By this stage of the game you have more than likely purchased your ISBN, had your manuscript edited, had your book cover designed and are about ready to print your books. RD Studio provides individualized quality design and production work for both self publishing authors, institutions, and the world's most successful professional book publishers. Indie authors and self-publishing companies meet in Hall 6 to discuss new developments and opportunities for self-publishers. With decades of experience in the publishing, printing, and advertising industries, I have done all the hard work. Before embarking on learning how to publish a book, I suggest you first write your own book.
If you want to succeed in self publishing your own book, make an agreement with yourself that no matter what, you are going to publish your own book by a certain date.
Focus Groups: If you want to self-publish a successful, professional, cohesive book, resist the temptation to get everyone and anyone’s opinions about the book cover, synopsis, the font used in the interior design, or any other isolated detail. Publishing SOLO is an educational and service website that offers beginning, intermediate & advanced courses in DIY publishing, and private coaching for authors in independent publishing. It’s 1830, you are an African American slave and every aspect of your life is controlled by your master. Even if you happen to know which plantation your husband has been taken to, you have several problems.
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That any free person, who shall hereafter teach, or attempt to teach, any slave within the State to read or write, the use of figures excepted, or shall give or sell to such slave or slaves any books or pamphlets, shall be liable to indictment in any court of record in this State having jurisdiction thereof, and upon conviction, shall, at the discretion of the court, if a white man or woman, be fined not less than one hundred dollars, nor more than two hundred dollars, or imprisoned; and if a free person of color, shall be fined, imprisoned, or whipped, at the discretion of the court, not exceeding thirty nine lashes, nor less than twenty lashes. Frederick Douglass sneaked pieces of bread to poor white children who would in exchange teach him to read.
One slave wrote letters to his mother on scraps of wallpaper he saved when he got a job hanging wallpaper.
You have classes, coaches and mentors eager to help you write, even if your dream is as ambitious as writing a book. You probably can write on any topic without fear of repercussions, especially without fear of losing any fingers. If you are fresh out of excuses for writing your book, let me help you get started at Rockin’ My Book , an on-demand eCourse.
By Flora Leave a Comment Aspiring authors have many fears, uncertainties, false notions, and misconceptions. Although successful writers are portrayed as loners clicking away on a keyboard or scrawling on a yellow pad, my best advice for today’s first time author is to build relationships. The nine steps to writing and publishing a book above are simply stated, but cover the basics most authors follow, not necessarily in this order.  There is so much to learn about each step that books have been written about each of them. If you’re ready to keep the promise you made to yourself about writing a book one day, today is a perfect day to start. You worry about adding to the trite prose that already clutters the market, and becoming the victim of searing criticism in the process.
All this worry paralyzes you, rendering you too scared to get started or get past the inevitable writer’s block.
It’s unlikely that you can write on a topic no one has covered in some way, especially in nonfiction. Instead think about how you can write a new twist on a topic that you and other people are interested in. Find a way to tell us something new or in a different way on one of these topics, and you’ll have the potential to write a bestseller. Before it was a trend, for example, I gathered the posts from my blog, Color Your Life Happy, and wove them together with results of happiness research, ancient wisdom and added activities and cartoons. This is a popular approach, and one I recommend in an e-course I created to help you get over your fear of screwing up your book so you can get started.
By Flora 8 Comments Print on demand ushered in an era of speed and changed our expectations forever.
Major publishers and printers are already using this machine to service their clients, but now you can print your own self-published book and take out another middleman. This amazing machine is available in a few university bookstores, libraries and coffee shops in the USA and other countries.
Leave your comments telling me what you think the Espresso Book Machine means for the future of publishing. By Flora 3 Comments If you want to self-publish a book without losing your shirt or your mind, you need help. Yes, you may write your rough draft alone in your room or closet for months with only quick breaks to refuel your stomach and sleep.
But to publish a book that stands any chance of being read, much less being profitable, you need to gather others who can help you with the less-glamorous, but essential parts of getting your book to market. You must be an eager participant not just in the writing, but in the marketing of your book. No publicist, agent or company will care about your book more than you do.  Think of yourself as the contractor and the other folks in your village as subcontractors.
But I pity the fool who publishes a book without having a professional editor go through it with a fine-tooth comb. While the editor was digging into content, ensuring flow, structure and consistency of style, the proofreader is looking for mistakes in spelling and grammar that can mar, alter or skew your meaning.

Proofreaders know that they can’t count on spell checkers, so they use many other means. Consult your coach,  fellow authors and colleagues to help you find book cover designers who can work with you to create the cover that best represents your book. Up until this stage you may have been working with your manuscript in Microsoft Word.  When getting it properly formatting, Microsoft Word is no longer your friend.
Once your book has received the blessings of the first six folks in your village, you’re ready to share it with the world. Your coach or anyone of the other experts can be helpful in selecting the company that will print your book. The truth is, to self publish an ebook on Kindle all you need is a internet connection, an Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account, a book cover and a word document (manuscript) and you’re in business!
Of course publishing a book is one thing, making it a success, making sales and getting it to the bestsellers list is another thing completely.
I spent a year trying to figure out how Amazon works and how to get my book to the bestsellers list because I learned that getting on a bestsellers list is the trigger that gets your book on Amazon’s radar!  You see, Amazon has a very sophisticated marketing system and the way to get in it, is to become a bestselling author.  Sounds like a catch 22, right?
Additionally, Amazon will take out paid ads on google (pay per click ads) for bestselling books and paid Facebook Ads.  They will also promote your bestselling book to their members of Amazon Prime and in many emails and other marketing funnels they have.
So once I spent my year researching Amazon (2012) and figuring this stuff out, I released another book on October 23, 2012, (my birthday) and using my new found knowledge, I had 2,128 downloads of my book in one day, Never Work Again: 6 Secrets to Earning a Play-check Instead of a Pay-Check” and my book was on several bestsellers lists! My client, Nate Armstrong, a successful real estate investor from the mid-west, launched his book, “Real Estate Gold Rush, which hit several bestsellers lists on Amazon and is still on them.  Nate uses his book as a lead generation tool and if he gets a new client or two per month from the book that generates $2000-$20,000 on the back end! Now that I’ve been working on the Amazon Kindle platform for just about 3 years now, I truly believe that the key to huge success on Kindle is continuing to publish MORE books! Woman, Take Hold of Your Power – 50 Ways Women Give Away Their Power…and How To Get It Back! This is the perfect time to start developing your #1 selling tool for your book, your website.
It has become a tradition over the last three years for international indie authors and self-publishing companies to meet on the Saturday of the Frankfurt Book Fair.In 2015, the tradition continued in Hall 6 a€” the new home of English-language exhibitors in Frankfurt. As the basis for simple self-publishing success, I suggest that you make your own book using the on demand book printing method, and not using short run printing or try to get published through a traditional publishing company. Being financially independent with lots of time on your hands would be best for this method. Traditional publishing houses primarily market most of their books through bookstores, and the bookstore market segment has become quite small. There are many resources to instruct you how to write a book, including local writer’s groups, and books about how to write a book!
Hire a professional or ask a friend with editing skills to edit it; or wait a month or two, then pick it up and edit yourself. The second part of the first step of how to publish a book is to create the front and back matter. Therefore once you decide to publish a book, an agreement with yourself is a powerful and mighty step to propel you through the self-publishing process. The good thing about self-publishing is that you do not have a corporate publisher breathing down your neck; the bad thing about self-publishing is that you don’t have a corporate publisher breathing down you neck.
It is easy to make changes when self-publishing; and everyone that you are sharing with may tend the think of themselves as an expert.
Be it further enacted, That if any slave shall hereafter teach, or attempt to teach, any other slave to read or write, the use of figures excepted, he or she may be carried before any justice of the peace, and on conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to receive thirty nine lashes on his or her bare back. Be it further enacted, That the judges of the Superior Courts and the justices of the County Courts shall give this act in charge to the grand juries of their respective counties.
Some slaveowners took the punishment a bit further and threatened to chop off the fingers of any slave caught writing. If you succeeded in learning to read, find paper, get a writing tool, and write a letter, how did you get it safely delivered? Who can blame them?  Until recent years, the inner workings of the publishing industry were mysterious to us commoners. You will benefit from exchanging ideas and strategies with other writers online and offline. It’s just that fiction takes most authors longer to create and without established credibility, harder to sell. When a former Oregon radio talk show host Neale Walsch wrote the responses he was hearing, Conversations with God won him a 7-figure advance from Putnam-Berkley. But there’s nothing wrong with breathing new life into your already-produced content, especially your blog.
The result was my book, Color Your Life Happy: Create Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve available in print and Kindle versions.
Then check to find the location near you so you can dash over with your manuscript to see the Espresso Book Machine firsthand. If you need a companion to get you started on your publishing journey, discover how I can help you here. You know that you could get your book written without any prodding, but if you’re like most humans you accomplish more when you have someone nudging you along. Today’s readers are not very patient with books that are riddled with errors or sound like 5th grade compositions.

The front cover captures attention, and if it garners enough curiosity the reader goes to the back cover where the details convince the reader to plunk down his credit card. Print on demand companies often have an option for getting your book into the hands of buyers.
You can count on your coach and groups of self-publishers and independent publishers to steer you toward the ethical and affordable experts. The Fair organized a one-day stage programme at the Hot Spot Innovation and provided a place where authors and service providers could meet and network. My passion is to help you get your book to the publishing finishing line as pain-free as possible! If you want to know how to publish a book through a traditional publishing house, this article is not for you, as it covers DIY publishing basics. If you are not in this state, I recommend printing your book through one of the many self-publishing companies who use print on demand.
One of the major book store chains (Borders Bookstores) went bankrupt in 2011; and the other major book store chain may soon follow.
This includes the preface, introduction, table of contents, dedication, index, end notes, and the many other parts that go into publishing a book.
This is tempting because we want verification, support, and ego-stroking while going through the process of publishing a book.
You will save time, money, and disappointments when you seek a mentor, attend workshops, invest in conferences, and engage the help of an accountability partner or  coach. While you may enjoy selling your book at book signings and book release parties, chances are you don’t want to tackle the task of shipping every copy purchased online from popular retailers. Local, national, and online groups are dedicated to helping you succeed with your book writing, publishing and marketing goals. This article lays the foundational steps of how to publish a book and how to prevent the costly pitfalls of self publishing a book. Since publishing a book using print on demand is fast, cheap book printing; it hardly seems worth the long and involved process of submitting your manuscript to a traditional publishing company. To prepare the manuscript for digital publishing, write your manuscript in a Word document.
To find out more about what to include in the front and back matter you may refer to the Book Blueprint, by Deborah S.
Once you become a published author friends, family, and peers see you in a whole new light!
You will learn how to organize your time, choose the best tools for your purpose, and discover the many publishing options available to you. What makes it stand out from many e-courses is that you will get feedback from me when complete the suggested tasks.
With DIY publishing (do-it-yourself) you can actually publish a book in a few weeks, depending on how long and complicated it is; and if you intend to sell it or not. Using the print on demand method to publish your own book will save you time, money, and frustration in dealing with the corporate world of a publishing house—and makes it possible to for you to make your own book! You may hire three separate specialists for this, or perhaps one can do it all; but be sure to cover all three areas of editing.
It is very important that you make an agreement with yourself and at least one trusted witness.
This unique system propels both aspiring and seasoned authors step-by-step through the digital publishing process. The most exciting opportunities will be found in publishing your own book and in self-publishing. I have outlined 4 preliminary steps instructing you how to self publish a book successfully.
As a publishing coach, my specialty is  teaching writers how to publish a book—how to publish a novel, non-fiction book, how to publish a children’s book; even how to publish a cookbook. You may get the original Intent to Publish Agreement created for her clients by Self Publishing Coach Deborah S. In Step 3, we give you the solution to this potential unprofessional situations that too often happens when publishing a book yourself. Now, you too, can feel the exhilaration of publishing a book and becoming a published author.
I always tell my new clients—the 3 major stages in the completion of your book—writing the book, publishing a book and lastly, marketing the book.
Hire a professional proofreader to correct your writing; because after spending so much time writing it, you become immune to errors. Be sure these people are supportive of you and your growth, and genuinely want you to succeed.
Although this does directly impact your publishing or printing, it is a necessary part of  learning how to publish a book.

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