People laugh at me or gasp in disbelief when I share that I have not dated for over 10 years.
Honestly, I cannot imagine any woman (single mothers or just single women) would want to date any of the above.
The question I keep asking myself is this – What happened to the real people on this planet? Of course, I do realise that just because I have not had a pleasant experience with dating (or marriage), it doesn’t mean it is all that bad for everyone else out there.
No, we will not date guys who just throw money at us and think that we can be bought like everything else he has acquired in his life. As independent single mothers have been doing it on their own for so long, the last thing they would do is become clingy. Many people gripe about how marriage is a sham because they have lost faith in the concept of marriage, and the high divorce rates do not help either. Personally, I still believe in marriage but I do not believe that marriage is the only way for two people to be together. High divorce rates or low marriage rates should not imply that marriage is an outdated concept. At my age (and after all that I have experienced), I want something more fulfilling than casual flings, trivial dates and meaningless fucks.
Everyone loves waking up next to the person they care about, and knowing that this is the same person who would stand by them no matter. Despite fears, doubts and reservations, there will be a time and place when the broken pieces of one’s life can shaped into a masterpiece.
Basically, its a challenge, of putting up with each other’s weaknesses and virtues, some outweighing the other.
The only way not to make the same mistake is to test the depth with one leg only.and leave all options open. When five struggling single moms put aside their differences to form a support group, they find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood, and help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Just pop in your name and email and be the first to find out what WealthySingleMommy is up to!
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Darth – some day I would love to hear about what happened to make you so cynical about love and women.
Have you ever had a very close friend in those decades who deeply hurt (even inadvertently) or betrayed you?
Also just curious – I enjoy reading this blog, so I have noticed your comments frequently, along with them noting your demographic detail you freely share.
PS – the list for men in marriage, or living together, with a significant other is often quite similar to the list for women in marriage, or living together, with a significant other. If she is a little challenged finding some openings in her schedule, don’t mistake it for disinterest. When you’re in the company of a single mom, you’re with a person who is a jack-of-all-trades. And remember that her experience at mothering means she’ll be good with your children as well. She has limited free time and doesn’t want to waste her time or yours, so she won’t string you along.
Single moms are hard working ladies, and there isn’t normally a line of people waiting to thank them for their hard work. This woman is good at entertaining kids and probably good at organizing celebrations, holidays and vacations. Chances are she will appreciate a special outing, but will also be very happy snuggled up at home with you watching movies and exchanging back rubs.

If you are a single man in pursuit of the right woman, I’ll assume you’ve seen the video, “Hot Crazy Matrix” by Dana McLendon. People will drift apart when they do not do anything to salvage their relationship, or what’s left of it. At this day and age, there are many ways for two people to design their own relationship and marriage. But I do not believe that love is some whimsical chemically induced euphoria that strikes a person at first glance.
Because I know exactly how I would feel when I’ve opened up myself to someone and given myself to him, but he turns out to be a**hole. After this last relationship of mine, I learned a lot about myself and what I’m willing to accept and not accept. The bed of thorns can only be converted to a bed of roses based on understanding, mutual respect, give and take, love and keeping the romance on going ( not easy over time).
Only when reasonably sure (not 100%), one should make that BOLD move and make every effort to make the relationship work.
However, after finding the one you want to be with – a whole new set of challenges do arise. Sometimes, they need to see or hear the actual words such as you really like them and want to be with them.
And even while the creatures are still little, they can be a lot of fun and bring a great energy to the game.
She wears the many hats of a mother, but because she runs her home without a partner, she’s had to develop an even larger skill set. Besides, it’s reasonable at this point to expect both of you to know what you’re looking for when dating.
So when dating a single mom, you can and should be totally honest about your intentions right from the start, and you can expect her to do the same for you. And at this moment, it should be mentioned that these are women who know what their amazing bodies are capable of.
It’s not uncommon for a single mom to be more self-aware and more confident than ever before.
She enjoys music (especially live music), reading, travel, decorating, long walks, and trying new things. He should not be surprised when it happens, because he has sealed his fate by his own actions. Even today, many women or men stay in their loveless marriage for the sake of their children. Most of all, we as a society should allow individuals to define their own terms of marriage, love and dating. I know I’ll be the one crying in the shower, scrubbing myself raw to cleanse myself from every stain of him. One learns to accept each other as a spouse, as though it is written in the heavens, one learns to love, learns to be a parent and learns to accept weaknesses. That said, when one is young and does not understand the full meaning or value of love, how can one love that deeply? That said, I’ve done a lot of dating since my divorce, and I found it generally a very positive experience (with only a few hiccups here and there!). I think in any relationship – be it married or not, as long as two people have decided to be together, they should not stop dating and courting one another. The prize pack includes THE SINGLE MOMS CLUB t-shirt, nail file, wine cup-to-go, and a Lionsgate DVD. It will feel easier once you’re in a serious relationship, and you can hang out with her and the children.
Because of these things and because of her lifestyle, she is often an excellent communicator.

If one person wants marriage, and the other has no intention of marrying, the chances of a successful relationship are slim. This is a woman who can play on the floor, ride bikes, toss water balloons, and play a variety of board games. Are there any men who might be able to figure out how this could be mutually beneficial to both of you? All self-respecting independent single mothers celebrate the fact that they are no longer dependent on a man for anything – especially, money. However, in the past – there were not as many distractions and the options available were not really a second chance at life. However, I’d never really get to know the calibre of the chef or get deep and personal with one particular dish. This is what we women do, because we’d feel totally violated by our own stupid mistake.
I enjoyed meeting a variety of good women, increased in my personal confidence, and learned a lot about women and about myself in the process. Or were you able to see the nuances to that particular friendship which caused the issue(s) and separate those out, going on to invest in friendships another day? Sweet words, running an errand, treating her to dinner, surprising her with flowers—she will be thrilled with all of it.
Well, one final hint here is that the vast majority of single moms fall into “that” category. I remembered the day I knew in my heart that it was all over for my ex-husband and myself when we stopped being there for one another during the hard times. Its over time that one starts to see weaknesses in one another, Yes the greater portion of the iceberg that was hidden.Over time, things can turn sour.
Actually finding someone you want to be with, though, is a bit more challenging, I think it can take a lot of time, patience, and even luck. Glad you are one of those guys who cherish his wife, marriage and who is willing to work at making your marriage a happy one.
Plus this gives a wise gentleman an opportunity to spoil her a little, and remind her that she’s a priority as well. It started as journaling through a crazy divorce, and grew with a passion for expression and as a way to help others in similar situations. No free bird would deliberately put herself back into a cage, no matter how gilded and bling-out that cage may be. I like to know what made them the way they are today, without them feeling the need to hide. Somehow they did manage and the guy eventually moved out to live with her, as she has kids and he didn’t. She would rather turn in her grave than have her wings clipped, stuffed and hung like a trophy over some fire-place. If someone cannot be there for you during the tough times, that in itself is a telling sign. I do not want to waste precious time in shallow, superficial B.S, only to later find out that he is not what I imagined him to be.
Deep in my heart, I know that with the right person, the world does seem brighter and extra special. Eventually, he took himself out of our marriage as well by not being there with me, or for me.

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