Ten Must-Have Attributes of a Customer Service Oriented Company You are using an outdated browser. We are dedicated to an absolute customer's satisfaction and to building a long-term service-oriented relationship with our clients. Make It up to Them The same way you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to make up the date they blew you off on, customers want the same satisfaction. Sela Medical's focus is on importing and marketing disposable and reusable high-tech products. That doesn’t mean that if they had a bad shopping experience that you have to give them a $100 gift-card, but rather you can call them and apologize for their negative experience. You’re Always Wrong Remember this like the plague: In customer service, you’re virtually always going to be wrong—even when you’re not.
For example, a customer walks into a store and is greeted but not in the exact way that they wanted, and so they complain to the manager.
Although a natural inclination would be to be defensive, remember that “the customer always right!” So simply acknowledge the customers issue, apologize, and move on.
Although that’s very important, there’s a whole lot more to the game than just a simple smile and a “how do you do”.

Good customer service involves representatives putting their foot forward and going the extra mile. Follow-Through Just as if you were throwing a football, follow-through is crucial to customer service. Instead of just leaving it at that point, go the extra mile and find another store that carries that item.6. Patience We’ve all had bad days—days where we don’t want to get out of bed and certainly, we’ve all had days where the last thing we want to do is be friendly to people we don’t know. However, when it comes to customer service, it’s important to leave all of your personal problems and issues outside, and focus on the customer. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than a sales person or customer service representative who says, “I’ll call you back with that information” and never does.
Be patient and understanding of their needs—even if it takes three-times longer than usual.7. Make notes and spread sheets if needed, in order to assure that you don’t let any of these things go by the wayside.2. Lend a Listening Ear This may sound like a very simple attribute but after a long day of listening to customers complain over and over about things, it can be hard to listen to yet another customer.

For example, if your company sells rubber-bands, make sure that your employees know everything about rubber-bands—how they bend, where they were made, the different sizes, etc.
Persuasion Once you know what your customer wants, you have to persuade them why they want it, need it, and why they should close on the deal today.
Give customers the satisfaction of leaving the store happy because their problem was heard and you helped find a solution. Persuading them will give your customers the satisfaction that their wants, needs, and desires were taken into consideration and in return, were acted on.9. But in the real-world and particularly in the world of customer service, understanding how to react and deal with the unexpected surprises is something that is better when learned quickly. For example, if a customer calls your store an unexpectedly starts yelling, know how to react.

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