As any frazzled single dad or single mom can tell you, raising a child by yourself is no easy feat.
Knowing how hectic single parenting can be, we decided to compile some of our favorite quotes on the highs and lows of parenting, from people as varied as Larry David to Dr. The next time you consider offering a single parent unsolicited advice, you may want to think twice. Click through the slides for all the responses, then head to the comments and share the one thing you think people should never say to a single parent. From getting the kids out the door in the morning to tucking them in at night, finding a moment for yourself can be near impossible to come by. Though the constructive criticism generally comes from a well-meaning place, as many single dads and moms will tell you, the tone struck is all too often judgmental rather than supportive. On Monday, they shared with us the most grating remarks they've heard from those on the outside -- from unnecessary sympathy for the kids, to questions about when they'll settle down and remarry.
It is a day for respecting the efforts and hardships of single parents who do the double duty. Click through the slides below for their commentary, then tell us what quote or saying reminds you how worthwhile your job as a single parent is when you start to get a little stressed. While one parent may be searching for an education grant another mom is looking for advice for her special needs child.

If you have a single parent in your family, National Single Parent Day will give a chance for you to think what you can do for them. There are more resources and financial help than you may be aware of, and we make it our mission to provide them to you. Single parents are always stressed out, no matter how hard they try to hide it from the public.
We also teach you how to handle your bills, access your credit report, and plan out a realistic budget.Single Parent Dating – Feeling apprehensive about the single mom dating scene?
Share work: If you are a family member of a single parent, the best thing that you can do for them is sharing their work.
See how relaxed they will be when they see the pile of clothes being cleaned and ironed when they return from office.
Child support and child custody issues can lead to bitterness, resentment, and brutal battles that can end up harming your child emotionally if they are dragged into the details.
One of the best things that families can do for single parents is to respect and honour them. We take a healthy approach to child support and custody by providing resources but always suggesting that parents take the mentally and emotionally healthy road.
Some of the information found online, such as grants for single parents, can be confusing at  best.

We know your time is valuable and reliable information is vital!Again, we warmly welcome you, and if there’s anything we can add or a topic you would like us to cover, please leave a comment and let us know. Have you been moving from home to home and want to finally provide a stable place for you and your children?
Scholarship Opportunities to Help Pay Tuition Costs As a single mother, you’ve got more on your plate (and on your mind) than most. Dividing your time between caring for your children, yourself, the household, and any mishaps of the day can leave you without a spare moment to research the possibility of furthering your education.Financial Assistance Programs As a single parent, it’s difficult to make ends meet sometimes. You may only be pulling in a half of what parents raising children together make from employment. This can make single parenting extremely difficult, which is taxing not only on you, but also your children.

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