People magazine has been crowned this year's sexiest man alive, and we can think of no one better for the job.
Hemsworth, who phoned into the show via Skype for the big reveal, went on to thank his predecessors. PHOTOS: Presenting 2014's Sexiest Men Alive Jimmy Kimmel reveals PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive Courtesy ABC Prior to the announcement, Kimmel had the studio audience make guesses at this year's SMA by playing 20 Questions with a hidden Hemsworth. The host added that the audience member who guessed correctly would get to "make love" to the Sexiest Man Alive. Finally, the actor had one other thank you to deliver: "My parents, I guess, for putting this together," he said, gesturing to his body.

Kimmel announced last year's SMA Adam Levine as well, hosting the Maroon 5 singer on his talk show for an awards ceremony.
Kris Jenner Wears See-Through Genie Pants to Chanel Paris Show: Très Chic or Tragique?
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 20: A spectator enjoys the sunshine during day five of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park January 20, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.
Yeah, right, whatever…Like we are all supposed to believe that William Levy cooks his own food, scours his barbecue grill, and cleans his pool.
Subscribe now to get instant access to our exclusive interview and photo shoot with the Sexiest Man Alive plus 26 bonus photos and other digital extras.PEOPLE's newly minted Sexiest Man Alive Chris Hemsworth credits Matt Damon with teaching him to be hot.

Learn all about what makes this Aussie qualified for this very prestigious and coveted title. Wallpaper images in the Ian Somerhalder club tagged: ian somerhalder sexiest man alive feature.

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