The exhibit has an excellent mix of the products and services which are specially designed for kids. Traveller Kids makes educational toys, games, books and craft activities that help the kids learn about different countries.
Tanya’s Jewellery will display sterling silver jewellery and offer un-filled and unique designs, which kids would not only love adorning, but enjoy wearing them at the same time.
Sheth Publishing House is on board as a one stop shop for all kinds of children’s books, which include Indian as well as imported books.

The booths are filling fast and the response is truly overwhelming there are only limited stalls left so all you entrepreneurs out there better hurry up. The range consists of books for Grammar, phonetics, mental maths, early reading skills, story books, drawing and colouring, art and craft, general knowledge, dictionaries, picture books and many more. If you are into products or services that target kids and their parents then call us and check on the availability for the booth.
These are boxes themed on specific countries, and contain toys, souvenirs, games, DIY activities, reading material and other goodies from the countries.

Don’t miss this exclusive platform that is shaping up just right and will help you get in touch with the correct audience and provide you with a very cost effective method to interact with prospective clients and kids.
Each box is one country, and is the best way for kids to explore and learn, through fun and play.

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