Welcome to Best Senior Dating Sites where you will find information for single seniors in selecting the best online senior dating site and using it safely. You’ve joined a new online dating site, but you’re wondering exactly what to say in your profile. While it seems like online dating is a scary thing to take on, it’s actually a lot more fun and laid-back than it looks. Take advantage of these special time limited offers to try out the service and save on the cost of your next dating membership.
You want to come across as attractive, fun, and a great date, but the blank page has got you stumped. The trick with a profile is to capture someone’s attention, not to describe yourself in as much detail as possible. As tempting as it might be to post that old photo from when you were married, tan, and thirty pounds lighter, don’t do it.

There’s no need to list all of your accomplishments, your relationship history, your career trajectory, or anything else you feel you need to either confess or boast about.
You should declare that you have children in your dating profile, but you shouldn’t make them a topic of conversation. So put a little of your personality into it, and leave a little mystery for when you meet your matches in person.
Some online daters fudge a little bit with their basic stats (height, income, age, weight), and when they meet their matches in person, it doesn’t go well.
When someone gets to know you, then you can tell her about what your children are up to and how much they mean to you.
Whether you’re getting your feet wet again or pursuing a relationship, online dating is a great way to begin. Be sure to use good lighting – taking a picture outside in natural light is the most flattering.

It sets you apart from those who just write: “I have a good sense of humor” or “I don’t take myself seriously.” Don’t we all agree on these basic facts? Or should you photo-shop an old photo you took when you were out with your ex wife a few years before? Include a profile picture and an “active” photo – you doing something you love, like sailing or biking.

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