about antidepressant medications compared to people without depression. Throughout industrialized nations, only one-third of people with major depression seek help, and many who do seek help discontinue treatment prematurely. Stigma is not isolated to depression, but has been studied across many populations and many diagnoses: young and old, military and civilian, urban and rural, and even among healthcare professionals themselves.
The good news to come out of the current study is that stigma does not prevent people from seeking help for their own mental illness.
I still feel that there sometimes is still a stigma with depression – especially with older people. I would like to see more people be more informed of all treatments and causes of depression before they make a decision on how to treat their depression.
In very real ways it relates to what we did not know about women, until women empowered themselves to insist we know. I suffer from bipolar disoreder and although peoples views towards that havent been too negative; people are very confused on what bipolar disored is and often mistaken it for depression but there is more to it. Depression is a state of mind, and it’s not an disorder, mainly happens to sensitive people. As someone who has struggled with depression for many years, I find your statement offensive, stigmatizing, and one of ignorance! TweetMental toughness is one aspect of their game that Kovsies are focusing on most before they take on NWU-Pukke in the final of the Varsity Netball tournament on Monday in Potchefstroom.
Kovsies coach Burta de Kock’s side upped their mental focus for the semifinal against NMMU after they lost in the last group game against the Madibaz. They secured their spot in the prestigious final by showing great character in the absence of some key players and the coach is adamant that her side will have to produce more of the same if they are to be crowned champions.
It will be a well rested Kovsies squad that steps onto the court as the University of the Free State’s coaches staff realise what a tough competition the Varsity Netball tournament is.
The coach wasn’t shy to laud her players for their upbeat approach to the whole tournament, especially as it is being held the same time as exams at the University of the Free State.
WASHINGTON — After two deployments to Afghanistan and more than seven years in the Marine Corps, Nicholas Karnaze left the military in the fall of 2011 to start his men’s grooming company in honor of a bearded friend who was killed in combat in 2012.
But it was in the fall of 2014 that he began to notice his concentration slipping, and his memory fading.
One month after making the call, Karnaze met with a psychiatrist who prescribed an antidepressant. Karnaze made the decision to stop taking the medication after being told he would not be able to meet with his psychiatrist for another 30 days.
Today, Karnaze is using his experiences with the VA to advocate for better and more accessible mental-health care for veterans. Having started his career as an intelligence officer, Karnaze knows what goes into getting a government security clearance.
But the stigma that surrounds mental health is another reason Karnaze believes vets are reluctant to speak out. The Senate hearing was called after a Government Accountability Office report highlighted many issues plaguing the VA, including appointment scheduling and the lengthy hiring process that often deters mental health professionals from working there. Kudler also cited the pay disparity between the VA and the private sector, and the overall nationwide shortage of mental-health professionals.
Once Karnaze got into the system, he said that the care he received from the VA has been fantastic. Alisa Hurkman, 40, of Dallas, a full-time student at Central Texas College and a retired tank mechanic who served in the Army for over 13 years, was one of several vets who reached out to Karnaze before he testified at the Senate committee hearing. After calling the patient advocate, Hurkman found out she had been dropped from the mental health log, and had to be re-entered into the system.
Despite finally seeing a psychiatrist, she said her mental health still hasn’t improved substantially. Hurkman said in a telephone interview that many vets she has spoken to around the country have great experiences with the VA.

Hurkman said that VA doctors genuinely want to help veterans, but the administration overall and the bureaucratic way the hospitals are run are what ultimately cause the patient-doctor disconnect.
On the morning of Veteran’s Day, veterans and advocates alike woke up and emerged from the tents where they slept in McPherson Square to march to the White House two blocks away. Among them was Jose Martinez, 27, a veteran and an activist who came from Santa Monica, Calif., to Washington to advocate for the use of marijuana, or cannabis, for veterans suffering from mental wounds. Advocates like Wyatt and Martinez believe that the opiates given to veterans by the VA are doing more harm than good, making them feel not only more depressed, but also likely to become addicted. Jordan continues to receive his health care through the VA, and has been keeping up with the hearings and latest talk on the Hill.
Both Hurkman and Martinez have said that many who work at the VA simply cannot relate to their military experiences.
While Weed for Warriors may be one of the more vocal groups advocating for alternatives to treating mental health, it is not alone.
These stories coming from veterans on their post-war experience is ultimately what Karnaze advocates – to offer that vet-on-vet help for those, like Hurkman, who are seeking it, and to encourage an open dialogue between the VA and veterans. While bringing awareness to the topic, Karnaze is also learning new things along the way, not just on the topic of mental health treatment, but about himself. Scripps Howard Foundation Wire content is free to any news organization that gives the reporter a byline and credits the SHFWire.
Need a story covered?SHFWire interns can cover breaking news or a scheduled news event and write longer feature stories. The lawyer representing a Texarkana woman accused of shooting her former son-in-law to death this summer is asking the court to order a competency evaluation. Annette “Anne” Fisher, 52, appeared with Mount Pleasant, Texas lawyer Mark Lesher for a pretrial hearing Monday morning before 5th District Judge Bill Miller in a Bowie County courtroom. District Attorney Jerry Rochelle asked Miller to schedule a special hearing to address the motion. Rochelle said the state will begin the process of finding its own expert to evaluate Fisher as well.
Typically competency evaluations seek to answer several questions: whether the defendant understands the charges against them and what is happening in the court process, and whether the defendant is capable of assisting their lawyer in preparation of a defense. A new study reports that stigmatization also determines if and when people will seek mental health care for themselves. These attitudes and beliefs are closely related to peoplea€™s knowledge and education about mental health and treatments and services for mental illnesses. People with more severe depression were more likely to seek healthcare compared to those with mild to moderate cases of depression. Factors such as age, gender, education, income, insurance, and availability of services influence the decision to seek treatment, but these qualities do not fully explain care-seeking attitudes. The disheartening news, though, is that the illness must be severe before most will seek treatment.A  No one would wait until his cancer or cardiovascular disease was a€?severea€? before seeking care or initiating treatment. Personal stigma and use of mental health services among people with depression in a general population in Finland.
Rural-urban differences in stigma against depression and agreement with health professionals about treatment. Stigma, barriers to care, and use of mental health services among active duty and National Guard soldiers after combat. The influence of stigma on first aid actions taken by young people for mental health problems in a close friend or family member: Findings from an Australian national survey of youth. I agree awareness is getting better thanks to the advertisng around now days for example the recent TV ad. They made a huge mental shift in the semifinal after losing in the group game against NMMU.
Therefore Kovsies managed their players optimally to ensure that all of them are well prepared for the challenge. We only really started practising mid week and just had a run around on court with some of the replacements that haven’t got that much game time. Many of the players like Ane Botha, Iselma Parkin, Lauren-Lee Christians and Carine Terblanche are writing exams while still preparing for the final, which in itself is a huge ask.
We have players who are writing exams Monday on game day and who only drive through to Potchefstroom later that day. Karnaze is using his experience and influence on Capitol Hill to advocate for easier and more accessible mental health care for veterans. He reached out the Department of Veterans Affairs to seek mental -health treatment, not entirely sure what was wrong with him.

He shared his story, and those of others, at the Senate hearing in hopes of paving the path for more advocacy and discussion on this issue. Seeking mental-health treatment can affect that clearance, which is why Karnaze believes many veterans chose to suffer silently. But the hurdle of getting into the system, along with the long wait times for appointments and a tangled phone system is ultimately what he would like to see fixed, particularly for those seeking mental-health treatment.
From her last appointment with a mental-health specialist in July 2014, it took her until February to schedule another appointment. But at her local clinic, that is not the case — a trend that the GAO report has found to be true.
Many times she has felt disrespected by the system, and by those who work at her VA center.
Weed for Warriors is pushing for the use of medical marijuana as an alternative to opiates for veterans to use without facing any discrimination. Karnaze has a friend in Florida who takes vets on fishing trips to get them away from the bar and to put their minds at ease – an approach to mental health that does not require medication.
SHFWire stories are free to any news organization that gives the reporter a byline and credits the SHFWire. Feel free to pull stories and multimedia off the website or contact us if you need assistance.
We ask only that you give the reporting interns a byline and that you credit the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. Miller set the case for a hearing on Lesher’s motion for a competency evaluation next month. According to a probable cause affidavit, Fisher arranged to drop off lunch and some items belonging to Cain’s children, who had spent the night before with Fisher.
Cain received full custody of their son and daughter, who were 2-and-a-half and eight months respectively at the time of the shooting.
The study showed that stigmatizing attitudes do not prevent care-seeking behavior among people with depression, but the depression must be severe enough to overcome the social and self-stigmatization.
The costs and benefits of treatment impact this decision, and stigma is a substantial cost to many people. Multidimensional efforts may be needed to overcome mental illness stigma, including changes in legislation, alterations in media depictions of mental illness, inclusion of family-based treatment programs, and improved public education.
We want to make sure that we take that same focus into the final against Puk in Potchefstroom. Closer to the weekend we will start with some of our more game related practice sessions,” De Kock added.
That isn’t ideal, but the players have such a positive approach to it all that we are really confident going into the final,” De Kock concluded.
He said that from 2005 to 2014, the number of veterans who received mental health care from the VA grew by 71 percent – more than three times the increase seen in the overall number of VA users.
The VA performs to standards on a national scale, but many individual centers fall short of expectations.
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Interns write news, sports, business, health, home and garden, personal technology, travel and food stories. Fisher is accused of shooting Cain at least nine times July 22 in the parking lot of Pete Mankins Used Car Dealership in Texarkana, Texas. Fisher allegedly told investigators she killed Cain because she believes he was abusing her grandson. Would be interested to see a comparative study regarding attitudes to other psychological conditions and treatment sought.
Martinez, a triple amputee, stepped on an improvised explosive device while serving two years in Afghanistan. It took me calling the patient advocate,” Hurkman wrote on Karnaze’s Facebook page, after he posted a status about the hearing. I would expect stigma might affect treatment seeking much more with less well known diagnoses than depression.

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