If you are tired of regular downtime and the inferior technical support service of your current hosting provider, we are here to provide you with a solution. Even if you’ve come up with the most brilliant idea for a web site, if you do not have the appropriate tools, it will remain just an idea.
Each of the cloud hosting packages that we are offering features a large selection of free bonuses incorporated straight into our Site Control Panel.
We are aware of the fact that enhancing the browsing experience of your visitors and getting a better search engine ranking are a priority for you.
Have your SSL certificates installed automatically as soon as they have been issued with TD Web Service. We are aware of the fact that enhancing the browsing experience of your web site visitors and getting a higher search engine ranking are a top priority for you.
You can now install web apps like Joomla and WordPress with a single click using our free App Installer.
WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 because of the friendly GUI and resources available for help. If you are only just starting up and on a budget then shared hosting will suit you to start with, but be prepared to upgrade your hosting as your website and traffic grows. If you are an established photographer it’s likely your website will be heavy with image files and you will have decent well-built website that will need a good server to run it well, so dedicated hosting will be the best option.
The SSD–equipped servers can help your web sites operate a lot better than those of the competition.
Ensure ultimate protection for your sites and data through our ZFS–powered file storage and ModSecurity firewall activated for your account. To achieve that, your sites have to be located on a web server, which is not very far from your future web site visitors. We make use of SSD–powered servers and offer numerous site acceleration tools that will make your web sites perform quicker. It features a neat interface, which will help you focus on your websites’ appearance and performance and spend much less time on tedious maintenance procedures. These bonuses include a Web Apps tool, a 1 Click Framework Installer, a Website Generation Tool and a variety of no charge design themes.

To accomplish that, your web sites have to be located on a server, which is close to your future website visitors. Your website might appear to load up quickly from your computer, but at your clients or potential sale at peak time the website may take up to 2 minutes to load and by that point the potential client will have lost interest and gone elsewhere.
The out of the box model is great for companies looking to create a simple and effective websites and with premium themes it’s making it easier to get a website setup in minutes. Allowing easier restoration of files should an update cause your site to malfunction or break entirely. Additionally, all our cloud web hosting packages offer more than enough hard disk space, web traffic and MySQL database space allocations. Hence, we offer you the chance to pick between three enterprise–class data centers situated on 3 different continents.
And in case you’ve got any inquiries, our customer support team is at your service 24x7 and the guaranteed customer support ticket response time is less than an hour. All our shared website hosting plans include the latest web site management tools and a selection of website accelerator tools, which will help you get a better search engine ranking and will bring your Internet presence to a whole new level.You will get more than enough web traffic, disk storage space and MySQL database space allocations and will be able to register a free domain name and to back up your web sites.
With the help of our intuitive Domain Manager, you will be able to administer all the settings associated with your domains.Moreover, you will get a free domain name registration or transfer option if you order any of our shared website hosting plans.
These are only a few of the charge–free bonuses that will come with your hosting package. For this reason, we offer you the chance to select between 3 leading–edge data center facilities located on three different continents. Photography WordPress websites are surprisingly more complex with the requirements for galleries, booking and contact forms, interactive pages and sliders. Google has been proven to grant better rankings to websites that originate from servers their country is in. We will further boost the speed of your websites by deploying data compression on all of our servers. You will acquire access to a splendid Site Control Panel, which offers all the tools you will need to turn web site management from a headache to something simple and exciting. You will be able to improve the speed of your website using our Web Site Acceleration Tools.Installing a new web app online will be duck soup thanks to our Applications Installer tool.

In case you are not pleased with our cloud web hosting service for any reason, you will get a reimbursement. Your domain will remain free for as long as you keep your account with Backstreet Hosting..
ModSecurity will protect your sites against hacker attacks and the Site Accelerator Tools will help you boost their performance by ten times. You’ll also get a free domain name registration or transfer with every shared website hosting account you create with Backstreet Hosting. In case you’re not satisfied with our cloud hosting service for some reason, you will get your money back. Shared hosting can limit the performance of Photography WordPress websites as the memory (RAM) is not dedicated to a small selection of WordPress websites but instead 100’s. The Web Apps tool will allow you to install any web app in a few seconds, and the Quick Web Site Installer – to swiftly install a site in 4 easy steps. In order for your website to perform well on shared hosting for WordPress it will need to be optimised for site speed and require less resources which is not always the case for websites of this nature. Additionally, you can take advantage of 800+ free of cost web templates, which you can quickly install on your brand new website. Overall Photographer WordPress websites require a server that can cope with a large requirement on space and memory.
This is just a part of the website installation and administration tools available in the Site Control Panel..
Last, but positively not least – you will be completely pleased with the way your website looks, because you can tweak any of the 800+ no charge design themes that we provide. All those features (and a lot more) are included with one purpose – to make the site administration simpler and much more efficient.

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