This Singles group is part of a family of 9 single groups totaling over 18,000 eligible and attractive singles from a wide geographic area. We hold events with other Singles group in order to gather as many Singles together in one place as possible and to give you a broader choice of single events. Would you like to discover new places while expanding your social circle, and perhaps even meeting that "special someone" along the way? Come join a singles group focused on getting out, enjoying a variety of activities, making new friendships and enjoying the company of so many interesting singles.

We offer Dancing, Nightlife, Dinning, Wine Tasting's, Happy Hours, Cocktails & Conversations, Concerts, Plays, Movies, Boat Cruises, Dating, Professional Social Networking, Picnics, Beach Parties, Bowling, Billiards, and Brunches just to name a few! We gather at fun and exciting single events which allow us mix and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure.
And by the way, if you do meet that special person we encourage you to please keep coming back to our events as a couple. If you're looking to try new things, but have no one to do it with, then you're in the right place.

We offer a variety of events such as bars, lounges, restaurants, movies, game night, shows, sports, etc. I encourage you to put up profile pic(s) of you and introduce yourself briefly on your profile!

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